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Place's to visit in Pushkar

When you travel to Pushkar, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Pushkar, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Pushkar to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Pushkar things to do can include exploring Pushkar attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in pushkar


Pushkar, a town filled with religious spirituality, scenic tranquillity and white sandy desert with one of the most wondrous landscapes in India has many secrets hidden in its heart. Pushkar attracts many Indian tourists because of its religious importance. The presence of one of the very few Brahma Temples makes Pushkar a destination highly revered among the Indian pilgrims. 

Apart from being a pilgrimage centre, Pushkar is also one of the prime destinations for the backpacking community exploring India. These people visit Pushkar in multiple countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, and America. But it is the community of Israeli backpackers who come to Pushkar and spend as much time as possible. The local food, stay homes and cafes have been developed to cater to the growing number of Israeli travellers.


A favourite destination for the traveling Jewish community

Chabad Pushkar is located on the main street, right next to the historic Gurudwara. You can get down at the main bus stop and ask any local for the Chabad House and they’ll show you the direction. Chabad house in Pushkar provides all the facilities for the Israeli travellers and acts as a place to worship. It was established by Rabbi Shimshon and Zelda Goldstein from Israel with the aim of giving the young Jewish community visiting India, a glimpse, and teachings of Judaism. 

Chabad Pushkar is one of the very few Jewish places of worship in India. Apart from Delhi’s Paharganj, Mcleodganj and now shut down a branch of Goa, Pushkar’s Chabad house is one of the well maintained Jewish community centres in India. The Chabad also works as a correctional centre for Israeli Youth and a large crowd visits this place on a daily basis.


Chabad Pushkar – All about a different culture

Since Pushkar is a vegetarian town, community dining rituals only use a vegetarian meal. The committee running the place bakes their bread, challah, and cheese. 

Chabad Pushkar hosts a number of programs for the visitors. Some of these programs include-

  • Yeshiva-like program for young men
  • Midrasha (Chassidic college) for young women called “Beis Rivka” 
  • Kabbalah courses 
  • Open evening classes

Chabad House is a large complex with an activities hall and a synagogue. The open garden is used for Shabbos and holiday meals. These activities host hundreds and sometimes even thousands of guests. 

The visiting travellers can also stay at Chabad Pushkar as a small guest house is present inside with all kinds of stay amenities.

Address: Bagwati Guesthouse

Near Ajmer Bus Stand

Pushkar 305022 – India



Chabad Pushkar is not only a place for the Jewish community to worship but for anyone who wants to understand their way of life. This place welcomes every traveller from all corners of the world and invites them to take a part in their holy meals and rituals.


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Chabad Pushkar is one of the important places to visit in Pushkar. With Thomas Cook, you get a holistic travel experience to some of the most unique places in this town. Multiple packages available with Thomas Cook helps you find a vacation filled with relaxation and the best experience of exploring Rajasthan.

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While Pushkar attracts a large number of backpackers from India and aboard, it is also a favourite destination for the luxury travellers. Being 6 hours away from Delhi and 3 hours from Jaipur, Pushkar makes for an ideal spot for the weekend travellers who just want to relax and rejuvenate at this charming destination. 

To cater to the luxury-seeking travellers, Pushkar has a huge presence of luxury resorts and heritage palaces. A weekend here includes amazing, local food, heavenly spa sessions and adventure experience in the desert.


Man Mahal – A destination for every traveller seeking luxury

When we talk about resorts and luxury stay options in Pushkar, Man Mahal is something that has no match. Man Mahal Pushkar was constructed during the reign of Raja Man Singh I. He made sure that it is designed and constructed in the most spectacular way possible. Today, Man Mahal Pushkar stands as one of the most attractive, visually appealing palaces in entire Rajasthan. This gorgeous piece of beauty is worthy of stealing your heart. 

Raja Man Singh contracted Man Mahal Pushkar as a guest house to serve his highly esteemed guests. The king and his royal guests would stay here whenever they visited Pushkar. Man Mahal Pushkar is the prime example of Rajasthani architecture in its prime. Everything about this palace is a visual treat to the visitors.


