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Places to Visit in Flam

When you travel to Flam, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Flam, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Flam to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Flam things to do can include exploring Flam attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in flam


While the Borgund Stave Church of Lærdal and the Undredal Stave Church have been most frequented by tourists, the Flam Railway Museum is surely worth a visit. It tells the tales of how one of the steepest railway routes in the world was constructed. For those interested to learn about the engineering geniuses employed to make the railway route a possibility, the documentation center offers visitors an insight into the construction of the route. To make it more exciting, the Flam Railway Museum houses EL-9 locomotive and other relics from the age of early locomotives. If your visit to the museum was truly memorable, you can carry back a memorabilia from the many souvenirs on display there.


Flam has its share of fascinating destinations for the young. The Fretheim Cultural Park houses a playground that can be a great unwinding zone for your children. If your young ones have a passion for the wild, then the Fjord Safari can offer you an enriching experience and can enable them to explore wildlife and natural locales first hand.

Kids would like to take a trip on the Flam’s Petit Train, though finding the train timings would be quite a challenge. 


While the Flam Railway Museum is the only actual museum in the area, one may gain access to a number of ancient artifacts and remnants at the Fretheim Cultural Park and the Stave Churches. In fact, the Borgund Stave Church has an exhibition center besides it, which houses the history of Norwegian Stave churches and some rare Viking findings from a 9th century excavation.


Norway is known for its ancient Stave churches. The famous Borgund Stave Church was built around the year 1180. Situated in Lærdal, the structure tells tales of ancient Norwegian architecture and stands as one of the best preserved churches from yesteryears. St. Andrew the apostle is the patron saint of the church, which is flanked by an exhibition center that relives the history of Norwegian Stave churches and Viking findings from the 9th Century. The Borgund Stave Church is located between Vinhellavegan and Sverrestigen.


The stunning sights offered by the Stegastein and Fjaeland viewpoints will leave you with enough appreciation for the natural beauty of Flam. Yet, the UNESCO World Heritage list entrant is the Naeroyfjord, an arm of the Sognefjord. It is rimmed with tall mountains, waterfalls and locales right out of a Scandinavian legend. It found its place in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2005. A boat-ride across the 17 kilometer long fjord is likely on the cards, for nature lovers. In times gone by the fjord was the main mode of transportation for the inhabitants of the area. The presence of old farms along the banks of the fjord is testimony to the fact that the inhabitants of Flam did use the waterways predominantly. A number of boat cruises are offered to tourists willing to take the ancient waterway.

Nature lovers would love to discover the Kjossfossen Waterfall, which is 225 meters tall. It offers a picturesque view from the train service between Flam and Myrdal Station that makes a special stop for visitors to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. It is among the most visited tourist attractions in Norway.


Among the most famous landmarks in Flam is the Otternes Anno farmyard that depicts the classic life of the village in all its purity. Dotted with 27 houses, the dwelling brings back memories of ancient Flam memories. You can walk around your holiday abode, and experience life with the livestock and also enjoy a guided tour through the area. The residents of the Otternes have been around for over four centuries. The best part is that you can enjoy this all four seasons of the year.

The Ægir Brewery stands out as another classic entity. Looking very much like one of the ancient Stave churches from afar, this building is a monument in itself. The brewery has won a number of awards for its acclaimed brew. 

Activities in flam

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Flam is land for those who seek peace of mind and relaxation as well as those who love adventure and wouldn’t mind taking a stroll on the wild side of nature. It hosts guided kayaking trips all through the summer months, which do not require prior experience of the participant. Other activities also include hiking around the nearby mountains or maybe even a peaceful biking trip around the Rallarvegen road (also known as the Old Navvies’ Road). In addition to these, you could also partake in the famous Fjord Safaris which take you around in rigid inflatable boats.

You could also catch the movie ‘Living with the fjord’ at Flam Panorama. It is aired daily in half hour intervals from 11 am to 7 pm and can accommodate 75 viewers at a time.

Food in flam


The goat cheese and the goat sausages of Undredal are undoubtedly everyone’s favorites. But one must not miss out on the wide variety of food offered in the restaurants and cafes of Flam. Haugen Gardsmat is among the most popular producers of delicious products. They host sumptuous feasts at their farm house and are ever welcome to have you at their lunch or dinner table. 

Night Life in flam


While Flam is more of a daytime destination it does house some local bars and pubs. The Bensen Bar in Balestrand and Lægreid’spuben in Sogndal are well known pubs in the region. 

Shopping in flam


Shopping in Flam can be quite a noble idea when compared to what most other tourist attractions have to offer. The Ægir Brewery gives you exclusive gift samples of the local beer brew. To pick some local goodies, do drop into the local store called ‘Coop’. Undredal is known for its goat cheese and goat sausages, which are sold in the town of Undredalsbua. For fans of the Flam Railway station, there are sufficient memorabilia ups for grab at the Museum itself. For history and fashion enthusiasts who are interested in the classic Aurland Show, Flam offers the craftsmanship that has inspired designers since the 1930s. The traditional penny loafer is produced in many variants, including that with the leather sole. 

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