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Places to visit in Vengurla

When you travel to Vengurla, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Vengurla, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Vengurla to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Vengurla things to do can include exploring Vengurla attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in vengurla


The Dutch made Vengurla as their trade settlement in 1638. The town also acted as their strategic position against Portuguese. Later the factory was taken over by the British. Presently, the factory lies in ruins, although it is still considered as a place of historical importance.


This ‘matth’ of Swami Puranand is about 8 kilometres from Vengurla and located at Dabholi. It can be reached via State Highway 14 and is a popular shrine among tourists and devotees from all over the state. Along with the matth, there are a lot of temples in the area which are popular amongst the pilgrims. 


Vengurla point lighthouse was built in 1869 using a vegetable oil lamp and 200 mm optic on a teakwood pole. Later in 1968, the modern, present day tower of stone masonry was built on the hilltop. The tower is 14 meter high and rises 82 meters above sea level.


A major sea port of the region, the Redi port was earlier known as Redipattan. About 20 kilometres from Vengurla, this town is rich in minerals and is considered to be an important mining area. The Redi port also marks the end of Maharashtra state; the Goa border starts from the south of Terekhol. Yeshwantgad fort held a lot of importance during the reign of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This historical monument is a beautiful place and attracts a lot of history enthusiasts. 


The beaches of Vengurla offer children a chance to experience water sports along with fun rides on camels and horses. The city of Vengurla also has amusement parks, which offer exhilarating excitement for children. The Velaghar beach has weird and wonderful low hut formations scattered all along its length, which children would find interesting.


This 300-year old temple of Lord Rameshwar (Shiva) was built after three lingas were discovered by the villagers while digging a lake to meet the water shortage. Interpreting the findings as a divine indication, the villagers decided to build a temple at the site.


The Devi Sateri temple is made entirely of stone with no use of wood anywhere in the temple. It has a gold pinnacle that was erected in 2012.


This awe inspiring temple is located in Kanyale Redi and is 450 years old. The temple was shifted here from Gavasi in Goa during the Portuguese invasion. As the name suggests, the temple is home for nine forms of Goddess Durga, and holds a lot of religious importance. Numerous pilgrims visit this holy place all year long. 


Vengurla is a town of amazing greenery and birdlife. The Rock Garden at Malvan is a major tourist attraction situated right beside the sea. Another park called Shiv Udyan is located in Savantwadi. There are other local parks and gardens which can be explored with the help of locals and guides. 


Vengurla is situated on the south side of Maharashtra, very close to the Goa-Maharashtra border, which makes it easier for vacationers to reach a wide range of towns and cities, all endowed with beautiful, clean Konkan beaches. The towns of Malvan, Amboli, Savantwadi and Terekhol are all accessible from Vengurla by road. While Malvan is known for its salt pans and Chinese clay pottery, Amboli is a hill station with special boating attractions.


Vengurla lies in the breath-taking and beautiful Western Ghats and is surrounded by the hills of Dabholi, Tulas and Mochemad from north, east and south side respectively. On the western end lies the vast Arabian Sea with its beaches featuring white sand and crystal clear water. Vengurla is home to diversified flora and fauna. Fruits like mango, cashew, various berries, pineapple, etc., grow abundantly. Birdlife in Vengurla is equally varied, with the area acting as a destination for migratory birds all over the year. Indian Swiftlet, Eurasian golden orioles, magpie robins, long-tailed shrikes, black shouldered kite, pond herons, Sykes crested lark and spotter doves  can be spotted in the region during various times of the year. 


Vengurla in inhabited by the Konkani people with a rich cultural heritage. The area was once utilized by the Dutch to strategize their attacks on Portuguese. Communities of Saraswat Brahmins, Catholic Christians live in harmony with the natural beauty of the town. Vengurla is also a major port and is home to fishermen since centuries.


You can indulge in bird watching during the seasons when birds migrate to Vengurla. You can also ride bikes on the beach and go for hikes around the city to experience the natural beauty of Vengurla.

Activities in vengurla

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Water sports are available at some of the beaches of Malvan and Vengurla. Boating and jet skiing can be done at some of the beaches close to the Goa border. 

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Vengurla has many spas and resorts on the north end of the city, looking for spiritual and physical relaxation at the day’s end.

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Sounds of Vengurla have vibrations of Konkani folklore. Locals are often found singing at end of the day. 

Food in vengurla


There exists a limited number of restaurants around the town. The food available is typical Konkani and Maharashtrian. Fish and rice are the major ingredients with a variety of dishes available. Some of the restaurants famous in the town are MTDC restaurants, Bamboo Machan Cottage, etc.


The majority of the dishes available in the region are of Konkani cuisine. They are easily available all over the city in small and big restaurants. The fish and rice preparations are rich in taste and use various spices to impart delicate flavour and taste. Sweets made of cashew nuts are also popular in the region.

Night Life in vengurla


Vengurla is known for its naïve and untouched appeal. There are no clubs and disco in the town, though one can visit the beach at night to soak in the serenity of the sea and listen to distant voices of fishermen singing traditional Konkani songs while docking their boats back at the port.


The town has small pubs and liquor stores where you can easily buy alcohol and drinks. 

Shopping in vengurla


Vengurla and Crawford markets offer tourists access to shopping local Vengurla specialties to take home. The fruit and fish markets are also very popular. 


There are many small shops and departmental stores catering to basic needs of the visitors and locals alike. The Malvan Departmental Store, Rameshwar Complex, Indira Gandhi Complex Anuyash Complex, Dattakripa General Stores, etc., can be easily found with the help of maps and locals. 


The Vengurla street market on the Kudal-Vengurla road is a famous bazaar in Vengurla. Fruit, fish, clay pottery and small restaurants offering Konkani cuisines can be found here. The locals are helpful at suggesting good places for food and local artifacts.

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