A popular heritage hotel in the heart of Pushkar

Today, Man Mahal Pushkar has been converted into a heritage hotel and is run by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. It can be easily located by the name of Hotel Sarovar. Despite Man Mahal being one of the prime destinations for the luxury travellers, it is still one of the most beautiful places in Pushkar and deserves a visit. Spending some time at Man Mahal will not only introduce you to the charms of Rajasthani Hospitality but will also provide you gorgeous views of Lakes and Temples located in the city.


A must visit place for every visitor 

Man Mahal Pushkar is a treat for the photography enthusiasts. The exquisite design of the palace is perfect to test your camera. The many windows, jharokhas, ventilators, arches and the views offered here, create a fine setting for the photographers. Even if you are not a photographer and have a certain love for history and architecture then spending some time at Man Mahal is not a bad idea. If nothing then you can treat yourself at the multi-cuisine restaurant with the finest selection of Rajasthani food.


Best time to visit Man Mahal

Man Mahal is open for visitors between 9 AM to 5 PM. It doesn’t take more than 2 hours to explore the entire Man Mahal Pushkar. You can take a walk in the garden which is filled with royal and exquisite flowers. 


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Man Mahal Pushkar is one of the most scenic and royal places to visit in Pushkar. With Thomas Cook, you get a holistic travel experience to some of the most unique places in this town. Multiple packages available with Thomas Cook helps you find a vacation filled with relaxation and the best of Rajasthan.

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Pushkar is a wonderful place for kids. They can enjoy the boat rides on the Lake, have camel rides that are a specialty of Pushkar, see the beautiful architectures of the temples, play in the parks and visit the local markets of Pushkar. The town is famous for its ‘Rajasthani’ cuisine and the kids will have a great time savoring them. If visited during the fair, the various entertainment mediums, shops, and programs will keep them fascinated. Decking the kids in authentic Rajasthani attire, easily available in the garment shops of Pushkar can bring in a lot of fun element.

Camel rides are popular ways to explore Pushkar, especially for kids. 


Pushkar’s Brahma temple is one of the highly revered holy places in Hindu religion. Because of its importance, the devotees keep visiting Pushkar all year.

There are multiple legends attached with Pushkar’s Brahma temple. One of them is the story of how Brahma slewed a demon Vajranabha who tried to kill his children. Enraged, he killed him with his weapon, the blue lotus flower.


The legend of Pushkar’s Brahma Temple

After the battle, the petals of this flower fell on the ground and a spring of water emerged at the place. This spring was later known as Pushkar Lake or Pushkar Sarovar. The Brahma Temple is at the walking distance from the temple. 

Lord Brahma decided to perform a yajna in Pushkar but it was incomplete without his wife Savitri. Lord Brahma asked Lord Indra for permission to arrange another wife so that his yajna could be completed. This request resulted in the manifestation of goddess Gayatri who then took part in the yajna as Brahma’s wife. 

When Goddess Savitri heard about this, she was enraged. She cursed Brahma that the world will forget him as a god and he’ll be worshipped no-where else but in Pushkar.


One of the few Brahma Temples in the world

Today, there are six Brahma Temples in India but the one at Pushkar is considered the most important. It is so revered that pilgrims come here from faraway places to seek blessings of the lord. Brahma Temple Pushkar is known for its beautiful architecture and an aura that is filled with devotion. The area around the holy Pushkar Temple is filled with eclectic surprises like street side shops, restaurants selling local food like Daal Bati Churma and gatte ki sabzi. 

It is said that a visit to Brahma Temple Pushkar not only fulfills all the wishes but also provides peace to the ancestors. The holy Pushkar Lake is one of the few places in the world where havan is performed to provide the ancestors with moksha and peace in the afterlife. From here, devotees are needed to visit Brahma Temple for the completion of their havan. 

Among the many Pushkar temples, the Savitri Temple is one of the most notable one in the Pushkar town. Located on the top of the hill, a ropeway trolley takes devotees to the temple. This temple is considered as holy as the Brahma Temple because it is dedicated to his wife Savitri. The panoramic scenery of Pushkar town is something to behold when you are standing on the hill where the temple is located. 

