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Places to visit in Saptashrungi

When you travel to Saptashrungi, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Saptashrungi, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Saptashrungi to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Saptashrungi things to do can include exploring Saptashrungi attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in saptashrungi


This is a two storied shrine of Goddess Saptashrungi surrounded by seven hills locally called ghads. The 8 feet tall saffron image of the goddess is carved on the face of a sharp rock placed on the top floor of the Temple. The goddess is in the image of Devi Mahtmaya with 18 arms each holding a distinct object such as the, the Sudarshana Chakra of Vishnu, the Shankha (conch) of Varuna, Trishula (trident) of Shiva, Akshamala (string of beads) of Daksha , the flames of Agniof the fire-god, Bow & Arrow of Vayu, the Vajra (thunderbolt) and Ghanta (bell) of Indra, Danda (cudgel) of Yama, the water-port or Kamandalu of Brahma, rays from Surya the sun god, sword-shield pair of Kali, the Parashu (axe) of Vishwakarma, the chalice of Kubera, Gada (mace), Lotus, Lance and Pasha (noose). The Temple can be reached after a flight of 500 steps build during different reigns of Satara rulers.


This is a memorial in Bhagur, which is 17 kilometres from Nashik. The memorial marks the birth place of celebrated freedom fighter Swatantrya Veer Savarkar.


Nashik Planetarium is popular among kids. The planetarium is an ideal place to familiarize kids with the dynamics of the universe. Three shows are run though the day. One more place of interest for the kids is the Shubham Water world in Nashik. The water park has many water rides and fun activities for the little ones.



This Temple in Nashik was built nearly 200 years ago by the Peshwa Knight Odhekar. The black stone brought from Ramshej used for construction of the Temple makes it unique. Located 3 kilometres from the Nashik bus stand, the Temple was built in 12 years by 2000 workers.


This Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located only 350 metres away for the Saptashrungi shrine. The Temple provides a wonderful view of the valley. You should also visit the TrimbakeshwarTemple in Nashik. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Temple houses one of the twelve Jyotirlings, the alive-light form of the deity. It is widely visited by pilgrims and tourist all throughout the year.


This Temple in Nashik is a magnificent example of Hindu architecture. Built from marble brought in from Makrana in Rajasthan, the MuktiDhamTemple was built by sculptors from Rajasthan. The walls of the Temple are adorned with eighteen chapters of Geeta and replicas of twelve Jyotirlings are on display. There are many images of Hindu gods and goddesses. The complex is known for its Char- Dham experience.

Ramkund is another major pilgrimage destination in Nashik as ashes after the Hindu crematory ritual are flown in the River. It is said the Lord Rama took bath here on the bank of River Godavari. There is a Mahatma Gandhi Monument near Ramkund.


Coin Museum in Nashik houses a unique collection of Indian currency, photographs, drawings and documents highlighting the journey of Indian currency over the centuries. It was established in 1980 and is surrounded by the scenic Ajneri Hills. The museum is under supervision of Indian Institute of Research in Numismatic Studies, which also promotes various workshops for coin collection. One the other hand, KJ Maheshwari Art Gallery exhibits a collection of international award winning photographs taken by Mr. Maheshwari himself.


The majority of the parks and gardens are situated in Nashik. You can visit Tapovan Park in Panchvati, Golf club grounds, GodaPark,Pramod Mahajan Parkand Joggers Parkin Nashik that are popular and widely known. No popular parks and gardens are situated near Saptashrungi. Out of the above Goda park is most famous among locals.


Most pilgrims and tourist visit do visit Trimbakeshwar, Ajanta-Ellora or Mumbai on their visit to the region. While Trimbakeshwar is another pilgrimage destination and one of the twelve Jyotirling Temples in India, Ajanta & Ellora are revered for their historical cave paintings. Mumbai the cosmopolitan capital city of Maharashtra is a complete destination in itself. With its vast beaches, skyscrapers and historic venues, Mumbai is a major tourist destination for most people visiting Maharashtra. Saptashrungi is particularly close to Gujarat-Maharashtra border, thus Saputara acts as a perfect getaway for anyone looking to escape the city life. Shirdi in Maharashtra is also a popular place to visit in the region for its connection to the Saptashrungi story.



While descending from the Saptashrungi, one will come across a cave on MahonidriMountain. According to the myth, it was at this cave Saptashrungi Mata disappeared after killing the demons. The Ghad or seven hills on which Saptashrungi is named after form another natural attraction. One can trek on this hills and explore the forest covering them with the help of local authorities.


