Places to Visit in Dambulla

When you travel to Dambulla, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Dambulla, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Dambulla to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Dambulla things to do can include exploring Dambulla attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Situated a few miles off the city of Dambulla, the burial grounds are located on the Kurunegela-Dambulla Road. An archaeological site in nature, the grounds consist of ten tombs which are about 15x15 metres in size. What is unique about this ground is that it has been dated to the 750BC to 400BC which makes it of immense historical significance. A lot of artefacts like pots, necklaces and beads etc. have been discovered in this site which essentially gives proof to Sri Lanka’s link with India.

Dambulla will ensure that your loved ones will leave the city more enriched and enlightened. With beautiful specimens of parks and gardens available at your disposal, your kids will fall in love with this beautiful city. Marvellous picnic spots are available too which will ensure that you and your wonderful family will have a time to remember at Dambulla. Thus you will be able to arrange for picnics at various locations, where your children will be able to have all the fun they want to.

Known primarily because of its beautiful murals, the Dambulla Rock Monastery is located just outside the premises of the main city. Surrounded by well-preserved paintings, the monastery, even today is an avid place of worship by followers from all parts of the world. this monastery has also been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery lies on a 160 metre rock which oversees the beautiful grassland of Dambulla. With various statues of Buddha surrounding the premises, the structure is also bound by about eight odd caves. Paintings and cave murals suggest that there were activities as early as first century BC.

The Dambulla Museum lies about half a kilometre away from the parking lot. The Museum enlightens and enriches all its visitors by giving them an insight to the ancient Sri Lankan cultures by providing information on the various kings and dynasties that ruled over the lands of Dambulla. With relics and artefacts lying in the large premises of the museum, they reflect brilliantly on the great culture of Dambulla. An interesting fact about the museum is that it depicts Lankan art in a wonderful way, presenting the evolution in the form of cave paintings right up to frescoes.

Essentially a collection of many species of trees, the Popham’s Arboretum is a very picturesque place. An ideal spot for a day tour, the garden area is a sight not to be missed in Dambulla. What is more important to note is that the arboretum is Sri Lanka’s only dry zone. This feature makes it even more unique. Spread over 7.5 acres, the premises was established over fifty years ago. It was thus made over a jungle of scrubs and thorns and an abandoned ‘Chena’ land. Around the premises tourists can see a lot of different species of animals and trees.

The stadium is a paradise for all cricket lovers as it is set amidst the beautiful city, which is actually the geographic centre point of Sri Lanka. Playing host to a lot of domestic and international cricket matches, the Rangiri stadium is placed right beside the main road, which makes it much easier to commute to and from, because of the availability of transport. The name of the stadium is engraved beautifully on a granite slab which overlooks the entrance of the stadium. Surrounded by a spread of trees and vegetation, the spectators can also view a beautiful mountain range from inside the stadium.

This site is relatively unknown amongst most tourists thereby making it one of the most underrated sites in Dambulla. The Jathika Namal Uyana is essentially a forest, which is filled with ironwood trees,  so vast in nature that it becomes impossible to cover the entire forest in a day. Another feature of this forest is that one can also see mountains of rose quartz in the surroundings which make it a sight for eyes. A perfect spot for those interested in hiking, the well-formed forest trail takes you through the forest, leading you to a beautiful sunset point which happens amidst beautiful pink mountains.

If you are one of those people who love an adrenaline rush, or a sense of adventure, Dambulla is the place to be because of its large number of hiking and camping spots. Tourists can also indulge in safaris and tours of the Minneriya National Park.

Holidays are meant to be a source of relaxation and Dambulla in this case doesn’t lag behind with its premium luxury spa at Amaya Lake Sigiriya. With world-class services to offer to its tourists, the Dambulla Lake Resort Spa is also a very luxurious getaway.

Dambulla cuisine, like Sri Lankan cuisine, is basically influenced by a lot of factors. Firstl of all, the impact of the colonial powers which ruled the country have greatly affected the local cuisine. Second of all, the cuisine is also influenced by the lifestyles and traditions of the Southern part of the Indian subcontinent. Therefore the main components in Sri Lankan food are rice, spices and coconuts. Whilst Kottu, Lamprais, Kool and Pittu are well known snacks, Aluwa, Kalu Dodol, Kokis and Watalappam are pretty well known sweet food items. Having said that, the restaurants that will provide you will a mouthful are Dambulla Heritage Resthouse Cafe, BBH Restaurant and lastly Bentota Restaurant, which serves lovely rice and curry.

If you are looking for a place to relax after a long day of siht seeing, you can visit places like the Hotel Culture Club and Regalia Hotel have well known bars and pubs in their premises.

Despite it is a pretty developing town, Dambulla has a lot of places where you can shop for various items that you can take back home as gifts for family and friends. Dambulla is the commercial hub of Sri Lanka’s north central Province, and it indeed is a great place for street shopping. Primarily, the best places to buy some indigenous artefacts and souvenirs are outside the cave temples. There are numerous shops and vendors always sitting outside the Dambulla Museum as well, that offer some perfect memorabilia for you. The main streets of the city , offer a lot of goods like utensils, dolls, bicycles etc.

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