Brahma Temple is 500 meters away from Pushkar bus stand. One can take an auto-rickshaw from the bus stand or hire a cab from Ajmer Station, Jaipur or Pushkar market.


Explore the best of Rajasthan with Thomas Cook

Holy Brahma Temple of Pushkar is one of the many important places in Rajasthan. Every year a number of travellers come here during their Rajasthan trip. It is also possible to visit Brahma Temple as a weekend getaway from Delhi or Jaipur. As a traveller, Pushkar provides you an opportunity to indulge in Rajasthani culture, food, and lifestyle. 

With Thomas Cook, you can experience a complete Pushkar trip package with the best amenities one can imagine. Connect with our trip experts for more details.


The beautiful town of Pushkar is known for its scenic lakes, desert, beautiful sunsets and one of the very few Brahma Temples in the world. Pushkar provides a way to learn and know more about Hindu culture in a better and clearer way.

This beautiful town welcomes travelers from every walk of life. Whether you are a backpacker, travelers, a pilgrim or someone looking for a luxury weekend away from the city life, Pushkar will provide you with a sense of belonging.

Among the many amazing temples of Pushkar, the beautiful Brahma Temple is the most popular. But there are thousands of temples, big and small, located in nooks and corners of the town with their own importance.


Holy Cave of Atmateshwar Temple

One such temple is the Atmateshwar Temple. Atmateshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and holds a spot equal to the Brahma Temple. Being dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is also known as Atmateshwar Mahadev Temple. Lord Shiva is considered the most powerful gods in Hindu Religion. The lord of destruction and restoration of the world is worshipped in every Hindu household.

Atmateshwar Mahadev Temple Pushkar was constructed in 12th century AD. The lovely architecture and the designs around Atmateshwar Tempe are so beautifully made that even after centuries, the intricate colors and fine details are still visible to the eyes.


An exquisite example of Hemadpanthi style of architecture

Hemadpanthi style of architecture has been the primary design methodology used in the construction of Atmateshwar Temple. This style developed and reached its peak during the Yadava Dynasty. It was named after a minister, ‘Hemadpant’ working in the court. The structures constructed using this style are small in scale but look very vibrant and have an amazing decorative appeal.

Hemadpanthi style of architecture is clearly visible in the construction of Atmateshwar Mahadev Temple Pushkar. The use of black stone and lime, as it was locally available material, is evident in the construction. With fine, intricate drawing of Hindu stories and scriptures, the interiors of Atmateshwar Mahadev Temple Pushkar create an amazing decorative look. The ceiling is carved out of a single stone.

Atmateshwar Temple is one of the must-visit places in Pushkar along with Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Pushkar Lake, Pushkar Desert, Dam, Man Mahal and Chabad Pushkar. The main market near Atmateshwar Temple is an amazing place to relish on authentic Daal Bati, a Rajasthani favorite meal. Atmateshwar Temple Pushkar gives you a peek into religion, history, and mythology.


Best time to visit Atmateshwar Temple

Atmateshwar Temple is open for visits all day. One can visit Atmateshwar Temple Pushkar between 9.30 AM and 1.30 PM and then 4.30 PM to 7.30 AM. Atmateshwar Mahadev Temple Pushkar is visited by thousands of pilgrims during the festival of Shivratri. The holy month of Sawan also receives a huge number of devotees wanting to visit this place.


Experience Pushkar with Thomas Cook

With luxury travel packages designed by Thomas Cook, you’ll not only get to explore Atmateshwar Mahadev Temple Pushkar but will get a detailed trip to every famous spot of the town including Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Man Mahal and Chabad. The various travel packages available with Thomas Cook is perfect for a holistic vacation experience.


Pushkar has a huge importance in Hindu religion. With the presence of one of the very few Brahma Temples, Pushkar is visited by pilgrims from all parts of India. Apart from Brahma Temple, Pushkar has thousands of big and small temples in every nook and corner of this small town. Some of the most famous temples of Pushkar are 

  • Brahma Temple 
  • Savitri Temple 
  • Gayatri Temple 
  • Atmeteshwar Temple 
  • Varaha Temple


A temple dedicated to one of Vishnu’s many incarnations

Every temple in Pushkar has a story attached to it. Varaha Temple in Pushkar is dedicated to Lord Vishnu’s one of the nine incarnations on Earth. Baraha Temple attracts many pilgrims and casual travelers because of its brilliant architecture. It is a great place for photography and spending some time in leisure. 

