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Places to visit in Pragpur

When you travel to Pragpur, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Pragpur, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Pragpur to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Pragpur things to do can include exploring Pragpur attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in pragpur


The Taal or pond is constructed before 1868 which forms the heart of Pragpur and it serves as an entertainment space for people of all age groups. The village brotherhood identified as Nehar Committee commenced the construction of the lake and even today this body holds responsibility of this very old water system. The social life of Pragpur practically revolves around this lake. Furthermore, the Taal is encircled by many historical buildings like Radha Krishna Mandir , Nehar Bhavan, Dhunichand Bhardial Serai and the Naun.


The Butail Niwas is an antique structure built over 100 years ago and it attracts many tourists today. It was constructed by the member of the Chaujjar Sood kin, Lala Buta Mal. Since he had six sons, it has six identical buildings that were built to accommodate all his sons. These buildings are scattered around a common courtyard which in summer is filled with water to provide cooling. Nalsuyah Khad by the Butails provided the water for this purpose which also distributed drinking water to several villages nearby.


This magnificent country mansion that was constructed in the year 1918 is principally inspired by the Indo-European style of architecture. The farsighted dignitary who initiated the construction was Justice Sir Jai Lal. It is situated in the heart of 12 acres land filled with trees which is close to the village center. It has been turned into a heritage hotel now which attracts numerous tourists with its European construction blended with Mughal art. It was initially a house which later converted to a hotel facility.


This serves as a doorway to the heritage village, Pragpur. Constructed by the Rerumal family, this water point was meant for public use. The excess water from this was collected in small tanks and was used by the locals.


This structure is an eminent example of a well planned residential area of ancient times. In this, three main buildings are surrounding an open courtyard. This name Anganwadi Complex has been given to a complex which has been used largely as a housing area.


While holding the easy serenity of a gone era, this heritage village Pragpur has its fare share of fairs and festivals to woo the visitors. The famous “Lohri” festival is conducted by the Government of Himachal Pradesh each year which falls on the 13th of January.  Fairs like Basant Panchami, Shivratri, Spring Navratra Fair and Ram Naumi are eminent which garners both tourists as well as locals. The Wrestling Festival celebrated during the month of September draws a large number of visitors to Pragpur. You need to check the itinerary of fairs and festivals in the heritage village as they are celebrated as per the Lunar Calendar.


Enclosed in a Mughal style garden, the Lala Rerumal Haveli was created in the year 1931. In addition to that, there is an ancient Shakti Mandir with Tankry script encrypted on the walls, Butail Mandir, ancient courtyards and Chaujjar Mansion. The major chunk of inhabitants includes, several crafts people - silversmiths, basket makers, weavers, tailors, painters and musicians. The locals of Pragpur are friendly and hospitable which makes this area a safe passageway for travelers.


River Beas, close to Pragpur has unspoilt banks of around 6 kilometers where you can avail activities like angling, swimming and boating. SERI and Naleti are the embodiment of countrified serenity. If you are a nature lover, you can go for lovely countryside walks spread out from Garli and Pragpur. It can include roundabout country paths through undulating hills.


It is one of the oldest and famous temples in Pragpur which has a huge rush at the time of Shiv Ratri each year.This temple is famously referred to as Kalesar, Kaleshwar Mahadev by the locals. It is situated on the banks of the River Beas at a distance of 16 km from the city of Pragpur. This place is popular for its ancient monuments, fine stonework and ancient folklore. As per the mythology, it is believed that Pandavas had visited and stayed at this place during their exile. The Shivalingam in this temple and a holy pond situated near it are hugely famous among the tourists. The Baisakhi fairis another major attraction among the tourists. 


Raja Ram Singh, who ruled over the state about two hundred years ago, built this Radha-Krisna temple on the top of a hill surrounded by greenery. This temple is famous for its fascinating murals and paintings, adorning the temple walls.

Apart from these, Bajreswari, Jwalamukhi, and Chintpurni are also renowned temples in the region which attract abundant visitors.



This heritage village offers many activities for kids. While they can immerse in the rich history and folklore of this heritage place, they can have some fun activities around the Taal or in the parks. On the banks of River Beas, kids can avail the activities like angling, boating and swimming. They can also take nature walks to explore the place and do bird watching. If you are visiting during the fairs, kids can have fun with entertainment programs, shopping and food.


There are many well maintained lush green courtyards surrounding the major destinations in Pragpur. The giant mansion Judge’s court is situated in the middle of thick green wood. While you are walking to the nearby Sood settlements or temples, you can stroll through these green woods capturing the beauty of the mountain ranges.Pong Dam is a national wetland famous for bird watching.


The village Andhreta close to Kangra valley has a famous museum where the gorgeous paintings of an artist of International repute, Shobha Singh, have been displayed. Taragarh Palace is another prime tourist attraction which is one of the premium examples of heritage resort in Himachal.

Activities in pragpur

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The adventure enthusiasts can time their visit to Pragpur according to the timing of the famous wrestling festival conducted here. Boating and angling are also carried out on the banks of River Beas.

Food in pragpur


Most of the restaurants in Pragpur serve traditional Indian and Chinese food. Restaurants in luxury hotels serve continental food as well. Most of the hotel restaurants prepare food using fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the surrounding orchards.

Night Life in pragpur


Pragpur, being a tourist place of heritage importance, has an atmosphere of tranquility enclosing it. While general cousin is vegetarian and alcohol is not served in regular restaurants, bars, pubs and live music are available in luxury hotels and resorts. You can go for late night walks to the nearby locations or can go to the banks.

Shopping in pragpur


Pragpur offers an amazing range of local goods and accessories. The exquisite hand woven shawls and silver jewelry are special here because of the skilled craftsmen in the valley. The wide variety of carpets is another huge attraction among tourists. While visiting Pragpur, one should never forget to visit the weaver community who earn their living by weaving shawls and carpets on the traditional looms. Souvenirs are a must buy for each tourist because of the heritage significance and rich history of Pragpur.

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