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Places to visit in Djibouti

When you travel to Djibouti, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Djibouti, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Djibouti to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Djibouti things to do can include exploring Djibouti attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in djibouti


The stunning view of this Presidential Palace across the water is not worth missing. This palace is known for its beautiful structure and spectacular view of the surrounding water. This monument is also the reflection of the culture of this country.


Kids are always amazed by the tourist spots that offer learning and entertainment. Their curiosity quotient will take a new high here. You can take your kids to the Aquarium Tropical de Djibouti which will take you through the journey of marine treasures of Red Sea.


About 90% of population in Djibouti consists of Muslim faith. The rituals, dress codes and religious places here are mainly of Islamic faith. You may find the religious places mainly of Islamic faith and you can visit these places to get closer to the local culture. But make sure that you abide by the local dress codes and behavioural expectations. Improper dressing is not at all encouraged here.


The culture of this city is the mix of Islam and Christian cultures. The buildings here tell you the story of these mixed cultures through the calligraphy and motifs carved on them. The calligraphy is done in French and Islamic language. The original art of this country is preserved in museums as well. The Musee de Tipasa is the most celebrated archaeological museum of this country.


Djibouti is mostly known for the volcanic formations, salt lakes and limestone chimneys. There are desert plains like the Grand Bara and Petit Bara too which may attract most of the tourists. There are not many parks and gardens over here but you will find some of the remnants of French era.


This is the place where you will find flamingos and pelicans. You may require 4WD to visit this lake and the starting point of the journey to this lake is Dikhil town.


This Lake is the salt water lake and is formed across the volcanic formation. The locals refer this lake as ‘pit of demons’.


Obock is the place where the settlement rights of Djibouti were sold to the French colonialists by the former Afar sultans.


The volcanic formations and the lava fields are probably the landmarks of this country. The sight of the limestone chimneys that puff out steam through natural process are also amongst the major landmarks of this country. You can plan a visit to Djibouti city to have a look at the renowned landmarks of this country.

Activities in djibouti

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Adventure activities in Djibouti take place at Red Sea beaches. You may indulge in the activities like underwater photography, snorkelling, diving and swimming.

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Red Sea beaches will drive you more towards the adventures than relaxation but you can relax and rejoice in these stunning surroundings along with the maritime creatures.

Food in djibouti


There are posh restaurants as well as the road side joints. The posh restaurants may offer you French cuisine while the road side joints will serve you only North African food.


Food in Djibouti is either of authentic North African style or French style. Red sea fish is consumed more along with fried meat and lentils.

Night Life in djibouti


Islamic culture doesn’t allow obscene dressing and drinking. This is the main reason that there are not many clubs and discos here.

Shopping in djibouti


Open air markets are the identity of Djibouti. Le Arche Central is the most visited market here and you may plan your visit here as it is the place to get all sorts of merchandise. You may bargain while shopping here as the shopkeepers keep that margin for customer negotiation.


There are shops located in Djibouti to buy the local merchandise at reasonable pricing.

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