Pushkar is a favorite destination for the backpacking community. Visitors from all parts of the world come here because of its serenity and tranquillity. Pushkar is famous not just because of the temples but there are several other places to see in this area. Some of the famous places are 

  • Pushkar Lake 
  • Man Palace 
  • Desert Camps 
  • Aravali Hills 
  • Ropeway


A must visit for every traveler and culture seeker 

Varaha Temple is 500 meters away from Pushkar Bus Stand. This temple is one of the oldest and largest in entire Pushkar Town. It has a huge importance among the religious travelers and they never forget to visit this temple after receiving blessings at Brahma Temple. This ancient temple receives a huge crowd during Ram Navami and Janmashtami, festivals dedicated to other two incarnations of Lord Vishnu. 

It is said that Lord Vishnu turned into a boar and came on Earth. He slayed the monster Hirayaksh and saved the whole universe. After winning the battle with the demon, Vishnu lifted the Earth from the ocean on his tusks and restored it in the universe. Baraha Temple or Varaha Temple recounts this story and offers gratitude to Lord Vishnu’s incarnation.


A unique 12th-century temple 

The Varaha Temple was built by King Anaji Chauhan in the 12th century AD. As a tribute to Lord Vishnu, Baraha Temple’s construction has followed designs and scriptures from his numerous stories. Baraha Temple was destroyed and then was rebuilt in the 18th century. 

Varaha temple’s design is most unique in its own way. Unlike most of the temples in Pushkar, Baraha Temple is fortified from the outside. It has a two feet white idol of Varaha in the sanctum sanctorum. The entire temple premises are adorned with elegant carvings, intricate designs and life-size statues of doorkeepers. Baraha Temple also has gold patterned pillars dedicated to Lord Garuda.


Varaha Temple at a glance

Distance from Pushkar Lake – 500 meters 

The time required to explore – 30 min 

Commute – Walking 

Visiting time – Morning to evening 

Entrance fee – None


Explore the best of Pushkar with Thomas Cook 

Thomas Cook’s luxury Pushkar packages take you across some of the prime destinations of the town including Baraha Temple, Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Man Mahal, Desert and Pushkar Lake. With a holistic approach providing you a taste of Rajasthani hospitality, Thomas Cook ensures that your trip is a refreshing experience.


Located at a distance of 20 min drive from Ajmer, Pushkar is known for a number of surprises. The beautiful Pushkar Lake has an enchanted aura that makes every travellers fall in love with the town. The Holy Brahma Temple offers peace to the devotees who visit here for the blessings of the creator of the universe. The Gayatri and Savitri temples here are a beautiful example of architecture in ancient India.

With so much to experience, Pushkar attracts a number of travellers from the backpacking community to explore this wonderful town. Small and beautiful guest houses, cafes offering international snacks and cheap meals and street shops make Pushkar a place worth spending some days.


The unique town of vibrant street culture

The thriving street culture is perfect for photographers to test their camera and how good they are with it. A photographer can spend hours exploring narrow winding lanes filled with blue-tinged whitewashed houses and street filled with small shops of vibrant jholas, kurtas, and bangles.

One of the gems from the streets of Pushkar is Kikkaso Museum. Kikkaso the artist is a well-known personality of Pushkar town and is famous for the artworks that he puts on exhibition.

Kikkaso is a turban-clad Sikh whose distinct looks are easily identifiable. He has been painting since 1970, before which he had a job in Army where he served between the year 1972-1978. Kikkaso museum was started in the year 2000 with the aim of bringing his passion right in the front of the world.


The unique Kikkaso Musuem of Pushkar

Kikkaso Museum is nothing but a small establishment on the corner of a street where the artworks are put on display. According to his past interview, Kikkaso never took a formal training for art and whatever he has learned is a product of meditation and personal expertise.

