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Places to Visit in Cairo


Attractions in cairo


The original name of Khufu is Khnum-Khufu. It is the birth name of a Fourth Dynasty ancient Egyptian pharaoh, who ruled in the first half of the Old Kingdom period in 26th century BC. Khufu was the second pharaoh of the 4th dynasty who followed his possible father, King Sneferu, on the throne. He is generally accepted as having commissioned the Great Pyramid of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, but many other aspects of his reign is rather poorly documented.


Northwest of the city of Memphis, lies the Pyramid of Djoser which is an archeological remain in the Saqqara necropolis. It was built during the 27th century BC for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser by architect Imhotep. Djoser was the first or second king of the 3rd Dynasty from 2667 to 2648 BC. He ruled for 19 years.


The Pyramid of Khafre which is also known as the Pyramid of Chephren, is the second-largest of the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids of Gizaand along with being the second-tallest tomb. The pyramid is made of limestone blocks, which weighs more than 2 tons each. It has a base length of 706ft and a base height of 448ft. 


The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan is a gigantic Mamluk era mosque and madrassa located near the Citadel in Cairo. Its construction began 757AH/1356 CE. It took three years to complete the work without even a single day of idleness. The mosque was considered remarkable for its fantastic size and innovative architectural components at the time of construction. Al-Maqrizi, who commissioned it, was a sultan of a short and considerably unimpressive profile, noted that within the mosque were several "wonders of construction”. The mosque was, for example, designed to include schools namely Shafi'i, Hanafi, Maliki and Hanbali.


Commissioned by Muhammad Ali Pasha between 1830 and 1848, the mosque was situated in the Citadel of Cairo in Egypt and on the summit of the same, this Ottoman mosque was the largest to be built in the first half of the 19th century,  with its animated silhouette and twin minarets which is the most visible mosque in the city.


Located in Cairo, it is arguably the oldest mosque of the city surviving in its original form, and again the largest mosque in terms of land area. Ahmad ibn ??l?n, the Abbassid governor of Egypt from 868–884 commissioned the mosque. The mosque was constructed on a small hill called Gebel Yashkur meaning "The Hill of Thanksgiving." The original mosque had its ablution fountain in the area between the inner and outer walls. Sultan Laj?n added a distinctive fountain with a high drum dome added in the central courtyard at the end of the thirteenth century.


This church was built in 1884. When you enter this church its takes you back into a different world altogether. This ancient monument still exudes an old world charm. The wooded furniture is in still undamaged and intact despite the harsh winter weather. 


Mosque of Al-Azhar is a mosque in Islamic Cairo. Its construction was commissioned by Fatimid Caliphate in 970. It was the first mosque established in Cairo. After its dedication in 972, mosque authorities of 35 scholars were hired in 989 and slowly it developed into the second oldest continuously run university in the world. Al-Azhar University has long been regarded as the primary institution in the Islamic world for teaching Sunni theology and Islamic law. The university, integrated within the mosque, being a part of a mosque school since its inception, was nationalized and officially designated as an independent university in the year 1961, after the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

Djoser is best known for his innovative tomb, which dominates the Saqqara landscape. Imhotep, the architect was credited with the design and construction of the complex.


The Solar boat museum was constructed around 1985. It was constructed next to the Great Pyramid of Khufu. The museum is equipped with modern technologies and techniques to preserve the solar boat.


Located in Cairo, is the home to an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities. It has 120,000 items, with a representative amount on display. Built near the Ezbekeyah Garden in 1835 and later to the Cairo Citadel, the Egyptian government established it. The museum was broken into two mummies, which were reportedly destroyed during the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Several artifacts were damaged alongside.  Around 50 objects were lost, out of which 25 objects have been restored and were put on display in September 2013 in an exhibition entitled Damaged and Restored. 


Al-Azhar Park is a public park located in Cairo, Egypt, whose costing is in excess of USD $30 million. It was a gift to Cairo from Aga Khan IV, who was a descendant of the Fatimid Imam-Caliphs, founder of the city of Cairo. This park is listed as one of the world's sixty great public spaces by the Project for Public Spaces.


