Places to visit in Burundi

When you travel to Burundi, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Burundi, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Burundi to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Burundi things to do can include exploring Burundi attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Monument Rutovu is very famous among both the tourists as well as the local people. It was founded in the the state of Burui.

Burundi with its heritage, culture, fabulous inland beaches, and friendly people provides a safe environment to travel with kids. For the enjoyment of the kids one can plan a picnic in the green hills or by the scenic waterfalls.

In Burundi Roman Catholics represent the majority population followed by Protestants and Angelic practitioners.

National Museum built in 1955 has many archaeological collections and historical photographs. Apart from the objects owned by the common man of that time there are also many items from the private collection of the crown.

Musée Vivant has many small cabins by the lake. Here they exhibit many old as well as modern craft. The museum also has a bird and reptile house.

Musee Vivant is a type of zoo which permits interaction with the animals. By making extra payment one is permitted to feed them and interact with the babies.

Rusizi Park is a wildlife park in Bujumbura which is famous for their crash of hippopotamus.  

Rwihinda Lake Natural Reserve- a sanctuary for migratory aquatic birds.

Stanley Monument marks the meeting point of David Livingstone and H. M. Stanley who jointly explore the northern end of the Lake Tanganyika

Rutovu is the southernmost source of the river Nile, a pyramid was erected here.

This monument is situated in Mugere, and is 12 km south of Bujumbura.

A small little spring it is the perfect spot for relaxation. Further south one can also take a dip among the hot water springs and refresh themselves. However a personal vehicle is recommended if one embarks on this journey else transport can be next to impossible.

Apart from visiting the various natural and human made monuments in Burundi, one must take time out to go fishing in Lake Tanganyika, which earned the reputation of being the best fishing lake in the world. It is also worth the time to sit with local performer while they come up with dance and music to go with the frantic rhythms of the drummers.

Another adventure activity is Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe forest. This may involve a long and taxing trek and there is also the probability that one may not come across any but the trip brings memories to last a lifetime. However if one does happen to spot any chimpanzees they should have their camera handy as chimps tend disappear quickly.

One can also visit The Cameo where they mostly play French movies but on weekends tend to show relatively new English movies.

Relaxation can be attained by visiting Buja day spa, though the massages and spas are pretty basic, the peace that comes from it is unmatched after a long day of touring. Its tranquil ambience helps to calm the body and mind alike.

Burundi’s national dishes are beef brochettes (kebabs) and grilled plantains (cooking bananas) which are available almost everywhere. Rich in volcanic soil the fruits and vegetables grown here have their own distinct tastes. With a sizeable Asian population their diet also comprises of curries alongside traditional rice and beans.

The locals here tend to utilize most organ for cooking including heart, intestines, liver etc., and to avoid them one should use the term Msososo which means meat instead.

The many cultural groups residing in Burundi has widened the food choices. There are many restaurants open to satisfy anyone’s hunger.

Le Kasuku- in the heart of Bujumbura this little garden restaurant offers a European menu including tender steaks with pepper, red-wine or blue-cheese sauce.

Kibiko Grill- famous for its local cuisines, kibiko grill offers the tastiest Brochettes and fresh fish.

Chez André- with flamboyant menu comprising mostly of French cuisines, Chez André is easily the most popular restaurant in town.

Cafe Gourmand famous for its authentic cakes, pastries, great coffee and ice cream acts as a haven for those with a sweet tooth.

Burundi has its own fair share of nightlife. With most hotels having their own bars and lounges, one is not needed to step out at night, which is also a safe option due to the many street crimes that take place after dark. Yet if itIs still desirable the top picks where one can spend a fun night are:

Bora Bora- This terrace fronted villa, has a nautical styled décor and is the top pick when it comes to beachside bars. It offers a Caribbean vibe along with the free pool. The weekends are particularly crowded with a local DJ lighting the stage on fire.

Escale du Bien Alimentation- offers daily life items at low prices including food items such as fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, bread, cheese and sausages.

Poissonnerie- a fish market with a variety of fish. Along with fresh local fish one can also find a few imported variety in frozen form.

Burundi is endowed with a tradition of flourishing craftsmanship specializing in unique, delicate and attractive shapes and designs. The Musée Vivant is a great place to find outdoor markets, which also has other traditional crafts of wood or cotton, as well as baskets.

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