The photographers and the culture seekers, who visit Pushkar, usually keep themselves limited to the street side shops, local sadhus and the annual camel fair which is considered the biggest in India. Kikkaso Museum is one of the unique and offbeat places in Pushkar that one needs to keep in their travel itinerary.


Pushkar – A traveller’s Paradise

Apart from Kikkaso Museum, Pushkar has a lot of extravagant spots perfect for photography enthusiasts. Some of these places are –

  • Pushkar Lake during Sunset
  • Savitri Temple during Sunrise
  • Desert Camps
  • Aravallis Hill
  • Man Mahal
  • Varah Temple
  • Streetside market near Brahma Temple

Kikkaso Museum is one of the highlights of Pushkar’s famous street culture. Kikkaso Museum Pushkar is unique and one of its kind. By visiting here, you’ll be supporting a local artist and encouraging them to work more.


Information about Kikkaso Museum Pushkar

Timing – 8 AM to 5 PM (Depends on the season)

Location – Pushkar Market

Distance – 200 meter from Brahma Temple

Commute – Walking

Tickets – None


Explore the many wonders of Pushkar with Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook’s luxury Pushkar packages take you across some of the prime destinations of the town including Kikkaso Museum, Varaha Temple, Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Man Mahal, Desert and Pushkar Lake. With a holistic approach providing you a taste of Rajasthani hospitality, Thomas Cook ensures that your trip is a refreshing experience.


The holy town of Pushkar attracts a number of tourists every year. Famous for the holy lake and one of the only Brahma Temples in the world, Pushkar is a favorite destination for the backpacking community. 

It is not only from India, but backpackers and travelers come here from all parts of the world. Most of the people come here to explore temples, learn music, and click pictures of the street side attractions. The annual Pushkar fair offers a chance to explore the Rajasthani culture and soak in the beauty of this town.


The beautiful rose gardens of Pushkar

The Pushkar fair is organized in the beautiful white desert of the Pushkar town. This dessert is famous for rose gardens. These beautiful rose gardens are only accessible through camel ride which is an amazing and thrilling experience. 

Kankaria Park is one of the most unique and wonderful places in Pushkar. Kankaria offers a number of activities for adults and kids. Kankaria park is a perfect place to spend the leisure time in the evening. 

Visitors can enjoy a number of activities at Kankaria. Both Kankaria Park and Kankaria Zoo have a lot of entertainment options. One can see many wild animals and click their pictures at Kankaria Zoo. It is a wonderful place to spend your time with family. 

Kankaria Park also offers hot air balloon ride. The view from the top of the balloon is a sight to behold. The panoramic view of the entire town as you are high up in the air is something you must not miss.


Travel to the town of vibrant diversities 

When you are in Pushkar, taking a tour of the local market is a must. Many local travel companies provide heritage walk of Pushkar Town. You can explore following places on heritage walks 

  • Brahma Temple
  • Man Mahal 
  • Sarovar 
  • Savitri Temple 
  • Rope Way 
  • Pushkar Town 
  • Badi Basti 
  • Shiv Temple 
  • Gayatri Temple 

Apart from exploring Kankaria park, one can also go hiking in the Aravallis. The treks are filled with greenery and abundance of unique wildlife species of birds and animals.

The famous rose gardens of Pushkar are one of the popular tourist attractions. Rose farming in Pushkar is done by locals and the roses grown here go to the Ajmer Shareef Dargah. A trip to these Rose Gardens will show you the number of varieties of roses grown here. A walk through these farms will hypnotize you with the fragrant scent. 

The rose gardens of Pushkar are a perfect spot for photography. The colorful gardens surrounded by the desert give a very surreal setting to the landscape.


Information about Kankaria Park and Rose Garden 

Distance – 5 km from the main town 

Time – 8 AM to 5 PM 

Commute – Motorbikes, Camels 

Tickets – Depends on the farm


An unforgettable visit to Rajasthan with Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook’s luxury Pushkar packages take you across some of the prime destinations of the town including Rose Garden, Kankaria Park, Varaha Temple, Brahma Temple, Savitri Temple, Man Mahal, Desert and Pushkar Lake. With a holistic approach providing you a taste of Rajasthani hospitality, Thomas Cook ensures that your trip is a refreshing experience.


