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Places to visit in Ghana

When you travel to Ghana, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Ghana, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Ghana to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Ghana things to do can include exploring Ghana attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in ghana


This is a mausoleum and memorial that can be found in the Ghanaian city of Accra which is the capital. This memorial is dedicated to the former leader of the country, Kwame Nkrumah and you can even visit his grave which is located inside the memorial.


This kids’ festival is held every year in the country. The festival is put on by the National Theatre of Ghana and is one of the top festivals for the kids in the country. Not only is this something to behold, but if possible to participate in.


There are a number of different churches in the country, which means that if you want to go to services for a particular religion you will probably be able to. Here you can find churches like the Methodist Church Ghana, Presbyterian Church of Ghana and even the Agape House New Testament Church.


There are a number of beaches all over the country which are the perfect places to relax and enjoy the sun. The top beaches include those at Winneba and Kokrobite and here you can sip a cocktail on the beach or watch the fishermen go about their daily work. You can also visit Lake Bosumtwi which was created after a meteor had created a crater.


This theatre opened in the year 1992 and is located in Accra. The theatre was constructed by the Chinese and was offered to the country as a gift. You can find different plays, musical performances and even dancing performances in this theatre.


This castle is only one of the 30 different castles that line the coast of Ghana and were crucial stopping places on the route for the Atlantic slave trade. This castle can be found on the Gold Coast and was originally built as a trading post before it was used as a slaving castle. Here you can take a guided tour and learn all about the castle.

Activities in ghana

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There are so many different adventure activities that you can take part in the country including horseback riding, golfing, swimming and hiking. You can take a stroll on the beaches that dot the coast of the country or you can walk through the different national parks which are full of mischievous animals and local plants. If you visit the lakes such as Lake Volta you can enjoy sailing, water skiing and even some surfing.

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There are a few spas in the area, but one of the best ways to relax is to lie on the beaches. There are so many different beaches that you can visit and here you can sunbathe, lie out and read a book and even organise picnic with your family.

Food in ghana


There are a number of restaurants all over the country, but the best ones are in the capital. Here you will be able to find a huge array of different cuisines, including Continental, Ethiopian, Japanese, Italian, African and many more. The top restaurants include The Venue, Simret - The Taste of Ethiopia, Santoku, Mamma Mia, Azmera Restaurant and many more.

Night Life in ghana


This bar can be found in Jamestown and is one of the hottest night spots in the city. Here you can get a huge variety of good beers which you can sip while listening to the music. Apart from this, the service here is good and they will do almost anything for the customers.


This bar is one of the top places in Accra where you can find a huge floor for dancing, good bars, a terrace outside and good drinks. However, the fee to get in is quite high, so you might want to budget some before you come here. It is open till late night and is closed every Monday.

Shopping in ghana


There aren't any flea markets in the area, but there are plenty of street markets. Here you can find a huge variety of different locally made goods and they can be purchased at relatively good prices. You can find cloth, musical instruments, beads, bags and much more in these markets.


This is the biggest and best shopping mall in the country and here you can find a huge selection of stores. Some of the top stores in the mall include YFM, Game Stores, Mr. Price and many other Ghanaian stores.

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