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Best Time To Visit Dead Sea

When you travel to Dead Sea, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Dead Sea, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Dead Sea to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Dead Sea things to do can include exploring Dead Sea attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Qasr al Yahud

This is a charismatic ancient historical site, located north of the Dead Sea, also known as the Castle of the Jews.

Cultural attractions

You can head to the natural mountain amphitheatre and visualise the incredible light and sound show of Masada. The brilliant lights and the pyrotechnics will import you to another land where the history of the region comes alive.The city creates a cultural ambience to get that unusual souvenir back home.


Beaches are always a welcome change for all kinds of holidays but you need to be careful and follow certain rules when you enter any of the Dead Sea beaches. Children shouldn’t be allowed to enter without adult supervision and use protective gear like the beach shoes as the rough and hot sand might harm your feet.

Dead Sea Panorama

To get an introduction to geology, environment and history of the Dead Sea, an hour spent here will be well spent. You can even touch some touchable stones. The Panorama restaurant is good enough to lift your energies and also offers a splendid view.

Ein Bokek

It is built on the same mark, where Sodom and Gomorrah once stood and its sheer amusement for the kids to watch the mannerisms.

The Baptism site

It is believed that Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist at this place where the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea. This is one of the most sacred places of the Christian community.

Float in the Dead Sea

It is an experience of a lifetime and fun and free everywhere. It should be number one on your things to do list in Dead Sea. You need to just lay back and relax. When your body enters the water you feel your body becoming lighter and buoyant. When your body rests, you automatically feel relieved and relaxed.

Mar Saba Monastery

The location of this monastery gives a spectacular view of the desert and also overlooks the Kidron Valley.

Stone structure

A stone structure from the Dead Sea has been placed in Mt. Everest as a token of linking the highest and lowest points of the earth. This monument is created by an Israeli artist Jojo Ohayon and is made of a hard metal, with two pieces of Dead Sea stones, two feet in length and one and a half feet in width.


This is a historical site symbolizing determination, heroism and courage.

Nabi Musa

The Mamluk Sultan built this burial site and an ancient mosque in 1269 in the middle of the Judean Desert. The complex was built with blue domes and arched entrances.

Natural attraction

The Masada National Park, The Dead Sea, Ein Gedi Nature Reserve, The Mineral Beach are some of the places in this region that nature lovers will enjoy.The nature lovers must also visit the Dana Nature Reserve to get exceptional views and view the region’s wild life from a closer proximity.

Masada National Park

A visit to this park complex is compulsory since it offers various activities for individuals and groups with varying tastes. There is a fully catered business centre, a boutique store and a conference hall. When you do group activity here, you go for the well-known snake trail and enjoy the sunrise. It’s highly relaxing with an array of meals to choose from.

Deir Hajla

This is a Greek orthodox monastery located again in the Judean desert, north of Dead Sea.

Desert tours

A camel ride and then resting in the Bedouin tents will be a lot of fun for the children. It might get little scary for the smaller ones, but on the whole will be thorough entertainment.


This is a must visit place as the oldest documentation of the Bible, the Dead Sea scrolls was discovered and has been intact now for over 2000 years.

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