Rajasthan is the land of surprises and scenic wonders. To experience the best of this beautiful state, one needs to dwell a little deeper and absorb everything during their visit. While this is practically impossible in one visit, you can still experience a taste of it by attending the many fairs and festivals that the state is famous for.

Pushkar Fair – A detailed experience of Rajasthani culture

Among these fairs, the famous Pushkar Mela is one of the biggest annual fairs of India. Pushkar India hosts this festival in the lap of Aravallis in the month of November. This one-month long extravaganza offers a number of experiences to the travelers coming to Pushkar. The local Rajasthani vibe of the festival brings a number of travel photographers, journalists and culture seekers here.

There are a number of experiences to look for at Pushkar Mela. A multitude of travel companies provides various tours during the Pushkar Mela. These itineraries come in a number of themes like photography, car and motorcycle trips and culture trips where food and local lifestyle are showcased. 

What to do at Pushkar Mela 

Tourists who come to attend Pushkar fair love taking a camel safari in the desert. You can also go on a camel cart ride with your family. They are more convenient and often arranged by the hotel and resort management with a chance to enjoy a picnic in the middle of the desert. 

Rajasthan tourism and a number of private travel operators provide a chance of camping in Pushkar desert. There is no better way to experience Pushkar Mela than by pitching a tent and then spending the night under the starlit skies. With Pushkar Fair, you can experience exactly the same and make your travel goals come to life. These tents vary from the luxury tent accommodation with attached washroom and basic tent for 2 people and 3 people where you have to share the bathroom. 

Pushkar Mela is one of the biggest annual fairs of Rajasthan. This means that tourists come in thousands on a daily basis and most of the hotels are booked in advance. The popularity of Pushkar Fair is so huge that it brings visitors from a number of countries. It is advisable to make your bookings for Pushkar fair through a reliable company which guarantees stay and guided tours for the festival. 

Best travel experiences in Pushkar

Pushkar is 4 hours away from Jaipur and 30 min away from Ajmer. Most of the trains and luxury buses drop you in Ajmer from where you have to catch a local connecting bus or a private taxi. During Pushkar Fair, the provision of the shared taxi and a private bus is also available. 

Apart from Pushkar Mela, Pushkar town is an all year attraction. The famous Brahma Temple of Pushkar Rajasthan is very unique and one of the highly revered holy places in India. The street side shops of Pushkar India sell colorful toys, bangles, junk jewelry, musical instruments and leather items at very cheap prices.  

Apart from shopping, one can also indulge in tasting the local Rajasthani cuisine such as Daal bati churma, lentils, and gatte ki sabzi. The street side hotel and restaurants of Pushkar offer delicacies like samosa, poha, kachori, and malpuas. Pushkar Rajasthan is a treat for the tastebuds of those with a love for food.  

Explore the best of Rajasthan with Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook brings you the best of Pushkar with their specially curated Pushkar Mela trip packages. You can experience the best of Rajasthan with luxurious amenities designed for your holistic trip experience. For more details, connect with our Pushkar travel experts today.


The Thar Desert in India is one of the many unique landscapes of the country. The Thar Desert in India covers a major portion of Rajasthan and contributes to the earnings of a tourism industry. Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, and Pushkar are some of the places of tourist interest where the Thar Desert elevates the experience of traveling.

Thar Desert Tourism offers a number of activities for the visiting travelers. But the most unique and special experience is camping under the starlit skies which is only possible when you spend your night in Thar Desert Rajasthan.


The many wonders of Pushkar’s desert

Pushkar is one of the primary spots where The Thar Desert plays an important part of travel experience. The desert hosts the annual fair of Pushkar and is visited by thousands of tourists from all parts of the world.

Thar Desert tourism heavily promotes this festival as it provides a first-hand experience of Rajasthani culture and hospitality. During this time, you can also go camping which is allowed and maintained by Thar desert tourism.

Pushkar town is popular for its raw and rustic image which attracts many travelers. The Brahma Temple of Pushkar is a very unique place of worship. A vacation in Pushkar is the best source of relaxation and rejuvenation.


