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Best Time To Visit Chitwan

When you travel to Chitwan, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Chitwan, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Chitwan to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Chitwan things to do can include exploring Chitwan attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in chitwan


Kasara Durbar is an important fort that can be seen inside the Chitwan National Park, which is now being used extensively as the office of National Park. It was built by Rana Regime. A 300 hundred year old Nepali fort can be noticed at Upardang Gadi near Chitwan, called Upardangari Fort, was built by Shatrubhanjan Shah ( son of Prince Bahadur Shah). Further a significant and noticeable statue of historic importance of Lakhan Thapa is seen at Shaktihor in Chitwan. Actually, Chitwan is all about its natural god-gifted beauty comprising fauna and flora, which offers limited room for man-made monuments.


Camel Safari is not just something that one can only expect to enjoy under scorching heat of sun on the desert lands. 4 hours drive from Chitwan can fulfill the desire of visitors to enjoy a relaxing fun-filled Camel Safari in Sauraha. Kids will also love to see the several elephants at the Elephant Breeding Center where baby elephants can also be witnessed playing merrily besides their mothers. Watching animals on a television screen only does not provide a complete wholesome picture of the versatile wildlife. Children will get an opportunity to enhance their love for nature and knowledge of its rich fauna and flora kingdom, by getting acquainted with them in reality. They will be capable to relate to what they saw on TV and what they are actually witnessing in such fascinating wild reserves. Elephant rides and Canoe riding amidst vast greenery will be thoroughly enjoyed by the kids and adults alike.


Nepal is a secular country now, but prior to democracy it could be well-called a Hindu dominated country. Still now Hinduism is followed greatly and Buddhism too founds prominence there. Near Chitwan on top of the Maula hill at the north of Narayani River, there is a temple called Maulakalika Temple, which is often visited by tourists who come to Chitwan. This temple is dedicated to goddess Kali. At Siraichuli near Chitwan the historical and sacred pious temple devoted to Sidda Baba also is popular among tourists with religious interests. Apart from these, as mentioned earlier, Chitwan is thronged for its vast green forests, abundant and versatile wildlife and adventures like trekking and Jungle Safari.


There is no museum at Chitwan but, a Chepang Museum has been founded at Shaktikhor which is near Chitwan only. This museum helps them to preserve their cultural heritage and save it from getting lost in days to come. It promotes their primitive culture, traditions, their attires and the local lifestyle of the natives. An array of several exotic and interesting materials used by the natives is portrayed there.


One of the greatest attractions of Chitwan district in Nepal is definitely the famous Chitwan National Park, which offers its visitors an opportunity to get acquainted with what true wildlife adventure is all about. Formerly it was called Royal Chitwan National Park, established in 1973, stretches majestically over a vast area of 932 square kilometre. 70% of the Park comprises Sal forest. It has earned the reputation of being one of the members World Heritage Site in 1984. More than 500 species of wildlife can be noticed here which includes King Cobra, Rock Python along with 17 different species of snakes, insects, starred tortoise etc. The Narayani-Rapti river system forms a natural boundary to human settlement, along with its tributaries and myriads houses 113 recorded species of fish and Mugger Crocodiles. 68 species of mammal can be found here and witnessing the “king of the jungle” i.e. Royal Bengal Tiger, will not be impossible. Its alluvial floodplain habitat is the best tiger habitat in any place across the world. As per a recent survey tiger density ranges between 4.44 and 6.35 individuals per 100 km2. Leopards can also be found but on the peripheries of the park as they generally dare not venture into the prime habitat zones of tigers. This National Park claims to have highest population density of Sloth Bears. The fauna kingdom here also entertains its visitors with other wildlife such as Golden Jackals, Bengal Foxes, Striped Hyenas, Hog Deer, One-horned Rhinoceros, Crab-eating Mongoose, Jungle Cats etc. Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, Rafting Tours etc makes the trip to this wildlife reserves even more alluring. Chitwan Jungle Safari Day Tour is for those who want to indulge in wildlife adventuring but have less time.


Surrounding areas of Chitwan offer great scope to its visitors to explore all its hidden beauty. Wildlife adventures and vast greenery are what basically abounds the place with. At every corner of this paradise new surprises wait to be discovered and get indulge in. Siraichuli is a popular tourist destination as it provides a breathtaking Sunrise and Sunset viewing points. This also provides a pleasant and magnificent over view of the Mt. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Chitwan National Park, Narayani and Rapti rivers etc. Chisapanitar is yet another place that can be included in the list while exploring around Chitwan. Beeshazar Lake, which is near the National park and just 5 km south of Bharatpur, is known for harbouring crocodiles. It is also a favourite place for bird watchers with a scope to catch a glimpse of more than a hundred species of several species of birds. 


There are some notable landmarks at Chitwan in Nepal that stands tall till today, exhibiting past art and architecture and silently bearing numerous age-old stories. Upardanghari Fort, Diyalo Bangala Palace and Kesara Durbar are such old landmarks. Among the new ones constructed in this present century are Bharatpur Covered Hall and DAO Building Bharatpur.

Activities in chitwan

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For adventure seekers Chitwan has a wide spectrum of things to pamper its visitors with. Elephant Safari, Camel Safari, Canoe riding, Paragliding (at Siraichuli only), Jungle Safari, Jeep Safari etc can very well satisfy the adventurous spirit in anyone. The confrontation with its countless reptiles, mammals, birds, insects, etc and vast flora are not less than any adventure.

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The greenery that will soothe the eyes and the calmness of nature will relax any agitated mind who looks for peace. The refreshing surroundings of the pristine nature are the ultimate guarantee of complete relaxation here at Chitwan. 

Food in chitwan


There is an array of several big and small restaurants that can dish out several mouth-watering delicacies to anyone who wants to satisfy their taste buds. Most of the restaurants are at Sauraha which is not very far from Chitwan. Only one is available at Chitwan National Park. Nepali cuisine, Asian food etc can be availed of. There are a few restaurants also at Chitwan. Try out Mona Lisa and New Nepali Kitchen Restaurant among others. 


Chitwan is very famous for delicious Taas which is a very spicy fried goat meat dish served with Bhuja or Chewra. Momos are very popular there and Newa cuisine can also be avail of. Meat and dairy products are widely consumed.  Fermented food and beverages are widely available.

Night Life in chitwan


The ethnic groups offer cultural music and local dancing which the visitors can enjoy. 


These are not spotted much in Chitwan yet one can enjoy enthralling nightlife at Chitwan. A few such can be spotted near Chitwan. However, clubbing and discos are not that popular among the locals.

Shopping in chitwan


In Nepal, one can expect to find a few flea markets from where you can get access to many exotic and attractive gifts which one may like to bring as token of their visit to this part of the country. Visit the Saath Flea Market for a great chance at bargaining. 


Inside Royal Chitwan National Park zone there can be found several shops selling local crafts. Rice paper products, animal bone ornaments, T-shirts etc such stuff can be found. Mobile Bangle Sops are found frequently in market areas of Narayangarh. If you find the stocks limited here, head to Sauraha's backpackers' streets for fine wares.

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