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Places to visit in Tarkarli

When you travel to Tarkarli, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Tarkarli, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Tarkarli to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Tarkarli things to do can include exploring Tarkarli sightseeing tourist attractions and visiting the Tarkarlis points of interest.

Attractions in tarkarli


Once a stronghold of the Maratha King Shivaji, the name “Sindhudurg”means a fort that was built on the ocean floor. It is one of the most renowned monuments in the district. The fort is a fine example of architectural talent and was completed in the year in 1667. The fort also houses some temples that you can visit. One has to take a boat or ferry to reach the fort. 


This is another splendid fort built by Shivaji in 1668 on the Kalavali creek. Since Sarjekotis also a natural port, it was used as a shelter for the war ships during storms.


Situated between the Sindhudurg Fort and the sea coast, this fort was used as a shipyard for constructing ships and for defending the Sindhudurg fort. The fort is all but submerged in water these days, however, you can still see remnants of it.



Besides making sand castles and beach combing, children can enjoy the various water sporting activities offered in and around Tarkarli. The Rock Garden and the Marine Sanctuary in Malvan which is 8km away are the other Tarkarli's points of interest for children. If you are willing to travel a slight distance away, the Splashdown Water Park on the Baga-Anjuna main road in Baga, Goa is an exciting place for children. The water park is approximately 102km from Tarkarli, which is roughly a two-hour drive. 


Built in 1695 by Rajaram in the honour of his father – Maratha ruler ChhatrapatiShivaji, this is one of the oldest temples in this area. The temple has an idol of Shivaji carved in black stone and has the prints of his feet and palms on limestone slabs. 


This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has two Shivalings which, according to fables, are self-manifested. The temple is very famous in the region and is highly revered by the devotees. 


This temple is dedicated to Kanak Devi who is a form of Goddess Durga. The temple attracts many devotees and is considered to be extremely sacred by the locals.


There are no museums in Tarkarli, but about 52km away in Sawantwadi is the Sawantwadi Palace and Museum. This beautiful construction built between 1775 and 1803 was once the home of the Bhonsle and Sawantwadi rulers. The museum is very famous in the region for its splendid collection of lacquerware goods. It houses other artefacts and relics of historical importance like the personal belongings of the royal families, paintings, etc.



The Rock Garden in Malvan at a distance of 8km is situated on a rocky shore near the Malvan Jetty. The Rock Garden is beautifully maintained and is an ideal picnic spot. You can witness some of the most impressive sunsets and sunrises from the place. 


The JB Garden in Sawantwadi is named after the prominent freedom fighter, Jagannath Rao Bhosale. The park is a very famous recreation centre and picnic spot.


Tarkarli hassome of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The sand on these beaches is like pure gold and the waters are a mesmerising turquoise colour. The sight is just out of a postcard and the views of the Arabian Sea would leave you amazed. The most famous beaches here are the Tarkarli Beach, the Achra Beach, and the Kolamb Beach.At a short distance of 20km lies the Nivati fort and beach.


A visit to the scenic Dhamapur Lake is a must; you can spend some time relaxing on the lake side. Also, you can take a relaxing boat ride in the Karli river and Backwaters.


The Golden Rock is another natural sightseeing & tourist attraction in Tarkarli which is a must visit. It is a beautiful rock formation in the sea and looks magnificent during the sunrise and sunset.


For beaches and water sports, you can head to Malvan and Devbag which are at a distance of 8km and7km, respectively. Malvan also has a marine sanctuary which is an excellent option for children. A major attraction in Devbag is the delta of the Karli river where it meets the Arabian Sea.


This is a pretty hill station located about 80km away. Amboli offers you picturesque views of the Sahyadri Hills and rolling forests.


Vengurla,which is 47km away, is another popular spot for beaches. Besides the beaches, Vengurla has plenty to offer in terms of cultural attractions and temples.


Tarkarli mainly comprises Konkani and Marathi population. You would also see influences of the Goan culture in Tarkarli. Temples like the Mahapurush Temple and the Shree Shivchhatrapati Temple are some fine examples of the cultural heritage of Tarkarli. Most people speak Konkani, Marathi and Malvan. Konkanis are colourful people, who enjoy music and dancing. Konkani music is upbeat and Konkani dances like Deknni are enjoyable. The people of Tarkarli enjoy seafood and ingredients like coconut.


Tarkarli Beaches the most famous landmark in the village. Besides, other beaches and temples in the area such as the Mahapurush Temple are other important landmarks. A big statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji near the Kudal-Malvan road which leads to Tarkarli Beach, and the MTDC Resort, are other major landmarks.



Other than the pristine beaches, Tarkarli is also blessed with the presence of one of nature’s friendliest animals – dolphins. During the winter months, you can spot dolphins coming up for the sun. Watching them swim in perfect synchrony will be the highlight of your trip.

Activities in tarkarli

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Tarkarli offers plenty of options for scuba diving and snorkelling. Its tranquil waters are safe for even the juvenile scuba divers and snorkelers. Through these activities you can experience the beauty of the coral reefs and exotic fish.


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During the day you can hire a boat to explore some of the tourist spots like the Nivati Rocks or head to the quiet Bhogve beach. In the evening, put your feet up and watch the sun gently disappear into the horizon.

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As Tarkarli is a very small village, there is not much to offer in terms of live entertainment. Your best bet to listen to live music is during festivals and important ceremonies when people come together to sing songs and dance. You may even ask your hotel to arrange special cultural programs to experience Konkani music and dance.

Food in tarkarli


There are several eateries which serve home-style food in Tarkarli. Shri Swami Samarth Beach Resort is known for its wholesome food. Non-vegetarians must visit Chaitanya in the Malvan market for Malvani style fish. If you are looking for North Indian food, head to SagarKinara.


Malvani cuisine is a combination of the Goan and Maharashtrian styles of cooking. Some of the must try dishes are kombdi-vade, kokamkadi and the sol kadi.


Night Life in tarkarli


There are no clubs or discotheques in Tarkarli. You can head to Goa, which is famous for its nightlife, if you wish to party. The closest disco is Cabin Disco in Anjuna, Goa located about 103km away.


Most hotels have their own bars. However, Hotel Narayan Bar in Devli and Hotel Sindhudurga and Permit Room in Malvan are also famous.

Shopping in tarkarli


There are no flea markets in Tarkarli but you will find makeshift shops near most tourist spots which sell everything from souvenirs to food.


There are no departmental stores in Tarkarli but you can head 4km away to Malvan Bazar for the same. However,you will find most supplies in the local shops in Tarkarli.


Since Tarkarli is a very tiny village, there are no street markets here. You can head to Malvan Bazar or to Kumbharmath market which is about 6.7km away.


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