Activities in and around Pushkar Desert

With Thar Desert tourism, you can enjoy activities like Camel Safari, Rose garden tours, camel cart safari, ATV rides, camping. You can also enjoy a reenergizing spa session for your well-being. It will kill your tiredness after all the travel and time spent in the city chaos.

Apart from exploring the wonders of Thar Desert Tourism, you can explore many places including –

  • Brahma Temple
  • Savitri Temple
  • Man Mahal
  • Pushkar Lake
  • Gayatri Temple
  • Kikkaso Museum
  • Rose Garden
  • Local Markets
  • Heritage Havelis

Traveling in Rajasthan is incomplete without spending some time in the dunes of Thar Desert Rajasthan. The sight of sun going down behind the dunes of Thar Desert Rajasthan is a magnificent sight to behold. Thar Desert Rajasthan is not only a part of India but it extends beyond the border and goes all the way to Pakistan.


A place to experience a cultural extravaganza

The soft, warm sands of The Thar Desert are a favorite spot for the honeymooning couples as it gives them a unique moment and scenery to get their pictures clicked. In Pushkar, this part of Thar Desert Rajasthan is also the home to nomadic tribes who sing and dance to make a living out of their talent. Spending time with them is also a great way to understand a Rajasthani culture, music, and dance.


The best of Rajasthan with Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook provides an excellent and specially curated travel experience of the Thar Desert in India. A vacation filled with luxury and rejuvenation with The Thar Desert is the most special way to spend some days getting pampered. Apart from sightseeing of The Thar desert, Thomas Cook offers a detailed trip to every special spot of Pushkar. Thomas Cook guarantees an inside experience of Thar Desert in India and guarantees that you’ll fall in love with this landscape and will never wish to return.


Rajasthan is the land of cultural extravaganza. The state is filled with surprises that will keep asking you to return to experience more and more.

Among these places, one name that invites every travel lover and culture seeker will undoubtedly be Pushkar, Rajasthan. This holy town is the center of so many activities that one needs all the time in their hand to experience Pushkar to the fullest.

Pushkar, Rajasthan is one of the most culturally rich towns of the state. Pushkar temple is the only Brahma Temple in the world and devotees come here from far –away places to seek blessings of the creator of the world.


A favorite destination for backpacking community

Pushkar India is a hub for backpacking and religious activities. The town is sprawling with cafes, cheap hostels and backpacker hotels where the travelers wish to spend some time and soak in the beauty of the Pushkar Temple, desert, and the ghat. Pushkar offers a number of surprises to the travelers coming here. One can enjoy jeep safari and camel ride in the desert or they can go for temple hopping, street side shopping or tasting the local food.

When it comes to experiencing the best of India, Pushkar offers everything that a travel lover seeks.


Where to stay in Pushkar

Pushkar offers a number of stay amenities for the travelers. Since Pushkar attracts backpackers and tourists in large numbers, the arrangement for their stay has been taken care of in the best way possible. There are a number of hotels in Pushkar. Most of the hotels in Pushkar are located in the main town and one can also find a number of Pushkar Resorts in the far end corner of the town. Some of the Pushkar resorts are also located in the desert area. Many hotels in Pushkar offer guided tour of the Pushkar city while you can also make avail of facilities like massage and spa for a holistic experience.


Things to do at Pushkar

Among some of the must experience things in Pushkar, the annual cattle fair known as Pushkar Fair is on the top of the list. Most of the travel plans to Pushkar are made keeping Pushkar Mela in mind. This fair offers a number of surprises that range from camel safari and hot air balloon rides in the desert.

One of the most unique aspects about Pushkar Fair is its traditionally rich customs. These charming vibes invite a number of photographers from every corner of the world. Apart from desert activities, you’ll also get to experience local rides and adventurous experiences. Pushkar Mela is one of the biggest fairs in the world. Because of this reason, Rajasthan tourism promotes and makes special arrangements for this festival.

Since the gathering at the festival is huge, one needs to make advance bookings for hotels and trip plans. In the lack of which, you’ll find almost every accommodation full during Pushkar Mela.


