Places to Visit in Budapest


Buda castle was built in 1265 A.D. and is an UNESCO World Heritage site. Once it was the royal abode of the Hungarian kings is now a popular tourist attraction and a landmark in Budapest. This amazing piece of architecture is very spacious and grand.

Built in a row are four houses on a site which was once the ruins of medieval dwellings. These houses have are adorned with decorative and artistic motifs which represent Rococo, Baroque and Neo Classical styles.

This more than two hundred years old palace built in Neo Classical style is at present the residence cum seat of the President of Hungary. The palace is open to the public on weekends in summers and occasionally hosts exhibitions.

Gul Baba or ‘father of roses” as he is locally known was a sixteenth century poet and companion of Sultan Suleiman the magnificent. The monument has his tomb and a statue.e

This Church is also called The Church of Our Lady but was named after King Matthias who ruled during the 15th century.

This Church is the oldest building in Pest and contains a Mehrab from the Turkish times.

This place of worship was discovered in the 1960’s during excavation. Archaeologists date this building to the 14th century.

This great Synagogue of Budapest is largest in Europe and second largest in the world. This Moorish style building is a favourite with Jews.

This Chapel is situated inside the cave of Gellert Hill in Budapest. Some also called it The Saint Ivan’s cave and this is visited by tourists all year through.

The Hungarian National Museum: The museum has in display exhibits and relating to the history, archaeology and art of Hungary. The 19th century building has gardens which sometimes host exhibitions.
Aquincum Museum: The museum is dedicated to the ancient Roman city of Aquincum. Archaeological discoveries of remains of the city and the ‘Aquincum Mithraeum’ temple of Mithras the Roman God are in display here.
The Christian Museum: Located on the second floor of the Primate’s Palace the museum has a very rich and antique collection of art from Hungary and other parts of Europe.
The Ethnographic Museum: This national museum has a collection in display pre World War II, objects like boats, furniture, pottery and costumes and other day to day folk items from Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. 
The Hungarian National Gallery: Located in Buda Castle this museum has in display paintings, sculptures and wood altars. Medieval, Renaissance, Gothic art as well as Baroque and Renaissance Hungarian artworks of many eminent artists.
Miniversum: This amazing place has miniatures of Budapest land marks and miniature electronically operated train and railway models. 

Located in Varosligeti park the Budapest zoo and botanical garden is one of the oldest zoos in the world. The zoo has in display more than one thousand species of animals in different zones  (like Magical Hills, America Tropicana, Australia Zone, Savannah Zone, India Zone, Janos Xantus House, Primates near-at-hand, Madagascar Zone, House of Venomous and giant reptiles, the world of waters, our farmhouse, giant pachyderms, butterflies garden and botanical specialties) having features and surroundings of the natural habitat of its inhabitants. The zoo also has a leisure zone called ‘Holnemvolt Park’ or Once Upon a Time Park. Besides the display of several exotic and local animals and bird species it also has animal petting sites and an amusement area with rides and fun zone. Shops and food court are also features of this park.

Margaret Island:  Margaret Island is in the middle of river Danube. The island is a popular recreational spot covered by landscape parks and medieval ruins. The island has an open air swimming park, sports pool, tennis stadium, and an athletic centre with rubber coated running track. The Margaret Island also features the Centennial Memorial, a Japanese garden with fish pond, a zoo and music well. The Island has two UNESCO protected sites a music fountain and an octagonal Water Tower. Hotels, thermal spas, clubs and restaurants are built within the island. Four person cycle cars and small electric cars are available on hire to explore the island.
People's Park:  The People’s Park or Nepliget is the largest public park in Budapest. Located towards southeast of the city centre this park spreads over anvast  area 270 acres and was established to commemorate the 100 years of the union of the cities Buda, Obuda and Pest. 
Kopaszi Dam: Kopaszi Dam is a man made dam in south of Buda. The ten acre river side park is an excellent palace for romantic strolls or for peaceful relaxation and recreation. Small restaurants, café, playhouses and eateries mark the place.

Thermal Baths or Spas: Budapest is officially called the “City of Spas”. The tradition of public baths and Spas in Budapest is ancient and dates back to Roman Era. Roman built their colonial capital the Aquincum city of so that they could enjoy the luxury of natural thermal springs of the region.

Rudas Baths: Specializes in skin firming massage treatments.

Lukacs Baths: It offers medical as well as aroma massages.

Gellerts Baths: These baths are famous for its aroma massages which enhance and strengthen your immune system. Tourists from all over come for Swedish Style massage which relaxes and refreshes the person.

Szechenyi Baths: These baths offer combine massage which work through skin and the respiratory system. They are famous because they directly work on your nervous system and provide at most relaxation.

Zeller Bistro: Hungarian Cuisine.

Bors Gasztrobar: International Cuisine.

Hungarikum Bistro: Hungarian Cuisine.

Walzer Café: Cafeteria.

Comme Chez Soi: Italian Cuisine.

Costes: International Cuisine.


Hungarian or Magyar cuisine as it is better known are primarily based on meats, freshly baked breads, vegetables & fruits, cheeses and other dairy products. Most dishes have a mix of different variety of meats. Besides a generous amount of cheese, the dishes are often prepared very spicy by adding hot paprika and sweet paprika., Onions, thick sour cream and a large variety of spices and herbs both locally grown and imported are ingredients to enhance the taste and flavours of Hungarian food. Besides main dished desserts, soups, stuffed crepes and pastries are commonly available. Some dishes of this very rich cuisine are:

Soups: Among a verity of soups served in local eateries and household are, Gulyásleves, Pacal Köménymagleves, Halászlé, ZöldségleveHúsleves, Palócleves, Tojásleves or Rántott leves Hideg meggyleves, Jókai bableves, Krumplileve and Borleves.

Main Course: Main course includes a choice among Chicken paprikash, Székelygulyás, F?zelék, Császármorzsa, Pörkölt, Lecsó, Fasírt, Stefania slices, Pecsenye, Palacsinta, Rántott sajt , Gundel palacsinta, Paprikás krumpli , Hortobágyi palacsinta, Rakott Krumpli, Rakott káposzta, Szilvásgombóc and nudli, Sólet, Töltött káposzta , Sz?z tekercsek, Wiener schnitzel ,Túrógombóc , Túrós csusza , Vadas marha , Töltött paprika and Töltött tojás or kaszinótojás.

Budapest has some very entertaining nightlife places where you can dance and make merry the whole night. Fatmo’s nightclub in Pest is flocked by tourists as it provides drink and dancing throughout the night. Every Friday and Saturday the party ship takes a cruise at night with lively music, drink and dance on the deck. Morrison’s Two is also a favourite dance club which has five dance floors and all play different style of music. This club sees a full house every night.

Allee Shopping Center: Mall with shops dealing in a variety of wares of leadings brands, food court and cinema-plex besides other regular features of a modern shopping centre.

West End Shopping Center: Shopping mall with cafes, food court, movie theatre, bars and lounge

Nagycsarnok: This is a tourist magnet and major market place in Budapest. Daily household shopping for fruits, vegetables, meat and fish can be done here. Upper level of the market offers at good bargaian souvenirs like Hungarian folk costumes, painted eggs, dolls, carved hunting knives and embroidered table cloths. Ready to eat and tinned food items are also on sale here.

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