Ghads are a part of great SahyadariRange and are also called AjantaSatmalaRange. In the watershed side of these hills you will find number of water bodies called Kund or ponds. Nandur Madhmeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to 220 bird species and 400 types of vegetation. Spread in an area of 10000 hectares, the sanctuary provides shelter to a large number of migratory birds. Within the sanctuary there is a MadhmeshwarTemple as well.


Gondhal, a folk dance-drama is performed before the deity of the shrine by devotees of Gondali, Naik, Bhutye, Aaradhi and communities. The Gondhali is performed during the night of auspicious days on the tunes of musical instruments likeCymbals, Drums and Tuntuna or a single string instrument. At the time of festivals like Chaitrotsav, Shukla Paksha Dashami, Gudi Padwa, Gokulashtami, Navratrotsav, Kojagiri, Laxmipujan, Saptashrungi Shrine holds special celebrations that include offering to diety through dance, music and other offerings. Chaitrotsav is the most awaited festival of the year when devotees folk in from various parts of the country. On Godi Padwa, the houses are plastered with fresh cow dung and Gudhi is hoisted symbolizing victory. Navratrotsav is a nine day festival which sees devotees performing Garba and Dandiya Raas dance with great vigour.


Pandav Lani Caves in Nashik are located 74 kilometres from Saptashrungi but a major destination for anyone visiting the region. Situated on the Anjinagri Mountain Range, the 2000 years old caves were built by Jain Kings and are famous for its engravings on the cave wall. The caves are in a group of 29 and idols of Buddha, Bodhisattva and other Jain Tirthankars adorn the complex. Panchvati on the northern bank of River Godavari flowing through the city is another popular spot. The name Panchvati comes from the fact that there are five banyan trees under which Goddess Sita stayed while Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman were wandering in exile.


Nashik is famous for its vineyards as the city is a major hub for wine production and selling. Sula’s Vineyards are the most famous of them and major wine brand in India. York Wine and Tasting Room is another place with vast vineyards open to visitation.

Activities in saptashrungi

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You can take a trek up the Anjinagri Hills or at the hills around the Saptashrungi shrine. Anjinagri Hills offer picturesque treks and breathe taking views of the region.

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There are number of resorts with spas and standalone spas in and around Nashik catering for the tourist population visiting the region. Some prominent ones are O2 Spa, Mantra Ayurveda, Jyo’s Spa, Aura Spa, Triambkeshwar Resort, Jatra Resort, Anand Resort etc. You can also visit Dhammagiri math which offers courses on a form of meditation called Vipasana.

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 At Swardha Music Academy various events are organized showcasing music of the region. You should check for local listings at the time of your visit. There is a concert hall by the name Akhil Bhartiya Madya Varti Karyala where major musical events of the region are organized.

Food in saptashrungi


There are few restaurants close to Saptashrungi such as Vimal Kamat restaurant and Hotel Pushkar. You should seek local guidance to explore more places close to the Saptashrungi shrine. However you can always head up to Nashik and enjoy the local as well as international cuisines at Veg Aroma, Barbequ Ville, Hotel Sadguru Pure Veg Restaurant, Cafe Bliss etc.


The region is famous for Marathi as well as Gujarati dishes both. Puran Poli, Ukdiche Modak, and Batata Wada, Khaman, Gujarati Thali etc. are available all major restaurants. Nashik is particularly famous for its street food. While in the region you should not miss Vijju Dabheli, Potato Jalebi, and Missal Pav

Night Life in saptashrungi


The nightlife in Nashik is limited to few places like Golf club, RotaryClub , Niwec club etc. for a more elaborate experience of the nightlife in the region, you should head to Mumbai popular for its nightlife and decent clubs and discotheques.


There are number of bar and pubs serving local made wines as well as international beverages. Inayat Cafe Restaurant & Bar, Cellar-door Wine Lounge, Hotel Gaarwa Bar are the prominent ones.

Shopping in saptashrungi


Friday and Sunday markets are organized on the Abhuna Road and Dalway Road respectively where people from nearby village gather to buy & sell local grown vegetables, fruits etc. Deola Sunday market is also held every week.


Nashik is a major industrial hub and has a number of markets like Tibet Market, Shenkhat Market and Gandhi Market. Closer to Saptashrungi are the Aai Shri Shirodiya Market, Bhajji Market shopping centre and Roshan Supermarket in Kalvan.


Saptashrungi Market near the base of the temple has number of shops selling prayer offerings, Prasad, religious souvenirs and trinkets such as key chains, nametags, etc.

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