Places to visit in Pushkar

The unique surprises of this city hide a number of places to visit in Pushkar in its many lanes and ghat. One can take a short ride and visit the holy town of Ajmer of which Pushkar is a part of. Ajmer Shareef Dargah is highly revered among the visitors of all religions. Pushkar tourism provides special access and regular bus services for Ajmer.

The nearby desert of Pushkar is very beautiful and offers camping, ATV rides, and camel safari. A number of visitors travel between Pushkar to Jaipur for a rejuvenating weekend. Because of so much beauty, the travel enthusiasts consider this dessert one of the best places to visit in Pushkar. The calm sunset behind the desert is a charm for the photographers.


A popular weekend destination

Pushkar is easily accessible from Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Ajmer. Ajmer station is the last railhead after which you have to take a bus or a car to reach Pushkar. Pushkar to Jaipur is only 3 hours which makes it one of the popular weekends escapes for the travelers.


Explore the best of Rajasthan with Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook brings you the best of Pushkar with their specially curated trips to Rajasthan. You can experience the best of Rajasthan with luxurious amenities designed for your holistic trip experience. For more details, connect with our Pushkar travel experts today.

Activities in pushkar

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A visit to Pushkar is fun filled for everybody. Enthusiastic tourists have a lot to do in Pushkar. Walking expeditions to explore the town of Pushkar and the nearby places are a popular form of activity. Pushkar is a city with many ‘Ghats’. Exploring the ‘Ghats’ and watching camel races are fun too.

Tourists, who know sailing a boat often sail the traditional boats and the engine boats. Swimmers swim back and forth the Pushkar Lake and there are boat races and swimming competitions too. Pushkar being in the lap of the famous hills of the Aravalli, trekking is also a popular adventure sports for tourists and inhabitants in Pushkar. Camel sport too is a popular sport in Pushkar.

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Watching sunrises and sunsets on a boat, sailing on the Pushkar Lake or sailing through at night when everything is calm is indeed rejuvenating. Visiting the places like the Pushkar Yoga Garden is also great for relaxation.

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There are hotels, resorts and hostels of all budgets. The off-season is throughout the year and the accommodation tariffs are low at that time of the year. It is during the Pushkar Fair, which is the peak season, the tariffs are hiked.

Food in pushkar


Other than the traditional cuisine, Pushkar today boasts of a number of restaurants that serve cuisines of varied types. A number of restaurants are a specialist in international cuisines too. However, the most famous food in Pushkar is the food available in the temples known as ‘Prasad’. Visit Honey & spice, The Laughing Buddha Cafe, Te Lawala and The Rasta Cafe for unique flavours and taste. 


Pushkar is famous for the varied types of vegetarian food. Authentic Rajasthani cuisine is very popular among the tourists in Pushkar. Sample the Bati Chokha, Khakhra and Gatte ki Sabzi among others. 

Night Life in pushkar


Pushkar, being a city of religious importance, has an aura of serenity wrapped around it. The cuisine is vegetarian and meat is mostly not available. Alcohol consumption too is not a common thing in Pushkar. The city dozes off early and rises up in the wee hours of the morning. There are clubs, pubs and bars to visit at night. Live music is played in quite a few resorts and restaurants. These places can be visited to indulge in nightlife. RR Hotel and Bar, Mokha’s and Beer Bar are amongst the popular bars and pubs here. 

Shopping in pushkar


The local flea market at Pushkar attracts tourists for its wide diversity of products to buy. Souvenirs are must buy by everyone who visits Pushkar. Other than that, traditional Rajasthani jewellery, glass lamps, glass paintings depicting Rajasthani lifestyle and sagas, bags and wall hangings with embroideries, traditional puppets of Rajasthan, and religious photos. In jewellery, silver ones and ‘kundan’ are most extensively bought. Anklets, arm bangles, to heavy jewelleries, Pushkar is a great place for jewellery lovers. The tourists buy authentic Rajasthani spices too. ‘Bandhni’ sarees and Rajasthani ‘Ghaghra’ are popular buys as well. 


The market places like the Pushkar Bazaar, Baza Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar and the kinds are popular shopping destinations. Products come from various places of Rajasthan. Another fantastic shopping destination is the Pushkar Fair. Brahma Temple Market is another popular street market. 

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