Places to visit in Chianciano Terme

When you travel to Chianciano Terme, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Chianciano Terme, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Chianciano Terme to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Chianciano Terme things to do can include exploring Chianciano Terme attractions and visiting the places of interest.

The gateway into the old town is a beautiful structure and is a remnant of the Renaissance era.

This simple tower has been renovated but still manages to retain its old world charm. A marble covering was added recently.

Flanked by a beautiful fountain in front, the town hall is definitely worth a visit to get a taste of the architecture of the period.

These are a couple of monuments worth visiting in the old town, however all of the old town is filled with such monuments. The best way to discover them is by foot so that you can get a flavour of the place. With cobbled streets around and great architectures, plan a trip to ChiancianoVecchia and have an unmatched experience.

This impressive museum has gained acclaim all over the world. One of Italy’s top museums, no visit to ChiancianoTerme is complete without a visit to this museum. It also hosts the Biennale of Chianciano which is an international contemporary art festival held here once in every two years bringing art lovers from all over the world. The museum has been divided into five sections namely contemporary art, Ancient Asiatic Art, drawings, etchings and engravings and historical works. 

Present in the ancient town of ChiancianoVecchia, this church is one of the must-visit places of all time. It houses beautiful pieces of art such as a 14th century crucifix, a 16th century Holy Scene fresco and a wooden Dead Christ.

This place of worship is dedicated to the Madonna of Rose and is definitely the most beautiful church in Chianciano. It was built in the year 1596 and is home to a majestic painting of Madonna of Rose along with St. Bartholomew and St. John who were the patron saints in the area. The entrance also has a pillar that depicts a scene from local rural life.

This church houses interesting fifteenth century frescoes depicting the capture of Jesus Christ as well as the betrayal of Judas.

ChiancianoTerme has a wide range of treatments available here that varies from being pure relaxation to being remedial for various diseases and disorders. Best known for its spas, do sign up for a treatment of your choice when you are visiting. Some of the spa treatments available here are listed below that benefits one in different ways.

WATERS AND SPRINGS – Water treatments are very popular in ChiancianoTerme and have been used since the ancient times. There are five different kinds of springs primarily each reaping their own special benefits. Spring of Acquasanta is located in an ancient forest. The water from this spring helps one to detoxify and is especially used for treating liver dysfunctions and bile disorders. AcquaSantissima is also used especially for respiratory problems. AcquaFucoli is a cold mineral water and is best complemented with Acquasanta and should ideally be drunk in the afternoon. AcquaSillene is used for cardiovascular diseases and also in the preparation of thermal muds for mud baths. AcquaSant’Elena is used for urinary problems, kidney stones and metabolic disorders.

SENSORY SPA – This state-of-the-art facility combines the best modern technologies with age old wellness techniques. Designed in a way to ensure proper functioning of the senses, it combines the best of saunas, Turkish baths, whirlpools, mud baths, aromatherapy and much more. There are different approaches to this treatment- relaxing approach, energizing approach, rebalancing approach and depurative approach.

SWIMMING POOL THEIA – Swimming is the basic idea behind this complex which is made up of a number of outdoor and indoor pools with water of different temperatures and waterfalls, jets and currents. The water is characterized by a strong sulphur smell and is rich in calcium carbonate and bicarbonate, sulphates and carbon dioxide. There is a greenhouse structure housing pools apart from the other indoor and outdoor pools and is a heaven for water lovers.

MASSAGES – The masseuses at ChiancianoTerme are trained to perfection. These massages help release stress and relieve the mind, body and soul. They detoxify the body, accelerate oxygen inflow and better blood flow. 

The accommodation options at ChiancianoTerme will cater to every traveller and their budget. There are four and five star luxury boutique spa resorts as well as budget options. Staying at a spa hotel is highly recommended while staying at ChiancianoTerme and there are varying budgets within this category as well. For the traveller on a shoestring budget, there are a number of bed and breakfast facilities as well as tourist lodges and inns. Whatever your budget may be, ChiancianoTerme will never fail to disappoint you. The higher budget options may include amenities like free Wi-Fi, complimentary breakfast and other luxury amenities. 

The local speciality of ChiancianoTerme is ‘pici’, a type of pasta made of flour and water which is hand-rolled into long strands. Known mainly for Italian food that comprises of a simple, wholesome kind of food in a home-cooked style, there are a number of dishes that are exclusive to the area. The staple ingredients used in this kind of food are kinds of pasta, olive oil, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and Italian herbs. Other local favourites include panzanella that is soaked stale bread cooked with a variety of vegetables and bruschetta which is an Italian garlic bread roasted on an open fire. Spit roasted chicken, goose, duck, pork, guinea fowl and rabbit are favourites for non-vegetarians and meat lovers. Ribollita is also another dish that you must sample here. Apart from the large variety in savouries, there are a lot of dessert options as well for those who have a sweet tooth. Cantucci and lattaiolo are some of these dessert options which you will find exclusively in this part of the world. Almost all the accommodation options at ChiancianoTerme have their own restaurants or room service options. However, there are a number of restaurants one can visit to try out these delicacies. Italian food is staple here, although some restaurants serve other world cuisines as well. 

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