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Places to visit in Sindhudurg

When you travel to Sindhudurg, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Sindhudurg, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Sindhudurg to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Sindhudurg things to do can include exploring Sindhudurg attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Kunkeshwar Temple

This 12th century temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is also known as the Kashi of Konkana. It is said that the temple was built by descendants of Lord Krishna, the rulers of the Yadava dynasty. The temple is located at the Kunkeshwar village and is a fine example of Konkani architecture. 


Sindhudurg is a famous for its pristine, virgin beaches. Lined up on the Konkan coastline, the beaches offer lovely seascapes of blue, crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea. Some of the most popular beaches in Sindhudurg are Tarkarli, Shiroda, Nivati, Bhogwe, Kunkeshwar, Mochemad, Achra, Vayangani and Redi. 

Cultural Attractions

Most of the population in Sindhudurg is either Marathi or Konkani. The common languages spoken here are Malvani, Konkani and Marathi. English is also spoken and understood a by a vast majority. Many local people follow Christianity in Sindhudurg. 

Sargeshwar Shiva Temple

This is another popular temple of Lord Shiva in the region. The temple is set amidst a scenic setting and is surrounded by lush green grass and flowers. The beautiful temple has ornate carvings in stone on the temple and has a statue of the Nandi Bull at the entrance.

There are numerous other temples in Sindhudurg, but the most notable of the smaller temples are Shri Shivchhatrapati Temple, Vithal Temple, Shri Sateri Temple, Shri Jarimari Temple, Bhagwa

Vengurla Rocks

Vengurla rocks offer some scenic seascapes. There is an old lighthouse here which was built in 1870. Vengurla Rocks are also the breeding ground of the rare bird called the Indian Swiftlet.

Nivati Fort

The Nivati Fort is also known as KilleNivati, and is located on the sea shore in the Parule Village. This fort was also constructed by Shivajifor defending his kingdom. The fort offers lovely views of the Arabian Sea and the Bhogwe Beach.There are several small monuments throughout the district, like the Gagangad Fort, Sarjekot, Rangnagad and the Bharatgad Fort.


Jagannath Rao Bhosle Garden

This picturesque and pretty place is located in Sawantiwadi. Named after a prominent freedom fighter, the garden is gull of lush greenery, waterfalls, fountains and plantations. The garden has a children’s park, recreation centre and offers facilities like a restaurant, rest rooms and overnight lodging. 


Amboli is a hill station, and offers beautiful views of the Sahayadri Hills. The Hiranyakeshi River also flows from the hills across Amboli.

Rameshwar Temple

Located at the Achara town, this temple is also known as Imamdar Dev Mandir and is devoted to Lord Shiva. The temple, extremely popular for its architecture, was built in 1684.


Your trip to Sindhudurg would be incomplete without visiting the beautiful backwaters here. Some of the famous backwater destinations are endowed with dazzling natural magnificence and offer you beautiful views of the hills, sea shores and greenery. You can visit Walaval, Karli or Tarakarli, Katwan, Kiranpani or Nerurpur backwaters in Sindhudurg.

Vengurla’s Fruit Research Centre

Vengurla’s Fruit Research Centre is the most notable landmark besides monuments and temples. The Institute carries out research in improving the quality of fruit crops of the region, like mangoes, cashew nuts and Jamun.

Sindhudurg Fort

The fort is located on a small, rocky island in the Arabian Sea, and was the citadel of the Maratha ruler ChatrapatiShivaji. Earlier known as the Malvan fort, it can be reached by taking a boat or a ferry from the Malvan Port. This impressive structure was used by Shivaji to safeguard his kingdom and keep an eye on his enemies. The fort provides mesmerizing views of the sea. The island still has some families that live here and maintain the fort and the temples on

Sawantwadi Palace

The most noteworthy museum in Sindhudurg is the Sawantwadi Palace. The Palace was once the home of the Bhosle Kings and later the rulers of Sawantwadi. This beautiful building was built between 1755 and 1803 using laterite stone. The heritage building has now been converted into a museum and houses artefacts, paintings and personal belongings like royal jewellery and garments. The museum houses one of the biggest collections of traditional lacquer ware in the coun


The Moti Talao located in front of the Sawantwadi Palace is good for fishing and boating. Another popular lake is Dhamapur, made in 1530 and the largest lake in the Sindhudurg district.

Malvan Marine Sanctuary

Children would love a trip to Sindhudurg, spending time on the beaches and making sand castles. They can also enjoy water sports like snorkelling and power boat rides available on some beaches in Sindhudurg. Children would also like to visit the children’s park at JB Garden in Sawantwadi, and the Malvan Marine Sanctuary.


Sindhudurg is a fairly large district spread over 5,200 square kilometres. The various talukas or tehsils like Malvan, Vengurla, Sawantwadi, Kankavali, etc., would make a good weekend getaway. If hill stations are your thing, then do visit Amboli. If you would like to go farther, then you may head towards Goa and Ratnagiri which are well within driving distance from Sidhudurg.

Tsunami Island

It’s a small island in Malvan on the delta of Tarakarlli River. It is a hub for water sports and exhilarating boat rides.

Hiranyakeshi Temple

Situated near the Hiranyakeshi River, this temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is revered by the locals and sees a lot of pilgrims during Mahashivratri.


Sindhudurg has some of the prettiest waterfalls in Maharashtra, and you would love to visit them all. The most famous are the Napne waterfall in Sherpe Village, Vaibhawadi, and the Amboli Falls in the Sahayadri Range.

Radhanagari Wildlife Reserve

Besides hitting the nature spots in Sindhudurg, do try renting out a houseboat in the backwaters and make a trip to the Radhanagari Wildlife Reserve, if you would like to get up and close to Nature. 

Vijay Durg Fort

Vijay Durg means the ‘Victory Fort’. In olden times, this place was called ‘Gheraia’ and was built by the rulers of Bijapur and reinforced and added on to by ChatrapatiShivaji in the 17th century. This fort has a rich history and has been a witness to many wars. The imposing fort is one of the most prominent monuments in the region.

Botanical Garden

This ancient garden is located in Amboli and carries historical importance. The garden houses a varieties of flowers and other flora. There is a section in the garden which is called ‘Vanbhojan’ and is perfect for picnics with your family. 


Amboli is a hill station, and offers beautiful views of the Sahayadri Hills. The Hiranyakeshi River also flows from the hills across Amboli.

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