Places to visit in Bern

When you travel to Bern, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Bern, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Bern to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Bern things to do can include exploring Bern attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Bern is also known as the city of fountains. Alongside the historical architecture, these fountains tell a tale of their own. There are currently more than a 1000 fountains in Bern. These fountains usually have intricate sculptures and paintings, some of which have been retouched.

The oldest clock tower in Bern built in the year 1503 is today one of its most important sights. The astronomical clock towered over Bern and had an authoritative function too being the city’s main clock.

Being the political centre of Switzerland, one must pay a visit to the House of Parliament while visiting Bern. The beautiful structure speaks volumes about Swiss history externally and is the seat of the Government of Switzerland internally.

The biggest attraction for children in Bern is the famous Bear Park. The bear is known to be the heraldic animal at Bern. One can view the bears in the park in their natural habitat. There are pools and caves that have been created for swimming and hibernation respectively.

The Zoological Garden is also very child friendly. The biggest attraction at the park is the basilisk lizard.

The Cathedral of Bern is one of the city’s tallest structures and is also the most important church in Switzerland since the Middle Ages. The exhibit on the Last Judgement is one of the most important features of the church. From the tower, one can enjoy breath-taking views of the city as well as the Alps.

Swimming in the Aare river is one of Bern’s biggest attraction. Floating down the river especially just before sunset is considered to be one of the best ways to see the city. The golden rays of the sun falling on the Old Town is a sight to enjoy. River rafting is also organized for those who are fond of adventure. Professional guides are provided during rafting so as to ensure the safety of the travellers. Another top draw for adventure lovers is para-gliding. Floating in mid-airin a parachute surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Alps is an experience that cannot be described in words.

Bern, just like in all other aspects, is gastronomically rich too. Whether the authentic traveller wants to sample traditional Swiss food or other European cuisines, or even Asian or American cuisine, Bern has options for all palates. The Schwellenmatelli (Riviera Restaurant) on the banks of the river Aare has an oasis like feel and is becoming one of the most popular haunts for tourists looking to enjoy good food while taking in the sights of the city.

What is truly amazing about Bern is the way the old and the new co-exist and amalgamate. Behind the cobbled lanes steeped in history may be the entrance to a hip club. For those looking for old world charm, one may enjoy a drink in the bars in the Old Town. There are however nightclubs, pubs, bars aplenty to suit all kinds of revellers. A visit to the Grand Casino is a must for the gamblers.

Bern is also a shopper’s paradise. The Lauben (Arcade) is perfect for a stroll amidst the beautiful buildings lined with shops. This arcade is the oldest in Bern and has been around since the city’s inception. It was a trading point for businesses at the time.  One can shop in Bern in any weather and at any time of the year. Bern has enough to satisfy all shoppers and their needs. There are stylish designer boutiques, large shopping malls, street markets as well as quaint little stores selling souvenirs.

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