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Places to visit in Ratnagiri

When you travel to Ratnagiri, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Ratnagiri, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Ratnagiri to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Ratnagiri things to do can include exploring Ratnagiri attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in ratnagiri


Located on a small hillock this palace was built for King Thibaw Min of Myanmar in 1909 when he was in exile in the city. This enchanting architectural marvel was used by the king till his death is 1916. The palace has three stories with semi-circular windows and a sloping roof. The first floor has a dancing hall with the Idol of Lord Buddha located towards the back. The highlight of this palace is the panoramic view that one can experience from the third floor making this a place worth visiting to the Ratnagiri tourist.



Also known as Bhagwati forth this majestic fort surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides was built to keep a watch on pirates. Built during the rule of Bahmani Sultanate this fort with a total area of 120 acres and shaped like a horseshoe offers some spectacular views of the Arabian Sea. There is also an ancient tunnel that connects the North and the Southern divisions of the fort. Just 4 kilometers from the city center this popular tourist destination can be reached by bus, auto rickshaw or a private tourist taxi.



This fort, near Ganapatipule was built in the 17th century and is located next to the Jaigad Creek. The fort offers some excellent views of the sea.

There are several other smaller forts in the region.The more famous ones are Gopalgad, KanakDurg, SuvarnaDurg, and Purnagad.



Sri LokmanyaTilak'sJanmasthan is a house in Ratnagiri, which was the birthplace of Sri LokmanyaTilak, better known at BalGangadharTilak. He spent the first ten years of his life in this house which has now been converted into a museum. Authorities have preserved his house as it was. You can walk barefoot on the natural cow dung smeared floor and look at his cap or ‘topi’, clothes and other accessories which are on display there.


You can also visit the Marine Museum located in the Marine Aquarium. With over a thousand different specimens identified and classified up to the species level this comprehensive museum will give you an excellent insight into marine life. The highlight of the museum is a 5000 kilogram and 55 foot long skeleton of a whale.


The garden near the Ratnagiri Lighthouse is a fine garden which is frequented by tourists and used for having picnics and strolls. There are several other local gardens in the district which could be explored with the help of a local guide or residents.



While in Ratnagiri, you could actually explore the western Konkani coast area and enjoy some of the finest beaches, forts and other sights. You can travel up to Swantwadi and Vengurla which are 178 kilometres away or you could the see forts and beaches at Sindhudurg located 130 kilometres from Ratnagiri.


Malvan at 146 kilometres is also an interesting place on the Konkani coast and worth a visit for its historical value.


Much advisable is the beautiful Sagareshwar located 152 kilometres from Ratnagiri. Sagareshwar is famous for its Wildlife Sanctuary.



The Beaches in Ratnagiri are some of the best on the western coast in India. The untouched nature of these beaches makes them really special to travellers. The most popular beach in the region is hands down the Ganpatipule Beach. This rocky beach has crystal clear waters and stretches of golden sand. The tranquillity of the beach makes it even more special. Mandvi Beach is a black sand beach and often referred to as the Gateway of Ratnagiri this beach is a popular tourist destination. There are several other beaches in the area worth mentioning like Guhagar Beach, Kunkeshwar Beach, Ganeshghule Beach, Bhatye Beach and Pandre Beach.


Besides the beaches there are several waterfalls in the area which add to the natural beauty of the place.  Nivali Waterfall is located in the valleys of the Nivali Ghats.This seasonal waterfall comes alive during the monsoons and is a popular stopover for tourists.Sawatsada Waterfalls in Chiplun are also very popular amongst the tourist. You can also bask in the beauty of places like Pawas, Gopalgad Hill, Velneshwar, Hedvi and Panhalekaji Caves. There also hot water springs with healing water in Unhavare, which you could find room for in your itinerary.


Art, Theatre and cultural events like festivals are big in Ratnagiri. You can check the local listings for any cultural events in Ratnagiri. The people in Ratnagiri celebrate all major Indian festivals like Holi, Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussera, Diwali and Christmas. Besides these, annual festivals are held in the temple like SwayambhuGanpati Temple in Ganpatipule and Parshuram Temple in Ratnagiri.


There are several famous landmarks besides the monuments and other important places in Ratnagiri. There are two very popular Lighthouses in the region which are at Ratnagiri Fort and Jaigad Fort. Gateway to Ratnagiri is a gate on the Mandavi Beach. Lata Talkies is an old and very popular movie theatre. You can also visit the Thibaw point near the Thibaw Palace for some awesome views of the city and the areas around. Marine Biological Research Station is another extremely popular landmark in Ratnagiri. 

Activities in ratnagiri

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The beaches, especially the Ganpatipule Beach has provisions for Paragliding and other adventure water sports like water scooters, jet-skiing, banana-boat ride etcetera. You could also go for nature trails and treks in places like Kumbharli Ghats, Dapoli and Ambolgad.

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Relaxing in sun on the beach would be the to-do activity in Ratnagiri. However, if you wish to get relaxing massages then you could try the Blue Ocean Resort & Spa. 

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You could check the local listing for any recitals and performances in Ratnagiri. There are no live music restaurants in Ratnagiri. 

Food in ratnagiri


Though there are many restaurants in Ratnagiri serving both vegetarian and Non Vegetarian food it is recommend you try the seafood and Konkan cuisine at the following restaurants. Amantran Restaurant serves some excellent Konkan food while Gopal Restaurant serves some excellent Sol Kadhi and Mutton fry. If you are a vegetarian you can try the vegetarian ‘thali’ at Lajjat Restaurant. Another good restaurant you shouldn’t miss is Vyankatesh Dinning.


Some dishes that you should try while here are Malvani Mutton curry, Mori Masala or shark curry, Bombil Fry which is fried Bombay duck and the vegetarian PhanasachiBhaji which is made with jackfruit. While here, you must indulge in Sol Kadhi which is an appetizer made with Kokum.


Night Life in ratnagiri


There are no clubs and discotheques in Ratnagiri. You may head towards Goa for nightlife and partying.


Some popular bars in the region are Papillon Restaurant and Bar in Ganpatipule and Drive Inn Carnival in Abhyudhya Nagar, Ratnagiri.


Shopping in ratnagiri


Flea markets are those places that deal in buying and selling of second hand products which are genuine. These markets also allow people to rent out spaces to deal in original first hand merchandises. The most famous flea markets in Papua New Guinea are:





There are several departmental stores in the city. You could try shopping at the Apna Bazar Departmental Store in Nachane or Gopal Krishna Store in Chiplun. 


Mirkarwada is a popular wholesale street market in Ratnagiri. There are several malls and shopping centers like Ansal Plaza, Suhas Shopping Centre and Emrant Sprint Centre Mall. Chitni Bazar and Nayayug Bazar are other street markets in Ratnagiri.

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