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Places to visit in Raigad

When you travel to Raigad, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Raigad, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Raigad to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Raigad things to do can include exploring Raigad attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in raigad


Murudjanjira is one of the well maintained Marine Forts of India. This place is situated 165kms south of the city of Mumbai close to a port town known as Murud. This fort is situated upon an oval shaped rock which is oval in shape.  There is a small postern gate which is situated towards the sea and was built mainly for escaping purposes.  There are 19 rounded bastions in this fort which are still intact till this day. Upon these bastions are situated numerous amounts of canons which are of Indian and European origin. There is a statue of a tiger like beast on the outer gate clasping an elephant. You will find this type of sculptures and statues throughout Maharashtra. This fort can only be approached by Rajapuri jetty and the journey to get to the Fort itself is quite an adventure. This place can also prove to be very educational for your family. This is one place that should not be missed out on your trip to Raigad.


Another popular tourist attraction, The Kolaba Fort is situated in the sea and is placed at a distance of about 1-2 kilometres from the shore. This place lays 35 kms south of the city of Mumbai. This fort was formerly used as a military defence Fort. But later this place got renovated and is now open to tourists and visitors to take a tour around the fort and witness the wealth of this place. The Kolaba Fort is also sometimes known as Alibag Fort, so make sure that you don’t get confused with both the names.


This temple, located in Maharashtra is one of the oldest temples in India. There is a lingam here that is swayambh? and you can see it in an extraordinary titled ‘L’ shape covered in sindoor. This ancient temple is situated on the banks of a river which is now known as ‘Charlotte’. This temple is situated at an amazing altitude of 2516 feet above sea level. The surroundings of the temple are beautiful and is very secluded. You can visit this temple to witness the aura of the place and maybe, spend a few hours in meditation too in its calm and serene atmosphere. It will do both your mind and soul good.



Situated 25 kms north of Mahad, this magnificent temple was built by Shivaji to depict his devotion and belief in Hinduism. He was believed to visit this temple every without fail. Although this temple is Hindu in nature, the architecture behind this temple is of Mughal architecture. Jagadishwar is the main deity of this temple.



This beautiful safe haven for birds is situated on the Mumbai Pune highway and spreads over an area of 12.1 kilometres. This sanctuary is home to almost 200 different species of birds. Your kids will love the ambience of this place and there are so many different types of rare species of birds that they can witness find here.



TakMakTok is an elevated place which is situated at an incredible 1200feet above sea level. This place was used for punishing criminals in ancient times. Now it stands as a famous attraction of Raigad. The weather up here is magnificent and there are lots of chilly breeze that blow here. The view from on top here is just magnificent and is a perfect place for taking pictures to show off to your friends.


Tamhini is the ghat section that connects Pune and Konkan. You will come across many waterfalls out here during monsoon along the ghats. There are mainly 2-3 main waterfall out here, one at the beginning of ghat section and one is on top of ghat. This is the ideal place for a relaxing time beside the ghats and enjoying nature’s beauty. The place is also ideal for nature photography.



This hill is situated on an entire hill and it is of great significance because Shivaji was crowned the King in this very Fort in 1674AD. This Fort was his capital and today it stands open to visitors to go and witness the magical and historical beauty of the place. This fort is elevated at an altitude of 2700 feet above sea level and is located on the Sahyadri Mountain Range. There are a number of statues and paintings within the premises which are on display. These remains show you about the rich cultural heritage of Shivaji’s reign. This place can also prove to be very educational for research purposes.


The Pratapgarh fort is situated 22 km from Mahabaleshwar and is on top of a popular hill station. This place is significant as this was the site for the famous Battle of Pratapgad. You can go trekking along the premises and also there are a number of statues within this fort that are worth admiring. Being a hill station, the air out here is fresh and free from any sort of pollution. if you plan to visit this place then plan out a full day here as the place is vast and it will take you the entire day to witness the beauty of this place.


Mahad is famous for its street markets famous for it is local handicraft items and embroidery. This place also sells various local dishes that will tingle your taste buds without burning a hole in your pocket. It is a food heaven for every foodie worth his grains!

Activities in raigad

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Let your children have the best time of their lives at this magical and fun amusement park- AdlabsImagica which is situated a few kilometers away from Raigad on the Mumbai-Pune highway. It will take you about an hour or two to reach this place and there are various modes of transportation that you can choose from to get to this place. There are a number of buses that ply on this route as well as a number of cars and jeeps that can be rented from Raigad. 


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There are no pubs in Raigad but however if you a are lucky you may get the chance to witness a few locals churning out some folk music in the evenings around the market areas.


Food in raigad


This is a famous café in Raigad that offers the best service in terms of hygiene and quality of food. It has a very cultural and historical ambience within it’s premises and the food is praiseworthy. They serve various kinds of dishes out here with influence from all major countries around the world.


Raigad will not disappoint you when it comes to its food culture. This is a famous non vegetarian dish in Raigad. This dish includes a traditional chicken curry accompanied with soft bread made from flour. It is best served with chutney and some salad. This dish is available in most restaurants throughout Raigad.


This is also known as Shark curry and is very popular among the locals. This dish is served up with either rice or local bread made from flour. This curry is said to have strengthening effects on your body. It is worth a try and this dish is best complemented with a sweet dessert.

Night Life in raigad


There are not much bars in Raigad as it is a very divine place. However you can find a number of local bars in the nearby areas like Mahad.Shrisas Restaurant and Bar and Hotel Jayesh& Beer Bar are some places you can visit while here.


Shopping in raigad


There are a number of street markets in Mahad which is a few kilometres away from Raigad. Here you will find all types of handicrafts and embroidery being sold at very reasonable prices. You can pick up a few for yourself or for a friend. They will some great souvenirs for your trip.



There are not much departmental stores in Raigad but however in Mahad you will find various street shops where you will find almost anything you are looking for at very reasonable prices.

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