Places to visit in Frankfurt

When you travel to Frankfurt, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Frankfurt, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Frankfurt to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Frankfurt things to do can include exploring Frankfurt attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Since the 9th century, the Römerberg, formerly called the Samstagsberg, has been the site of markets and fairs, tournaments and festivals, executions and imperial elections and coronations. In the 16th century, it was considered the most beautiful square. It is around this time the fountain of justice in the middle of the square was built. Adorned with a statue of Justice with unbound eyes, a scale and sword, this was the first fountain in Frankfurt. A few steps away from the fountain there is a plaque in the cobblestones that commemorates the book burning by the National Socialists in 1933.

The Old Opera House is one of the prominent places to see within the city and stages more than 300 opera shows in a year.  It is also known and sought-after by companies and institutions as a congress house. The Opera house hosts more than 40 congresses, receptions, company anniversaries, gala evenings, presentations. In the salons and representative halls events such as the Opera Ball are held every year.

The museum embankment (Museumsufer) in Frankfurt is the place for museums in Europe and indeed Germany. Explore the varied cultural experiences and this is an absolute treat for art lovers and visitors. On the southern bank side alone, nine exhibition buildings are lined up one after the other. Some of the renowned museums are Museum of Applied Art, Icons Museum, Dr. Schmidt-Voigt Foundation, Museum of Communication, Museum of World Cultures, Städel Art Institute / Municipal Gallery (Städel), Liebieghaus, Giersch Museum and German Film Museum.

Finding suitable things for children to do during holidays can very challenging. In Frankfurt, however, children have a variety of things to do along with adults. Frankfurtscolourful tram the Ebbelwei Express is a great way to see the city in a leisurely way.  Children and adults both can enjoy the ambiance of the tram while viewing the vast expanse of the city.  The tram serves drinks and pretzels and is a fun way to spend a leisurely day with children. The prime attraction for children is Frankfurt Zoo established in 1858 and is one of the oldest zoos in the world.  The zoo is home to one of the largest collection of animals from around the world with over 4500 animals residing within.  In addition to all this, the zoo also offers a children’s zoo and a petting zoo for young visitors, a large playground and pony rides on weekends. With special exhibitions, markets, events and individual guided tours, the zoo is a great way to spend a family day in the city.

St. Paul’s Church was first consecrated in 1833 as the main Evangelical Lutheran church in the city of Frankfurt am Main. The elliptical central building made from red sandstone was Frankfurt’s largest and most modern hall and offered itself as the meeting place for the first all-German Parliament. Here the National Assembly created the first democratic constitution for Germany. Even after the dissolution of the Parliament, St. Paul’s Church was the site of national memorial celebrations. St. Paul’s Church officially became a memorial site in 1913 during the centennial celebration to commemorate the Napoleonic Wars. In 1944, St. Paul’s Church was completely destroyed. Its reconstruction began shortly after the end of the war. It was consecrated on 18 May 1948 on the occasion of the centennial celebration of the German National Assembly. Since then it has served exclusively as a place to remember the beginnings of German democracy. Symbol of Democratic Freedom and National Unity” shows the development of Germany unity and democracy in its various stages. Sometimes special exhibitions are held here or in the basement. The assembly hall on the first floor is reserved for state or municipal functions – the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade and the city of Frankfurt’s Goethe Prize are awarded in this historic location.

Located at the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, the Goethe House and Museum are a must visit for all travelers to the city. The place retains the look and feels of Goethe’s time in the furnishings of the kitchen, living room and reception rooms.  Goethe’s study on the second floor is equipped as in the past and was the place from where he had written some of his most famous works.  The place is consequently the most visited section of the house.The GoetheMuseum presents an extensive collection of paintings, graphics and busts of the 18th and 19th centuries. The non-profit organization Freie Deutsche Hochstift is in charge of maintenance of the museum, along with several other landmarks such as the Goethe Museum, Goethe’s parents’ house, a research library and the poet archive. During special exhibitions, the visitors can see valuable and sensitive documents and prints from the collection, the manuscript archive, and the library.

Situated in the heart of Frankfurt, is a plant paradise with plants from all corners of the world. Without having to go on a long journey, visitors can discover the fascinating variety of the botanical world in the palm garden. Visitors experience a lush sub-tropical landscape in the Palm House where a multitude of imposing plants, huge shrubs and ferns are located. Another attraction is the tropicarium that depicts the plant world of different tropical landscapes in a lifelike way. The highlight is undoubtedly the flower house at the garden center where visitors can enjoy a great sea of flowers across 200 sq.m all year round.

Many gardens such as the rockery with its imposing waterfall or the colorful rhododendron garden invite visitors to stop for a while. In summer months a sprawling cactus garden delights visitors. There are playgrounds for children and in the warmer months, the PalmGarden offers a pond with rowing boats, mini-golf, and a small railway.

