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Places to visit in Erfoud

When you travel to Erfoud, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Erfoud, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Erfoud to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Erfoud things to do can include exploring Erfoud attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in erfoud


The only Royal Palace of Morocco in the Sahara Desert lies in Erfoud. Called the Erfoud Royal Palace, the structure is closed to public viewing from inside but still continues to amaze spectators, thanks to its beautifully illuminated gate.

Another important historical place worth visiting here is the Jewish Cemetery Erfoud. This eerie location can be found at the Route de Rissani. The Jewish cemetery's graveyard and the mausoleum inside are both ancient structures and give Erfoud the perfect blend of cultures.


Erfoud is a hub for fossilized remains. Across town, fossils can be found, sold in shops and kept on display. These serve as an educational treat to kids, giving them a quick trip down history’s lane. For fun, kids can also indulge in camel rides and experience desert life. Don’t be afraid of getting lost in the mighty Sahara since most of these camel tours are guided by experienced locals who know their way around town and across the sands. Don’t forget to have kids interact with Tuaregs, a nomadic tribe of people who are the principal inhabitants of the Sahara desert. These folks have interesting stories to tell and will also help guide tourists on the ways of the desert. 


While there are no major museums in Erfoud, the little town does play home to many fossilized remains found here. Approximately 500 million years ago, the Sahara Desert is said to have been part of the ocean, resting under water. Due to this, several fossilized remains have been found in Erfoud. While the most prized of these are kept only on exhibition, many smaller and less significant fossils like those of tiny fish and marine life are sold in Erfoud! 


Erfoud has many places to see that are a spectacle visitors shouldn’t miss out on. Each of these places is in harmony with the fragile environment of the desert and will both please and astound visitors.


Being the centre of date production in Morocco, Erfoud hosts a date festival every here. Organized after the harvest season in September, the date festival is one of those experiences one can enjoy only in Erfoud!


The biggest natural attractions in Erfoud, Morocco, are the sand dunes at Merzouga and Hassilabied. While the Sahara desert used to be a fertile ground, millenniums ago, it is now is a vast expanse of sand, with these majestic dunes breaking the otherwise flat horizon.

While in Erfoud, don’t miss out on paying these mighty sand dunes a visit. Their sheer size and might will astound you.

Activities in erfoud

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Erfoud is a town that needs to be explored. Set out on a sunny day and walk around town to get a better understanding of the slow and steady lifestyle here. Chill out with the locals at cafes and learn the mysteries of the great Sahara desert, as they narrate first-hand experiences of this charming land. Also, don’t forget to visit the bustling market-places for a touch of home-grown culture.

Food in erfoud


This is one of the best places to go when you’re undecided about the type of cuisine you wish to munch on. The Restaurant Pizzeria des Dunes offers different types of menus, a range of different salads, delicious traditionally made Moroccan dishes as well as authentic wooden-oven-made pizzas. Here, vegan and vegetarian dishes are also on the menu.


These jointsare a great place to spend a few blissful minutes enjoying the traditionally made Bisara fava soup and Moroccan Harira soup. A small street trailer in essence, a pop-up restaurant like this also offers egg sandwiches doused with generous amounts of olive oil.


This friendly restaurant offers an irresistible harira soup, tasty omelettes, meat grilled to perfection and crispy French fries. The Chez Rachid is known for being very affordable and satisfying.


A bizarre delicacy in Erfoud, snails are cooked into a soup and served by several street vendors. These spots are also great places to socialize with the locals and learn more about Erfoud, while sipping on a delicious exotic meal.


Sahara Mint Tea: Also called the Desert Gate in Erfoud, this mint tea is served in a bunch of local cafes around the town. A cup of this beverage is both refreshing and rejuvenating.

Panache Milk Shake: Made by blending milk, sugar, apples, avocados and bananas, this exotic milkshake is also served with dried grapes and almonds. Extremely tasty and a great substitute of energy drinks, the panache milk shake is also served with orange juice, instead of milk.

Night Life in erfoud


While Erfoud isn’t big on the party circuit, one of the most attractive night-time activities over here is a 4x4 drive to the dunes. These dune tours take tourists to the Erg Chebbi Dunes, the ancient ksars trails in Rissani and also the nomad camps in the desert. The tours leave during the wee hours of the morning to reach the dunes in time for sunrise.

Shopping in erfoud


Being the centre for date cultivation, production and sale in Morocco, these sweet fruits are something tourists shouldn’t miss biting into. There are several shops selling sweet dates in Erfoud, with the Mejoul type being the most expensive and exquisite.


Besides dates, Erfoud is also well-recognized for the fossils found here. There are several shops selling fossils, as well as merchandise made from fossils. These include fashion accessories, home accessories and even tables!


Another attractive item to shop for in Erfoud is handicraft goods. Shops in Erfoud have locally manufactured handicraft items on sale, including exquisite turbans, beautiful necklaces, local desert clothing and lots more.


Olives can also be purchased from Erfoud stores for extremely attractive prices. These high quality olives are found in shops inside the marketplace and are available in a range of different types. Don’t forget to try the spicy olives here!

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