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Places to visit in Ujjain

When you travel to Ujjain, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Ujjain, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Ujjain to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Ujjain things to do can include exploring Ujjain attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in ujjain


Ujjain is also called the Greenwich of India, and astronomy has a lot of significance here. The Vedhshala Observatory was built in about 1730 by Maharaja Jai Singh of Jaipur, and was used by scholars to study astronomy. This is one of the oldest astronomical observatories still in use in India. The observatory still houses a lot of instruments and a sun-dial.


Located on a small island like place near River Kshipra, the Kalideh Palace is about 8 kilometres north of Ujjain. The palace was built in 1485 by the Sultan of Mandu. The structure has been inspired by Persian architecture and was built over a Sun Temple. The current building and the Sun Temple were restored in 1920. It offers beautiful views of the river and a lot of greenery. 


This ancient ghat located on the banks of holy River Kshipra is perhaps the oldest bathing ghat in Madhya Pradesh. It is also the location of the auspicious KumbhMela. Dotted with a lot of temples, the Ram Ghat is visited by thousands every year so that they can take a bath in the holy river.


As one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, this is one of the most celebrated temples in Ujjain. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and features a high shikhar or spire. The temple has a Shivling, which is said to be ‘swayambhu’ or self-emerged. 


This enormous temple was constructed in the 19th century and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The doors of the inner sanctum of this temple are silver plated and they belonged to the famous Somnath Temple once, taken away by Md. Ghazni, and later recovered and installed here.


This temple is home to three goddesses, namely Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Annapurna. This is also one of the 51 Shaktipithas, where the elbow of Lord Shiva’s wife Sati is said to have fallen. The temple also enshrines a Shakti Yantra. This temple is beautiful and is very revered by the Hindu pilgrims.


This ancient temple is said to be inhabited by a deity of Lord Ganesh and his wives Riddhi and Siddhi. The deity of this temple is also said to be self-evolved or Swayambhu. The temple pillars are beautifully carved and very artistic. 


As the name suggests, this temple is famous for its gigantic statue of Lord Ganesha. There is another idol in the temple, of Panch-Mukhi (Five Faced) Hanuman. The temple is also a school for learning astrology and Sanskrit. 


KalBhairva is a ferocious avatar of Lord Shiva, and is worshipped by Aghoris and Kapaliks. The temple in Ujjain still has smidgeons of the beautiful paintings which once adorned the temple walls. 


This museum has a collection of various ancient relics and rock art paintings. It is a charming museum with a wealth of knowledge and art.


This museum is a collection of artefacts and literature related to Jainism in India and will give you an interesting insight into the religion. 

There are no major parks in Ujjain. However, you can visit some of the local parks with the help of your guide and locals. Some popular parks are: Shahid Park in Freegan, ChhatriChowk in Kamri Marg and the Sneh Nagar Park.



Madhya Pradesh is full of beautiful sights and places of interest. You can make side trips to places like Mandu (142 kilometers), Dhar (117 kilometers), Maheshwar (136 kilometers) and Khandwa (191 kilometers). 



Ujjain is located on the banks of River Kshipra, offering a lot of places near the bank which are full of natural splendour and beauty. But there are two places which should feature on your itinerary. One is the Bhartrihari Caves. These caves are situated on the banks of Kshipra and are said to have been the abode of a great poet, scholar and brother of King Vikramaditya, Bhartrihari. The area around the caves is tranquil and would charm you with the lovely views of the river and the foliage. Another place of remarkable natural beauty in Ujjain is Shanti Van, which you must visit. 


Most of the population in Ujjain speaks Hindi. English is also widely understood and spoken, especially by the people connected with tourism in the city. A large population follows Hinduism. People in Madhya Pradesh are warm and revere their cultural heritage. There are also tribal people in Madhya Pradesh which are renowned for their rich arts, crafts and jewellery.


Besides the famous temples, ghats and monuments, there are several other important landmarks in Ujjain. One of them is the Vikram University, which was named after its old ruler, Vikramaditya. It was established in 1957 and is a major educational institution in the region. There is also the Sandalwala Building, which is an architectural masterpiece and also carries archaeological importance. The Kalidasa Academy is another notable landmark. It was established to immortalize the famous classical poet Kalidasa, and is a major institution in the country to study Sanskrit and other traditional and classical performing arts.


Ujjain is on the banks of the River Kshipra, and you can inquire your travel company about camping and boating options around the river.

Activities in ujjain

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Since Ujjain is essentially a place of pilgrimage, it doesn’t have a lot to offer to the kids besides knowledge about Indian heritage and religion. However, you may head to the Somanipuram Adventure Park, Bardari, via NH3 and MP State Highway 27, which is approximately 73 kilometres away from Ujjain. The adventure park offers a lot of exhilarating activities which children would enjoy. 

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There are not a lot of adventurous activities on offer in Ujjain, but you can head towards the Somanipuram Adventure Park, Bardari, and do rappelling, wall climbing, ATV driving and other adventure based activities. 

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You can try out the Touch & Relax Spa at Ekta Plaza, Madhav Nagar for pampering your body and relaxing.

Food in ujjain


There are hoards of big and small restaurants in Ujjain. You can try out the Shivam in Hotel Satyam, Jharokha in Freeganj, New Sudama and Celebrity on Ingoria Road. Do try the street food at Tower Chowk.


Most of the food in Ujjain is vegetarian and tasty. Try poha and jalebis while you are there. Also don’t forget to try the street food and chaat items like panipuri, chhole-tikia and bhelpuri. Don’t forget to have kulfi and rabid at the GopalMandir. 

Night Life in ujjain


You must visit the ISKCON temple to experience soul stirring music and dances which are performed during the aarti time here. 


There are no clubs or discos in Ujjain. If you would like to party, head to Indore. You may try Trance Pub & Oxy Gaming Lounge in Indore.


There are not many bars in Ujjain. You may get alcohol in your hotel or try the Tapasya Bar & Restaurant on State Highway 18.

Shopping in ujjain


There are no traditional flea markets in Ujjain. There are small shops in the major street markets offering handicrafts, which are sold by the tribal population in Madhya Pradesh. You may also buy printed bed-sheets from these shops.


There are several small and big departmental stores in Ujjain. Visit the Treasure Bazaar Mall, Pakiza, and the Rishi Nagar Shopping Complex for a great shopping experience. 


The street markets in Ujjain offer everything from necessities to souvenirs and handicrafts. Some major markets are BadaSarafa and Freeganj markets.

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