Every year in June, the Rose and Light Festival represent a special highlight. The Rose Festival has been celebrated since 1931. With the queen of flowers, in the light of various illuminations and a varied musical programme, the PalmGarden celebrates its greatest festival and the great rose exhibition is at its center. The highlight of the weekend is the Light Festival. On Saturday evening, pictures made of thousands of tea lights are displayed in the entire garden. The festival ends with a great firework celebration.

Located in the western section of Frankfurt is an interesting historic Old Town on the bank of the Main, Höchst is a worthwhile destination for an excursion, with medieval streets to walk through and places of interest to look at. Since 1972, the Old Town of Frankfurt’s oldest district has been an officially preserved site of historic interest and offers picturesque buildings such as the Old Town Hall, the Main gate, the City Fortifications, Customs Tower and Bolongaro Palace.

A special attraction on the banks of Main is Höchst Castle, the former residence of the archbishop of Mainz, which was built in several stages between the 13th and the 16th centuries. Today, visitors can see exhibitions on the company history of Farbwerke Hoechst, the Höchst porcelain manufacturing center and the history of the town. Outside the picturesque castle, square invites visitors to linger with its pleasant guesthouses and a view of the Customs Tower. You can reach the river gate from the main gate from where visitors can take a ferry to visit Schwanheimer Dune nature reserve and the Schwanheimer Riverbank. This is the only ferry service available in Frankfurt. The St. Justin’s Church, perhaps the oldest church is not far from the castle area. The basilica, which was consecrated in 850, has a Gothic choir and is a famous venue for classical concerts.

One of the landmarks of the Frankfurt’s impressive skyline is the majestic Main Tower. It is a high-rise building with a façade made entirely of glass and is the first of its kind in Europe. In fact, the Main Tower consists of two high-rise buildings that are interlinked with one another. One is square, 170 meters high and the other is around building 199.5 meters high with non-reflective glass.

This high-rise building is particularly popular with the people of Frankfurt and tourists. It is the only one in the city that has a publicly accessible viewing platform with a restaurant. Furthermore, Europe’s highest radio and television studio is located on its 53rd/54th floor.

Apart from exploring the many attractions the city has to offer, visitors can opt for day tours to neighboring places. One popular activity is the bicycle trip to the town of Hanau, 27 km away.  This trip runs parallel to the south bank of the Main river and offers glimpses of endless green meadows and picturesque villas situated on the outskirts of the city. One of the most popular day trips is the Heidelberg, home to Germany’s oldest university, the Heidelberg University.  The town is an hour’s drive from the city and has the majestic Heidelberg Castle which looms over the town. The town itself has a young vibe since it is mostly filled with students around the globe.


The food and drink scene in Frankfurt is one of the best in Europe and travelers here will get a taste of all international cuisine including authentic German eateries serving apple wine, Handkasik and a number of meats.



The HandkaseMitMusik is Frankfurt’s local food specialty which is cheese rolled into a cylindrical shape and consumed with bread. The cheese is, however, an acquired taste.  The other favorite dish is GrüneSosse (green sauce). It’s one of few German dishes vegetarians can also enjoy.  Frankfurt is also famous for apple wine made of fermented apples.  Locally produced beer includes two varieties, the Binding and Henninger which are the cheapest drinks available in the city.



The Frankfurt nightlife is vibrant and is one of the most talked about in the region. From trendy bars and clubs with live music and jazz fests, the nightlife scene has something for everyone.  Die Rote, Harvey’s and Roomers Bar are some of the more popular bars in town. APT Apartment, Club 101 and Silbergold are the cities hottest clubs a popular spot for Frankfurt’s glitterati. Bachskapp, Elfer Music Club, and Jazzkeller clubs serve the live music. Frankfurt also has an active opera and theatre scene with many awards winning plays and operas frequently staged there.

The Zeil, Frankfurt’s main pedestrian promenade, is also one of Germany’s most profitable shopping streets. Here, numerous department stores and retail chains attract shoppers.  Tourists interested in luxury brands would find the best deals in the nearby Goethestraße. Berger Straße in Bornheim is a great place for a leisurely shopping spree. There are also the wares on offer along SchweizerStraße in Sachsenhausen, and the trendy boutiques on Brückenstraße, which feature the latest creations of up-and-coming Frankfurt fashion designers. Another highlight is the new Skyline Plaza shopping center, which opened its doors in the new Europa Quarter, right behind the fairgrounds, in autumn of 2013. The many malls and shopping centers outside of Frankfurt’s city center also provide an excellent shopping experience. Arts and crafts and other forms of miscellany, meanwhile, may be found on offer at the weekly flea markets down along the riverside. And for culinary excursions, there’s the Kleinmarkthalle, the city’s famous central market, a popular destination for locals and visitors alike.

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