Place's to visit in Bordeaux

When you travel to Bordeaux, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Bordeaux, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Bordeaux to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Bordeaux things to do can include exploring Bordeaux attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This grand building is a knight in the shining armour for Bordeaux in terms of new Architecture. With the beautiful mirror in front of this enormous building, which is all lit up at night, making the view spectacular has the river Garonne flowing besides it. 

The strikingly beautiful stone bridge, built on top of the Garonne, provides the tourists with a breathtaking view of the City wall and the river side. This is one of the most famous locations, and by the evening, thousands of tourists can be seen on the bridge enjoying the scenery.

A high tech themed amusement park, filled with rides and shows on Cinematography, Multimedia, robotics, and audio video technologies. This is a great place of learning for kids and provides a very different than the usual experience of fun and learning together. 

This is definitely the most famous water park of Bordeaux! The water park offers a great range of fun filled rides, Jacuzzis and pools! Children love this place and adults interested in surfing will also enjoy this park. 

This live gaming parlour is all about surprises! Loop holes, mirrors, illusions and tricks. The lasers used are safe, and kids enjoy this with great energy. The accuracy of your decision making and speed shall determine whether you win or lose! 

This beautiful church, which was once one of the biggest landmarks on the way to a famous pilgrim route to Spain, is famous for its decorated ceilings and spectacular gothic styled architecture. The Church is one of the UNESCO listed World Heritage sites. 

Built 800 years ago, with striking paintings, this huge white stoned Church tells you stories of a long time back. The walls and ceilings are beautiful, and is a must visit for tourists. The river side makes the place a delight. 

Bordeaux is the world's major Wine Capital. The wine industry here is hundreds of years old, and as tourists one can enjoy the tours of the beautiful vineyards. The Village of Emilion is famous for its vineyards and wine brewing. One can go on numerous tours that are arranged by touring companies. Wine tasting is a great activity. Bordeaux is full of old Roman architecture and one can see many ancient castles and ruins. The landscape combined with the historical buildings make Bordeaux an enchanting place to visit. 

This stretch of land has a number of beaches and resorts. The beaches surrounded with blue ocean water provides for a great number of places to indulge in water sports, relaxation and enjoying the natural beauty. Also known as the silver coast, this is the largest stretch of coast line in all of France. 

This 15th century tower, built in the 15th century is right beside St. Andre’s. The tower has a huge bell, which is decorated beautifully. The top of the tower awards you with pleasant views around. This 15th century tower, built in the 15th century is right beside St. Andre’s. The tower has a huge bell, which is decorated beautifully. The top of the tower awards you with pleasant views around.

This monument was built in the times of Roman reign, when Bordeaux was known as Burdigala. The ruins are a present day reminder of the city's past. 

One can indulge in Canoeing, Jet skiing, Surfing, swimming, volleyball and mountain biking in and around Bordeaux.  The river Garonne and the Silver coastline both provide for great spots for water sports. 

One can go to spas, enjoy fish spa and spend all their day wine tasting in Bordeaux! 

Le Chapon Fin, one of the most famous dining places in Bordeaux, serves world class food. The chilledlentil cake and truffle cream are exceptionally good. La Gabriel is another famous eatery, with three floors serving delicious food. La Tupìna is another famous eat out, where people can taste French food, in its true roots, the farmhouse type restaurant is very famous for its open cooking. Les Duceiurs le Louise is very famous for its sweets, cakes and pastries. 

Famous dishes include Entrecote Bordelaise, which is rib steak cooked in red wine, La Lamproie which is Lamprey cooked in red wine, Bordeaux has a lot of seafood, thus one can indulge in A seafood platter, The Pigeon Stew is also very popular. Apart from the world class wine, and the fine dining, assorted Chocolates are also available. 

Casa Latina is famous for its Brazilian touch, and its live salsa music. L'Absolute Lounge is another famous pub, which has live performances of electro-Jazz. 

One can find a good dance floor at L'Ane Qui Tousse, perfect with cool Salsa music. For people who want to travel back in the '70s, should definitely visit Sènèchal, another famous club. 

Le Petit Bois, le Wine Bar, Café La Comtesse, The Cambridge and Comptoir du Jazz are some famous pubs.

The square is a busy place, full of antiques vendors, fruits and vegetables and spices. It's located right in front of the Basilica of Saint Michel.

The market is popular for its general produce, full of fresh fruits and vegetables. Lots of eat outs can also be seen around, which are popular go to places for brunch.

One can find exquisite jewellery at DoriseJoaillier, shop for famous wine at Bordeaux Provinance, designer watches at Mornier and designer clothes at Galeries Lafayette. 

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