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Places to Visit in Pindari Glaciers

Attractions in pindari glaciers


This is a glacier which means the Pindari Glacier itself is a monument. To get here you will need to trek and it will take you around 6 days, depending on how fast you are comfortable going. The area is full of beauty and serenity and is the perfect place to relax for a few days.




There isn't really much to do for kids in this area, unless they have a liking for trekking. The trek might be a big hard for the kids because it is around 90 kilometers and the pace might be a bit too hard for them. However, it is up to the parents to decide if they want to bring them along. You can always adapt your pace so that they can enjoy, but make sure to keep it slow along with specific of intervals of rest for the kids.


Considering the fact that this area is for trekking there aren't any museums in the area. However, your guide will know a considerable amount about the area and would be a good source of information if you want to know about the area.


The whole area is a glacier which means there is plenty of nature to surround you, but no parks or gardens. However, during the summer you most likely will be able to view the forest around it and the beauty of the trees, flowers and even the animals.


There isn't much to see around here, except for the glacier and the mountains. However, that is one of the best parts and you will be able to enjoy the peacefulness of the area and the quiet of the area. There are plenty of other mountains in the area that you can visit and even trek if you are interested, so make sure to look around and figure out what you want to do.


This area is full of nature which means you will be spending a lot of time in it. You will be trekking, which means that you will be fully in the nature and there is no escaping it. One of the best things to do is to soak in the sun and the beauty around you while trekking. This is definitely one of the best ways to communicate with nature and to just revel in what has been created and the beauty of it all.



Activities in pindari glaciers

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There aren't any spas in the area, but one of the best ways to relax is just to sit down and look at the landscapes that surround you. The glacier is beautiful as are the many different mountains that surround it. Tourists can enjoy the trek and simply relax while you can.

Food in pindari glaciers


Considering that this is a glacier, there aren't any specific dishes in the area. However, many of the restaurants near the end of the trail will have dishes from many different cuisines including Indian, Chinese and even Continental. Some of the best things to try are the fresh fruit that might grow in the area, but if you find some you should make sure that it is safe to eat.


There aren't any restaurants in this area which means you will likely be cooking whatever you have with you or from the small hotels in the area. However, once you are down in the big cities you will be able to find more variety in restaurants.

Night Life in pindari glaciers


There are no places to listen to live music in the area since most of the time you will be trekking. Unless someone brings any instruments or something with them the chances of getting live music is rare.


 There aren't many places in the area that has drinks because most of the time you most likely will be camping out by the glacier. However, one of the easiest ways to enjoy a few alcoholic drinks while you are in the area is to bring your own. This is especially recommended if you want something imported or an expensive drink.

Shopping in pindari glaciers


Unfortunately, there isn't even a single flea market for shopping in this area. However, once you reach the bottom you will find a few small shops which sell a huge array of different items including clothing, fresh fruit and produce.


There aren't any department stores in the area, which means you can do any heavy duty shopping while you are here, not that you would be able to while trekking. However, once you are done, you can visit some of the smaller stores in the area and buy some local items. You will have to wait until you are back in the bigger cities in order to visit the department stores, but if you have come for trekking that will not bother you.


There aren't any street markets in this area considering it is a glacier. However, if you wait until you are at the bottom of the glacier and into the smaller cities you will be able to find many different small stores and from there you can find many different items to purchase.

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