Places to Visit in Baku

When you travel to Baku, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Baku, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Baku to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Baku things to do can include exploring Baku attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Bayil Castle is one of the most remarkable monuments of Baku. This is a historical monument, situated near the cape of Bayil. The unique feature of this monument is that water of the Caspian Sea rises and lowers and this monument disappears and appears respectively. It was constructed during the time of political upheavals and later was sunken into the Caspian Sea due to an earthquake.

Kids’ Planet at Azadliq Avenue, “28 Mall”, near the Central Railway Station is an interesting spot for children. There are playground, café and toy’s store for children. Kids will also enjoy the 6D cinemas, shown here.

Gymboree at 20 Afiyaddin Jaliov Street is another very popular spot for children. Different fun filled program for children are arranged here. This spot is often hired for arranging birthday parties.

Iskcon Baku is the famous Radha-Krishna Temple, located at 2A Sharifli, Nisami District, Baku AZ1002. Hindu tourists will certainly find a true holy spirit over here and the spirit will reach a heightened position when travelers will join the prayers, performed in Sanskrit.

Muhammad Mosque at Icheri Sheher in Baku is an ancient mosque and it is a must visit. Travellers will get to know about the Islamic religions, prevalent in Baku.

Koala Park, located at 95 Azadliq Avenue is one of the most popular amusement parks of Baku. Here you will find see-saws, merry hills and some other attractive activities. There are also some special activities, held forchildren.

Heydar Aliyev Park is a large leisure park where a memorial monument of Heydar Aliyev, the national leader is also found.

The Botanical Garden offers almost 2000 species of local, herbal and exotic plants and bushes. 

Fountain Square at Baku- Here you will see fountains, palm trees, sculptures and also a marvellous place to sit around. There is also an option of shopping and getting good food here.

Bulvar- Also called boulevard, it is another place of attraction in Baku. Starting from the National Flag Square till the Freedom Square this place is nice. Well furnished cafes, fountains and fun rides altogether consist of this exciting spot. You may also opt for a short boat ride here.

Nature in Azerbaijan is really unique. Baku too carries the traits. The nature of this place is constituted by rivers, lakes, Caspian Sea, flora and fauna. The weather is also something remarkable by the traits that it follows.

The Martyr’s Lane is built over the cemetery of 15,000 martyrs. This is at the south-west corner of the city centre of Baku. At present, you will find a line of a few hundreds with their photos, hung above. This alley of martyrs is dedicated to those, killed by Soviet Army during the war, named “Black January”. This place is to be visited at the time of sun rise or one hour before the sunset.

Ateshgah Fire Temple, 45 minutes away from the main city of Baku, is considered to have offered you “eternal Fire”. This is a holy place and carries authentic Azerbaijani culture. The most unique part of this temple is that the outlets of this temple bring out natural gas.

Gobustan Rock Art, located 60 km south from Baku is an important landmark. This is an open air ancient monument.

City walls around the Old City of Baku are another important landmark of this place. These are very well maintained great walls that will not only please your vision but will also give you strength and energy of mind.

Rock climbing is one activity that one would certainly enjoy in Baku.

Hiking is another activity, Altiagach National Park, two hour away on drive from the old city of Baku is the heaven for travellers, willing to opt for hiking.

Cycling is very popular in Baku.

Water sports such as waterskiing, jet skiing and wind surfing can also be enjoyed here

Boulevard at Neftchilar Avenue in Baku is a place where you will get sufficient comfort and relaxation. This place has a line of tress around it and a walk across this place would bring you the peace of mind.

The Hyatt Regency provides with spa and fitness policies. 

Firuze, located at T. Aliyarbekov Street 14 is a well furnished restaurant that offers the best quality of Azerbaijani cuisine. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very friendly and loving.

Imereti delivers Russian food and is also a favourite among all. This restaurant will offer not only good food but also nice drinks.

U Dali is another restaurant that may be visited. This restaurant delivers good quality of Georgian Cuisine. The Fresh Georgian salad with house wine is very popular and a must try. 

Beirut is a good destination if you want to have Lebanese cuisine. The special item, offered by them is mezze, paired with sliced bread.

Pilaf is the most important and popular dish of Baku. This is either made of fish or of eggs and fruits. This is a dish to be served at the centre of the table. Saffron, the most delicious spice has to be used in preparation of this dish.

Lamb Kebab is a popular dish of Baku. Almost the entire body including the kidney, liver and flesh of lamb is used to make this kebab.

Black leaf Tea is famous in Baku. It is generally made with wild herbs like sage and mint.

Chinar, is where you can enjoy live music. They have a stage on which reputed singers entertain the audience. They also have a good taste of music.

Baku Jazz Center is another spot of entertainment. Here you can enjoy uninterrupted jazz music. Each day of a week, there is a different agenda of play list.

Amburan Beach Club at Bilgah settlement in Baku is one such club where there are innumerable options of entertainment. Cocktail parties, interesting events everything is arranged here.

Hezz is another option that you may go for. This is a disco club where you can get enough amusement and refreshment.

Ram Store, the first shopping mall of Azerbaijan has opened 2 stores in Baku.. This mall has in stock anything and everything that one needs to lead his/her life.

Bina Market is an often visited shopping centre of Baku. Here you will not only get a good collection of clothing but will also get a good shoe store, watches, carpets, textiles and household appliances.

Emporium Concept Store is a well-constructed departmental store where you will find everything related to fashion and design. In this store people are often delighted with exhibitions and events. They are going to open few new stores in Baku also.

Mum’s store is another departmental store that has everything starting from electronic goods to wedding dresses in its collection.

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