This place has some of the best tourist spots that you must visit for sure. Some of the famous and most popular destinations are the Great Sphinx, Great Pyramid of Cheops, Nile River, Citadel and the famous Cairo Tower. The Cairo Tower is said to be the tallest structure of North Africa. 


It’s one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The pyramids and the sphinx look beautiful and majestic. Characterized by a sandy, desert climate and terrain with little vegetation, the famous Giza Necropolis is located in this geographical area. Modern Giza's layout is accessed by two main roads. One from the north leads to Khufu's pyramids and the other leads near the Sphinx's forecourt from the east. They cross the River Nile from east bank and follow the causeway westward. The three pyramids - Khufu, Khafra, and Menkaura are situated diagonally through the site dominate the plateau and running in southwest.


The famous Rawabet Theatre, located at Downton Cairo in Cairo, offers a huge range of contemporary performances from international and domestic groups. All these make this theatre one of the hottest venues of Cairo. 

Activities in cairo

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The picturesque extravaganza offered is a photo fanatic’s delight. Historians will have a lot of info to recollect developing their personal knowledge. Scenic beauty accompanied by art and the ancient science will leave you dazed. If nothing else, you will simply find the local delicacies to be irresistible whether you are a vegetarian or omnivorous. 

Food in cairo


Osmanly is situated inside the Kempinski Nile Hotel offering guests the chance to dine like a Sultan in its beautiful setting. Some classically Turkish dishes like kuzu tandir (a twelve-hour slow cooked leg of lamb), meat kofte and chicken kebabs are served.

Tabla Luna is a much loved restaurant providing authentic Latin American food in a country very new to this cuisine. It plates up traditional dishes from Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina and Mexico, the chef says many of his recipes are inspired by his mother’s cooking, ensuring visitors the menu to be really full of authentic home-style fare.

The Vegan Kitchen is run by a vegan nutrition consultant and an eco-builder. Dishes on offer are all vegan, seasonal, often gluten-free and where possibly made from the restaurant’s self-grown ingredients. Try the zucchini soup, garlic bread which is gluten free for starters, or the eggplant ravioli .The place has been designed out of recycled materials to maintain its earthly feel.

The Birdcage is believed to be the best Thai restaurant in Egypt and is situated inside the Cairo Semiramis InterContinental Hotel. The Birdcage is the perfect setting for romantic dates and celebratory meals with a huge water feature at the entrance and dark wood and warming plants throughout in Cairo. 

Zooba has this casual, hole-in-the-wall style eatery and is the perfect spot for a quick lunch or casual dinner. It serves authentic Egyptian street food with an innovative twist made from fresh local produce and a good sprinkling of chilli, coriander and cumin.


The top ten authentic dishes in Cairo are Kushari, Ful Medames, Fatta, Mulukhiya, Feseekh, Taro Soup, Halawa, Dukkah, Konafah and Gibna Domiati. Some of them are prepared on occasions while others are prepared throughout the year. However, all of them happen to be unique in their own ways. So do not miss out on these above mentioned mouth watering delicacies. 

Night Life in cairo


The popular Cairo Jazz club offers a sophisticated blend of live jazz, blues, a DJ, drinks and smoke-filled environment. Another popular destination that you can visit to have fun is the El Sawy Culturewheel that offers nightly life performances of classical Arabic, contemporary Egyptians bands, festivals and dramas. 


One of the most popular pubs that will drive you crazy for sure is the El Horreya pub, ideal for Cairo’s baladi drinking culture. The pub is packed every night with electric crowd of young Egyptians and intellectual types back bottles of Egyptian Stella. 

Shopping in cairo


Abd El Zaher is Cairo’s last working bookbinder making oil-paper-bound blank books, photo albums diaries and beautiful leather alongside it. Gold monogramming is included in the prices, which are heartbreakingly low considering the work that goes into them. Souq al-Gomaa is a sprawling market which is up during the weekends in South of the Citadel. Some great antiques and vintage clothes are available to a Savvy pickers delight.

Nomad is specialists in jewellery and traditional Bedouin crafts and costumes. Items to purchase include appliqué tablecloths and cushion covers, woven baskets, dresses made in the oases, silk slippers and chunky silver jewellery.

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