Places to visit in Central African Republic

When you travel to Central African Republic, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Central African Republic, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Central African Republic to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Central African Republic things to do can include exploring Central African Republic attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This is a monument to the dictator Jean-BedelBokassa. It is hugely popular as a tourist attraction with its large white arch. Its central location in Bangui makes for easy access. Bokassa was a self declared emperor who reigned over the country for 3 years.

Children will be delighted to see the wide variety of flora and fauna when they go on safaris in the national parks. They will simply love to run after the colorful butterflies and will have the time of their lives in activities like fishing, boating, cycling etc. They will see the pygmies and their lifestyle from very close; getting to know these native individuals who still remain a part of their history or story books is quite overwhelming.

The country comprises 15 % Muslims, 25% Roman Catholics and 25% Protestants. The remaining belongs to religions or groups that are indigenous.

There are many churches and mosques here but they are often subjected to violence at times.

It is located in down town Bangui and allows you to learn about the rich heritage of the country as this museum hosts a large collection of traditional musical instruments, ivory sculptures, jewellery, weapons, and even games and utensils. There is a separate section devoted to portraying the pygmy lifestyle.

This is one of the most important parks of the country. The key reason is its location which is near the Sangha River. It is the home of many wild animals like forest elephants, lowland gorillas, sitatungas, chimpanzee, red river hog, water buffaloes and many more.

It is easily accessible from Bangui via road or air. There are vehicles that can be rented in case you want to explore the area without a Central African Republictourism guide. This can be easily accessed on the way back from Congo or Cameroon via pirogues which are small wooden boats fitted with a motor.

This forest is the home of leopards, cheetahs, elephants, buffaloes, gazelles, rhinoceros and many more.The weather in this park is hot throughout the year making grass fires a common phenomenon here.

Getting around is done by boat, four wheelers or buses. In peaceful times, it is not a problem to get across into neighboring countries such as Cameron, Sudan and Chad, Congo. However, you must check with the embassy as the borders open and close infrequently.

These breathtaking waterfalls tumble down 164 feet which is just a wee bit more than the famous Niagara Falls. It can get reduced to a trickle however during dry seasons. You will need to pay a small fee to view this cascading beauty. The water is controlled by a dam but on Sundays, it is released for the benefit of the tourists.

This is the only place in the CAR that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the largest park to be found in the savannas of this area. The interesting mix of landscapes here has ensured that flora and fauna typical of East and West Africa both can be found here.

There are plenty of endangered species living here such as the hippos, black rhinos etc. Other animals such as loppers, wild dogs and cheats can also be found here. There are over 320 bird species and over 57 types of mammals.

CAR (Central African Republic) people are quite warm and friendly. You can dress informally here but in Muslim areas it is advisable to dress modestly out of respect for their culture.

You can shake hands to greet as it is customary here. If you have never eaten with your hands; you may want to do so now as a sign of respect to the local culture here and that too with only your right hand.

Enjoy the local folk music of the pygmies but you will find that western rock and pop music quite popular. You will see a lot of influence in music here.

The tropical climate and landscape gives the adventurous plenty to do.

Go for fishing in the Loango National Park or even hunting if that is your forte. Boating is of course a must given the presence of many rivers here.

You can even free your mind from stress by playing basketball here with the locals. That way, you make friends mils away from your home and experience the culture and the people up close. It is a popular sport and you will be whole heartedly welcomed.

If you are looking for top class restaurants then you will find them only in Bangui. The French cuisine in the restaurants here are quite popular. When dining in the K-Cing area, the specialties worth tasting are palm butter soup, spinach stew, cumin stew and the “muamba de galinha” which is a chicken dish.

Food here is very simple. Your choices often are bananas, cassava, rice or okra. Western Food is found only in the capital city of Bangui in the upscale restaurant. If you are looking for the traditional taste then the best option is to head to the villages.

There are few hotels and nightclubs that cater to tourists. Clubs and Pubs here close early and in troubled times, visitors throng to bars during the day time. However, once inside you will not be able to tell whether it is daylight outside!

In the capital city of Bangui, nightlife is mainly centered in kilometerCing, a well known district here. Banana wine and Ginger beer here are worth a try.

Revel in the unique merchandise on display here and experience the thrill of bartering.

Bangui, is the shopping hub of the country and the most famous market here is “Marche Central”. Browse gold jewellery here or pick up the most beautiful craft items made in gold or ebony. There is a huge collection of butterflies here too! Carvings in wood and many creative artefacts made using butterfly wings are the most popular item that tourists love to pick up.

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