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Places to Visit in Boracay


Attractions in boracay


This amusement park, in the Fairways and Blue water Resort provides with the only Zip line facility in Boracay. Tourists, especially kids enjoy the Zip line and car cable. The scenery around makes the visit truly worthwhile. 


Situated in Balagay, this little show of exotic animals and insects is a great attraction for the kids, who can view the many different birds, reptiles, small animals closely. Photographers also enjoy the tour, which hardly takes half an hour. The tour can be an educational one, giving kids a thorough experience of interacting with exotic animals and also promote awareness among them. Safety is not an issue since the animals are kept in proper cages and exotic insects in glass boxes.


Placed near the Balabag plaza, this famous Church is known for its beautiful building and the wonderful choir. Many tourists visit this church, for the interior is something one would enjoy looking at. Religious tourists will find themselves in a church with strikingly beautiful ceilings and sculpted walls.


This famous museum gives the tourists a great sight into the Filipino culture. Numerous handicrafts, textiles, and other things are put on show. One can feel the essence of local people in the crafts. It's located in the Ilig-IlliganVillage. The seashells and the pretty artefacts serve as great souvenirs!


If you love these beautiful colourful creatures, this spot is a must visit! Situated in the Balabag beach, this little garden has many varied butterflies one can see. Not only do Kids love this place, but it's also a great spot for photographers! It also has a souvenir shop.


One can use boats to also tour the nearby islands of Capiz, and the famous Panay. These are famous for their architecture and the Old Catholic churches. Iliolo, the famous province is a good tourist spot where one can enjoy the Colonial buildings as well.


The most famous beach in Boracay, this fantastic beach is located on the west of the island. The beach is an absolute heaven for those who enjoy the calm and quiet. Tourists can swim in the crystal clear blue water and snorkelling is a popular activity. Many resorts also provide with facilities for beachside massages and spas which make the stay amazing. Numerous water sports and activities can be carried out. The white sand is powdery and extremely soft. This is a beach unlike any other beach you've come across. The scenic beauty of the place is going to make you feel like you're in a movie! 


The other biggest attraction, located on the east of the island is another beautiful beach. The Balabag beach is famous for facilities, especially for kids. Windsurfing and Kite boarding freaks will love this beach. The beach is full of many exotic restaurants, and one can also enjoy the local tribal people dancing and enjoying fires at night time.


Boracay is predominantly full of Filipino culture. One can see and buy the many local handicrafts at various shops at the Plazoleta. The architecture portrayed by the buildings also gives a look into the Colonial times. The food and music of the local tribal people are great ways to explore the Filipino culture.


Ariel's Point 

This famous spot has five cliff diving sites, and tourists interested in cliff diving will love the view of the rock formations, the sea and also the beautiful trees around. Number of activities can be carried out here and the view is spectacular. 

Willy's Rock 

This spot is famous for the rather odd shaped rock formation, which has a statue of the Virgin Mary on top of it. The beach surrounding it is very beautiful and a stay here is quite relaxing.

Activities in boracay

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Boracay provides tourists with numerous activities, since the beach, the rare hills, and various facilities enable tourists to engage in a wide range of adventure sports. On the mainland one can indulge in Motorbike riding, hiking, mountain bike riding, horse riding. Many water sports such as Banana rides, Para sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing, kite boarding and swimming are possible in Boracay.

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Boracay is world famous for its Spas. One can avail massages right beside the beach! Many luxurious spas are available on the main land.

Food in boracay


Dos Mestizos, known for its Spanish food, serves delicacies of Filipino culture. For people looking for some Italian food, Aria CucinaItaliana is the place. Lemoni Cafe serves some really fantastic food, with a tangy, zesty edge to it. Manãna Mexican Cuisine serves some really delicious Tacos. LOResto lounge is famous for its Mojitos, and the place is perfect for a chill out. Since Boracay is visited by a lot of diverse people, diverse variety food is available.


The most commonly used ingredients are fish like grouper, milkfish, blue marlin and many fish sauces are also used. Coconut and its milk, various parts of the banana plant are used in cooking. Famous delicacies including Longanisa, Adobo, and Pchero are very famous here.

Night Life in boracay


The bongo drums, the native sticks and the local tribal singing their famous songs, what else do you need to soak in the local culture? The Red Pirates Pub is known for its live performances. One can also see locals performing at the Plazoleta.


The Red Pirate Pub, The Exit Bar, Guilly's Island and Club Paraw are some famous spots for the Party people. The crowd is very good, with energetic and fun people having a great time!

Shopping in boracay


Number of stores full of essentials can be found in and around the plaza. The village also has number of stores.


The famous Plazoleta on the White beach is known for its sarongs, jewellery, carving, woodcrafts, sea shells, lanterns and what not! 

Departmental stores/ malls- The D'mall is another shopping complex known for its many souvenirs, locally made goods and textiles. The Lonely planet is a famous shop for its imports from the neighbouring countries like Thailand, India.

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