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Places to Visit in Thrissur


Attractions in thrissur


This is the tallest building in Kerala and the tallest church tower in Asia standing at 79 metres. Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours is a Roman Catholic Church. The church was under construction in the year 1929 and was blessed in 1940. The church initially had only two 140 feet towers and the authorities envisaged a taller tower behind it. The dream finally was fulfilled in 2002 and the tower was inaugurated in 2007. The Church also has beautiful carvings and tinted glass windows.


This Dutch style palace was built in the 9th century and then reconstructed in the year 1795 by King Rama Varma Thampuran of Cochin. Thrissur used to be the capital of the earlier princely state of Cochin. This beautiful palace has on display some of the finest sculptures in Kerala. There is also an impressive display of old coins and writings.

The other popular monuments in Thrissur include the Royal palace of Kodungallur, known as Kodungallur Kovilakamand the new palace in its premises called the Puthen Kovilakam. Kollengode Palace is also very popular amongst visitors.


State Museum in Thrissur has two museums in the complex; one is the Natural History Museum and the other one is the Archaeological &Art Museum. The Natural History Museum provides great wealth of information of evolution and reservation of nature, whereas, The Archaeological & Art Museum has on display some excellent artistic artefacts, Murals, carvings and sculptures form all around Kerala. You can also stop at the Mural Museum and look at some exquisite frescos and murals. Another interesting museum is VaidyaRatnam Ayurveda Museumwhich traces the evolution and importance of Ayurveda as a science. Appan Thampuran Smarakam also houses a small cultural museum in its premises.


The Jawaharlal Nehru Park in the middle of the city is a lovely place full of natural beauty and tranquillity. The park is also called the Heritage Garden and is very famous amongst tourist for its vast collection of plants of ayurvedic and medicinal value. Kauthuka Park is located near the Athirapally Falls, it is a landscaped garden will small hillocks, caves and streams dotting its expanse with several animals. Although the park is a private property, it is open to public for visit and is recognised by the Department of Tourism in Kerala. It is a great place for the kids to enjoy.


Since you are in God’s own country, it would be advisable to consider a Thrissur holiday package which would cover up most of the popular tourist destinations in the state. The strategic location of Thrissur makes it easier for you to see most of the popular spots. You can visit Thekkady which is about 197 kilometres and visit the Periyar Tiger Reserve. You can also go to Kochi or Cochin situated about 86 kilometres away and shop to your heart’s content. Also make a trip to the hill station atMunnarwhich is 155 kilometres from Thrissur and is one of the prettiest places in Kerala. You can even head towards the state capital Trivandrum, which is 280 kilometres from Thrissur. The place gives you an opportunity to bask in the sun while enjoying at the pristine beaches. 


The grandest of all landmarks in Thrissur is the Bible Tower, which can be seen from anywhere in the city. Besides the major tourist spots, there are several other prominent landmarks in the city worth mentioning. Padakllu is a granite menhir (tall standing stone) which dates back between 1000 BCE and 500 CE. There are many other monoliths around Thrissur which belong to the Megalithic Age in Stone Age. The building of the Thrissur Municipal Corporation is a fine colonial style building with a clock tower. Thrissur Railway station, the building of Kerala Sahitya Academy and the Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute are other major landmarks.

Activities in thrissur

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Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary near Thrissur is famous for some trekking, like the trail to Punda Peak. You can also treat yourself with bamboo rafting at Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Ayurvedic treatments are big in almost all cities of Kerala and Thrissur is no different. There are several Ayurvedic Centres which would give you Abhyangam massages and other panchkarma rituals. You can try KeraliteAyurvedic Clinic and Saraswatha Wellness & Health Care for invigorating massages which would relax and rejuvenate you.

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Bird and Butterfly watching at Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary and Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary is very popular. You may also go for picnics and nature walks near Athirapally Falls, Jawaharlal Nehru Park and Kauthuka Park.

Food in thrissur


Some of the popular restaurants in Thrissur are Mothimahal, Ambady Restaurant, Pathan’s Restaurant, Spoon Restaurant, Hotel Surya Restaurant, Bharath Hotel and Hotel Navaratna. For Chinese food, Ming Palace is a good place and you can get burgers from the Burger Hub. The best place to have coffee in the city is Indian Coffee House. Try Delite Bakery and Sagara Sweets for your sweet tooth.


When in Thrissur, do try Kerala food. Try Vellayappam which is a popular dish. Also try Puttu and Kadal curry. Kuzhallappam and Achappam are prevalent snacks.

Night Life in thrissur


Udyan Convention Centre in Thrissur holds regular performances and concerts and you can check their listings. Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy and Kerala Lalit Kala Academy also hold live music concerts to promote the culture and music of the place; you can enquire about them too.


There are no clubs or discos in Thrissur but there are plenty of pubs and bars to spend an evening. You could also head towards Kochi and Trivandrum for an active nightlife.


There are several good bars and pubs in Thrissur which you can visit besides the beard in your hotel. The Spinach, The Volcano, Hotel Maurya Bar & Restaurant, Allukka’s Bar, Aishwarya Bar and Kingpanth Bar & Restaurant are some of the popular places where you candrop in on.

Shopping in thrissur


There are no proper flea markets in Thrissur but just like most religious places, there are shops outside temples from where you can pick up trinkets, handicrafts and religious items.


There are a couple of good departmental stores and supermarkets where you can shop to your heart’s content. You may want to try I Care Centre, Karthik Super Market, KK Supermarket, Marygiri Super Market and Kumara Super Market. You can try the Centre Point Shopping Mall, Chembees Shopping Complex too.


MG Road in Thrissur is a bag market. Besides, you can also shop at Farmer’s Market, Pachakkari Market for fresh produce. Thrissur Central is also a major market area.

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