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Places to Visit in Bintan


Attractions in bintan


Bintan was a territory of the Malaysian rulers and this is why Penyegat was the royal capital of the Riao-Johor Region. You will come across a lot of ruins here which are about 70 years old. They have just recently been restored. The island initially belonged to Raja Haji who fortified it from protection against external forces; he ultimately died in 1784 leaving his ruins buried on the island. The island was then taken over by Raja Hamidah who subsequently took control over it. The island currently stands 15 minutes away from Tanjung Pinang by a ferry. So, exploring the Raja Haji Fisabillah Monument will not be a problem at all.


Ideal for family holidays, Bintan can be called a paradise for children. Here parents can relax and let their little ones explore and enjoy the white sand beaches as well  as the crystal clear waters without any fear. In addition, there are a lot of other activities for children namely mini golf and other such sports. There are clubs for kids too which provide a lot of activities and they can also get access to water sports that are mostly guided by trained instructors. Its flora and fauna would also be loved by kids and this makes the island an entertaining venue as well as an educative one.


This is essentially a Buddhist Temple Complex which consists of three main temples. These temples date back to about 200 to 300 years. They boast of beautiful roofs and architecture which are of Chinese origins. Although the temple has been revamped on several occasions, giving way to new structures, it has a stamp of the old way of things. Also present on the complex are two very big and beautiful Buddha’s. The Vihara Dharma Sansana is therefore a beautiful tourist site and you can access the temple grounds by jetty.


Situated right beside the Vihara Dharma Sasana, Sultan SulaimanBadrulAlamsyahis a huge museum which was built by the Dutch forces in 1918. This museum has been named after the fourteenth Sultan of Terrengganu. The premise is filled with beautiful Chinese artefacts such as coins, pottery, clothing, jewellery and instruments.


This is essentially a paradise for your lovely little children who are sure to have a blast. Located at the Nirwana Resort Centre, the garden boasts of having seven Sumatran elephants which are indigenous to the land. These elephants are tourist friendly and indulge in a whole bunch of activities as a result of good training. Along with getting entertained, tourists are also educated about this particular species and are made aware of their difficult lifestyles which are subjected to constant human scrutiny. Tourists, after the show, can engage in feeding the elephants and can also take rides to tour the forest area.


Situated right across the current capital of Tanjung Pinang, the lovely island of Penyenget was initially a gift from Rajah RaiuLingga VI to his brother in law Sultan Mahmud, way back in 1805. The island is currently filled with ruins of Rajah Ali’s palace. Meant as a wedding present at first, this island took the entire region by storm by becoming its capital. This island also played its part in the history of Singapore, as negotiations took place from here, of handing over the land to the Britishers, in exchange for military protection in 1819. Also present on this island are the tombs of Rajah Jaafar and Rajah Ali.


One of the underrated beaches of the South East Asian region, PantaiTrikora is a serene setup of beautiful sands and turquoise coloured water. The beaches are numbered from south to north in the form of one, two, three and four, with four being the northernmost tip with all its rock formations. A beautiful place to swim in, the Trikora beach also provides water sport facilities, namely kite surfing and jet skiing. Also, an added advantage of visiting this beach is the availability of great food by the local food hawkers. Along the beach are very picturesque resorts and hotels which will ensure that you enjoy this view to die for!


Placed magnificently on the docks, tourists can easily catch a glimpse of this temple when they’re on the water jetty. Why this temple has so much cultural significance is because of the fact that it plays host to the ever famous Dragon Boat Festival in Bintan. The races always commence from here during the fifth day of the fifth lunar month making it a favourite occasion of all the natives of the area, as well as the tourists.


This is a small village which lies just across the capital of Tanjung Pinang and is mostly famous for its ancient relics present on the premises of the island. Regular boats and jetty facilities are readily available on this island from Tanjung Pinang which leaves from the Pejantan II Wharf, which is right beside the town’s main pier. The more famous asset of the island is the ancient Chinese Temple which is miraculously suspended on the roots of a massive banyan tree. This temple has visitors from all parts of the world.

Activities in bintan

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Many such delightful activities can be carried out, namely water sports and trekking. Kids can also indulge in these activities as the difficulties involved here are minimal.

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The natural habitats of the island are worth visiting like the beautiful, spread out beaches which span many a mile. The Santa Maria Caves are worth a visit too.

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Various prestigious resorts provide spa and massage facilities. Indonesian massages are world famous which is why it is necessary to have one. The Club Med Spa and the Banyan Tree Spa are pretty famous facilities.

Food in bintan


Shacks are predominant in this part of the world; however there are a lot of fine dining areas to indulge in. Sam’s Anna Seafood Restaurant is apparently one of the most famous joints in this area as are The Kelong Seafood Restaurant and The Banyan Tree Hotel.


Since this is an island city, its predominant cuisine is sea-food. Although the cuisine has been largely inspired by mainland Indonesian food, the dishes here are unique in their own ways. Grilled and baked fish are very famous in these areas as are bakmi(noodles), bakso(meat and fish balls) and lumpia(spring rolls).

Night Life in bintan


Beach Carnivals are a very prevalent in this region. Various local as well as foreign artists play in these carnivals. These usually take place during summer and it recommended that you book tickets as early as possible.


The Bintan Lagoon Resort provides the best clubbing facilities in the entire region. SILK is official name of the disco which remains open till about 3am in the morning. The club also offers a very vibrant karaoke night.


Calypso, the floating bar is one such hang out spot which is bound to make the tourists feel at ease. Club Med also provides a very happening bar wherein you can let your hair down.

Shopping in bintan


Bintan is home to a lot of indigenous artefacts and clothes which can be easily availed at the street markets. Places like the Pasar Ole Ole, located next to the Bintan resort, provide a lot of traditional products, as does the Pujasera complex and the TanjungUban.


Though Bintan might not be home to departmental stores, it boasts of having The Real Bandung Factory Outlet which offers products of all the major brands which are famous throughout the world. The entire warehouse comprises a wide array of products and can be therefore called a heaven for shoppers!

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