Places to visit in Bergen

When you travel to Bergen, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Bergen, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Bergen to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Bergen things to do can include exploring Bergen attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This is basically the Royal Residency in Bergen, wherein the royal family reside when they’re in the city. Its premises were established way back in 1900 and after a lot of renovations and changes in ownership, the ‘first’ family of Norway shifted its base to this in the year 1927. Initially owned by the Prime Minister of Norway Christian Michelsen, Gamlehaugen was deemed as private property. After his demise in 1925, the property was bought by the state which is when it opened the huge parks outside the castle to the public. The state authorities also ensured to turn the ground floor of the house into a museum.

Bergen doesn’t fall short of heaven when it comes to impressing children because of the endless things that it has to offer. You can be rest assured that your lovely children will have the time of their lives due to the sheer variety of things to choose from. Nygaardsparken Recreation Park is one such area which is full of fun filled activities while Festplassen is another place which plays host to a lot fairs and carnivals- a favourite of the younger generation. In addition to that Bergen is also home to amusement parks and a science centre which ensures that both entertainment and education go hand in hand.

This church lies majestically in the centre of the city. It has a unique feat of being the oldest building in the entire region of Bergen which essentially means that it was constructed in the year 1180. Even though the church succumbed to a lot of firebourne calamities as well as renovations, it still stands tall. A parish church in nature, this was erected during the reign of Olav Kyrre. Its most recent architect was Christian Christie who was managing the restorations till the year 1876.

This structure, as the name itself suggests, contains information from the Hanseatic period of Norway’s history. The Hanses were known to be merchants who dictated trade all throughout the northern region of Europe. This museum, as a result, depicts the lifestyles of that clan. Renovated in the year 1702 after the great Bergen fire which destroyed all the major buildings in the town, the museum was restored again to gain its former glory. Schøtstuene, meanwhile, is an extension of the Hanseatic Museum which has artefacts of the 18th and 19th century too.

Bergen is essentially an amalgamation of people from various cultures and backgrounds, which is precisely why it is so rich in its heritage. The famous Bergen National Opera House is home to a lot of concerts which sees international stars perform very regularly. In addition to this, the Grieg Hall is very famous for its cultural exhibitions and conferences all throughout Norway. Having mentioned the above, a famous cultural landmark is Norway’s violin maestro’s house; Ole Bull’s Villa.

Initially built as a fortress against external forces, the Rosenkrantz Tower is considered to be one if the more important monuments in the entire region of Norway because this is something which pretty accurately depicts the rich culture and heritage of this country. Its initial structure was built in the year 1270 but subsequent rulers have always brought additions to that thus; making it a force to be reckoned with. The main tower was named after the governor of Bergen Castle, Erik Rosenkrantz. 

The city promotes a wide array of adventures. Right from ice-skating at the city centre, up to alpine skiing at the mountains. Not only that, tourists can also indulge in Kite skiing at Haugastol. These are just the winter activities, as the summer ones include climbing, hiking, surfing and cycling.

Bergen doesn’t fall back on this aspect either, with spa and massage facilities at every nook and corner. The best ones are always at the more luxurious hotels in the city, like the Hammam Spa at Radisson Blu. Alexandra Bath and Spa is also another independently owned venture which has world-class facilities.

Being the epitome of natural beauty, Bergen boasts of having beautiful fjords all along its coastline. The Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord are popular tourist destinations here, with trips organised all year round. Those interested in testing waters can get enjoy rafting activities too.

The fact that Bergen is situated beside the coast is the reason why seafood is the predominant cuisine. However, dishes of a wide variety are available here in all sorts of places, right from cafes at the roadside to fine dining gourmet restaurants. Cornelius Seafood Restaurant is a well-known joint, as is Beyer’en Bar and Restaurant if you like to keep things classy. When it comes to cafes, Mjøsvågen and Glesvær are famous all throughout Bergen. As the name itself suggests, the Big Horn Steak House serves the best meat in the city. In all, Bergen is that place which is the pinnacle of a culinary experience. 

The city is as active in the night as it is during the day. Tourists flock the various pubs and bars around the city to let their hair down. Live music plays in many of the clubs and lounges such as Hulen, which is essentially one of the oldest rock clubs in Northern Europe. Ricks and Metro are the more famous nightclubs which have a beautiful assortment of cocktails and other drinks. Ujevnt, Bocca and Feliz are the more prominent bars and pubs in Bergen.

Even though it is a small town located on the north-western tip of Norway, Bergen boasts of having a very active shopping scene. Having all sorts of shops, right from the large departmental stores, which sell everything under the sun, to the smaller stores selling the more indigenous type of goods such as hand knitted sweaters, the variety of goods you find here is certainly worth shopping for. Street shopping flourishes on the Øvregaten and Lille Øvregate, Vetrlidsallmenning, Torget and Vågsallmenningen, Strandkaien, Strandgaten, and Bryggen. The larger shopping areas in the city are Kløverhuset in Strandgaten, Galleriet, and Bergen Storsente. Flea markets sit every fortnight or so, which sell very unique products around the main square on Torgallmenningen.

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