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Places to visit in Belize

When you travel to Belize, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Belize, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Belize to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Belize things to do can include exploring Belize attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in belize


The Baron Bliss Lighthouse can be found in Fort George area in Belize. The lighthouse is dedicated to Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, who was a known Portuguese baron. He died while traveling on his yacht while he had the Belizean coastline in sight, but never entered the country. A $2 million trust was founded by the baron for benefiting the Belizean citizens. The lighthouse stands as the tomb of the baron.


Situated at a distance of 8 miles from the town of San Ignacio, Xunantunich is one of the most prominent ceremonial sites of the Mayans. In Mayan language, Xunantunichmeans ‘Maiden of the Rock’.There are almost 25 palaces and temples along with a museum and six spacious plazas that make up the Xunantunich complex. There is a free ferry which helps in taking goods and vehicles across the Mopan River.


Among the powerful Mayan cities, Caracol needed a special mention. The city was located near Guatemala on the Vaca Plateau. Basically, it is in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve area. The main temple has a height of 143 feet and is considered as the tallest structure constructed by humans in Belize. From the top of the temple, the whole jungle area can be seen.


Located in Albert Street, the St John’s Cathedral stands in the premises of the Government House. It is the oldest Anglican Church found in Central America. The cathedral was constructed from 1812-1820 by slave labour. The bricks used in the cathedral were brought from Britain. The Baymen-era tombstones and the old pipe organ are the prominent things to see inside the church. These speak of the rich history of the place. Towards the southwest block of the cathedral is the Yarborough Cemetery.


Kids can enjoy greatly on their trip to Belize. The wildlife sanctuaries and the national parks in the country let kids get in close contact with varied species of animals and birds. The Belize Zoo, the Community Baboon Sanctuary, the Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, the Bacab Adventure and Eco Park are great attractions for kids. The beaches in Belize are also perfect places for kids to enjoy under the sun. Mention also needs to be made of the many resorts in the country, which offer many entertainment options for the kids.


This place is a four-in-one space. It is a restaurant, art space, bar and cafe at the same place. Located in Cayo, the place offers recreation to all kinds of people. A venue for local artists and musicians, the place is visited by the culture connoisseurs of Belize.


A 600-seated theatre, the renovated Bliss Centre for Performing Arts is operated by the Institute for Creative Arts. Various kinds of cultural events are organized at the venue including musical events, film festivals as well as art festivals.

Activities in belize

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Adventure activities are abundant in Belize. Interested people can enjoy Mopan river tubing, Belize cave tubing, canopy zip lining in Belize, canoeing from San Ignacio, snorkeling and scuba diving in the Great Blue Hole and along the reef and so on in Belize.

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For relaxation in Belize, travelers can walk along the beaches; enjoy fishing, sailing as well as horseback riding. Visiting the various archaeological destinations also provides relaxation to the travelers.

Food in belize


Restaurants in Belize are as diverse as the culture of the country. The Caribbean, Central American, Continental, Mexican, European and many other cuisines are served in the various restaurants in Belize. Some popular names include Hidden Treasure, NahilMayab, Celebrity Restaurant, Purple Toucan, Le Bistro and so on.


Belizean cuisine is a fusion of the various gastronomical ethnicities present in the country. Rice with beans is very popular in the country with parades, tamales, escabeche, ganaches, caldo, and many other dishes.

Night Life in belize


Enjoy in the vibrant clubs and discos of Belize. Check out Fido’s, Caesar’s Palace, Jaguar’s Temple Club, La Tunnel Discotheque, Cactus Plaza and similar places for an active nightlife in the city.


The numbers of bars and pubs in Belize are unending. Some of the most popular names include Palapa Bar, Primo’s Casita Bar, Wahoo’s Lounge, I&I Reggae Bar, Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar, Pickled Parrot and many more.

Shopping in belize


The Tourist Village Flea Market is a great place to shop for varieties of things including garments, jewelry, blankets, bags, wooden items and so on. The market remains open from 8 am – 4 pm on cruise ship days only.


Brodie’s is considered as the largest departmental store in the country with different kinds of stores under one roof.  From Monday – Thursday, the store remains open from 8.30am – 7 pm, while on Fridays it remains open till 8 pm. On sat the store closes at 5 pm and on Sunday at 1 pm. The opening time remains the same.

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