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Places to visit in Sarahan

When you travel to Sarahan, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Sarahan, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Sarahan to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Sarahan things to do can include exploring Sarahan attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in sarahan


The Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali in the form Bhimakali and is a famous pilgrimage destination among Hindus. The temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peetha in the Indian sub-continent. A Shakti Peetha is the divine chair of the goddess and marks the place where body parts from Goddess Sati’s corpse fell. The presiding Bhimakali goddess has been portrayed here as maiden and as a woman.  Until the early 19th century, Human sacrifices were made within the temple premises to please the presiding deity. The temple houses various weapons used during the reign of Bushahrs. Even today, animal sacrifices are performed as offering to Bhimakali.



The temple is situated in an ancient complex with a number of other structure and statutes etc. which are of prime archaeological value.Known for its unusual roof, the temple architecture is a mix of Tibetan and Hindu styles. It has two towers out of which the older one built in 12th century has been closed. The newer tower built in 1920 houses Bhimakali temple. The Temple contains both Hindu and Vajrayna Buddhist statues and decorations adorning the walls reflect the trade relationships between India and Tibet. It also indicates Kushan influence in its architecture and images adorning the temple. The temple has been built out of wood and stone and can withstand earth quake.There is a Narsingh shrine of Bhairon and Lord Raghunath within the temple complex. 


This palace in Sarahan belonged to the Bushahr kings who once ruled the region, is a fine example of Tibetan architecture. Information about the year of construction of the palace is not known.


Lanka Vir Temple is situated in the courtyard of the ancient Bhimakali Temple in Sarahan. At a little distance from the Bhimakali Temple there is Shiva temple visited by devotees of Lord Shiva every Monday.


There are no places of interest for children within Sarahan except few local clubs with one or two slides. But if Kufri is in your itinerary, your kids have a lot to cheer about. The Kufri Fun World has a number of rides and fun activities for the kids. The little ones can enjoy snow skiing and snow bike rides in Manali during winters as well.



There is a small museum inside the Bhimakali temple complex that houses weapons used during the ancient times by the Bushahr kings. This collection is open to public but photography is not allowed within any part of the temple complex. For a detailed exploration of history of the region, you should head towards Shimla where Himachal State museum, Army Heritage Museum and Rail Museum have a huge collections of artefacts, documents and historical items at display.


The Great Himalayan National Park and Govind Pashu National Park are relatively close to Sarahan. Both the parks are home to rich flora and fauna of the region. To name the local parks near Sarahan, MehraGarden, Manj Baun and ACCPark are the closest.


Bird Park close to the Bhimakali Temple Complex is a pheasant breeding centre that houses the Himachal State bird Monal.


Bhaba Valley is another beautiful spot along Bhaba River, located at nearly 50 kilometres from Sarahan. The road to valley originates at Wangtu. The spot is famous for its beautiful landscape, alpine meadows and a small reservoir lake.


Shrikhand Manadev Peak is a peculiar spot near Sarahan. The peak stands among the snow peaked Himalayan ranges and is the only one whose top remains clear of snow even during heavy snowfalls.


Some of the most major dance forms in the Himachal Valley like Burah, Chuksam, Dangi, Losar Shona, Sirmour, Gee, Kharait and Shunto etc. are a big part of their cultural legacy and same goes for Sarahan. Dance is a major form of expression among the people of the region. When in Sarahan, you will also come across Band Processions at Bhimakali Temple on special days and festivals. These band processions are part of life of the people of Sarahan majorly belonging to Kinnaur, Gaddi, Pahari, Dogri communities. You can enquire about local events where major art and dance forms of the region are performed during festivals.



Rampur is the riverside transit point on the way to Sarahan via NH22. It also marks the last township after which you enter the remote places of Sangla Valley and Kinnaur. As one enters Sarahan there is a gateway marking entrance of the valley. The entire town of Sarahan is based around the BhimakaliTemple marking it an important landmark in the region.

Activities in sarahan

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Bhaba valley has a trek route to Pin Valley in Spiti which is widely famous among the trekkers visiting the region.

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Hotel Snow King Retreat near Fagu has Log Huts for accommodation of visitors and is ideal place for leisure. Chalets Naldhera, Galleu Hill Resort on Kufri Fagu Road, Club Mahindra Gables are other places offering spa and other health care services.

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River Sutlej flows at a distance of seven kilometres from Sarahan and its banks are witness to awe-inspiring view of the Himalayan ranges. Or you can head out for a walk around Sarahan as every part of the town is beautiful. Famous for its picturesque views overlooking the great Himalayan ranges, Sarahan is the gateway to beautiful Spiti valley.

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Most of the resorts in the area and clubs organize events showcasing local singers, dance performances etc. You can enquire for local listings at the time of your visit.

Food in sarahan


Hotel Srikhand is the most popular and classiest place around the town to savour a mouth-watering dinner with an equally mesmerizing view of the valley. Other notable restaurants are Hotel Satluj Bar & Restaurant on National Highway 22 at and hour and half’s distance and Sharma Sweets Dhaba below the Bhimakali temple.


Hotel Srikhand is the most popular and classiest place around the town to savour a mouth-watering dinner with an equally mesmerizing view of the valley. Other notable restaurants are Hotel Satluj Bar & Restaurant on National Highway 22 at and hour and half’s distance and Sharma Sweets Dhaba below the Bhimakali temple.


Himachal Pradesh cuisine is dominated by Non-vegetarian dishes of red meat garnished with mouth-watering spices. Food in Sarahan is a mix of Punjabi and Himachali cuisine. Sidu, a type of bread made of wheat flour is widely popular. While in the region, you will come across dishes like Pateer, Madira, Bhagjery, Manee and Chouck at some restaurants. In the non-vegetarian section Grilled Fishes, Chicken Anaardana and Kullu Trouts are a specialities whereas Sepu Vadi, Guchhi Mattar and Kaddu ka Khatta are savoured by the vegetarian lot.  

Night Life in sarahan


Hotel Snow King Retreat has an in-house disco playing foot tapping Bollywood music. Club Mahindra in gables also organized daily events for its visitors.


Hotel Satluj Bar & Restaurant and Hotel Srikhand Bar & Restaurant are the two major bars in Sarahan. You can also Visit Ridang Bar & Restaurant near Khwangi and Gazal Bar on NH22.

Shopping in sarahan


There is a Bhimakali Temple Market that has some food joints and small shops selling souvenirs and trinkets. 


There are a handful of shops near the Bhimakali Temple where items of necessity can be found. Little information about particular stores is available on the internet thus you will have to seek local help to navigate around the town. 


Most of the markets are located at a small distance from centre of Sarahan. You can look for vegetable market on National Highway 10, Baragaon Market and Bali Chowki market on NH 305.

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