Places to Visit in Grindelwald

When you travel to Grindelwald, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Grindelwald, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Grindelwald to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Grindelwald things to do can include exploring Grindelwald attractions and visiting the places of interest.

One of the most adventurous things to do when in Grindelwald is hiking. Given the fact that the village is set against a mountainous background, hiking is considered to be a much sought-after activity here. In all, the hiking and walking trails in Grindelwald are more than 300 kilometres, giving adventurous visitors lots of places to cover on foot, while soaking in the beautiful scenery of this quaint village. There’s a lot to see and do in Grindelwald and visitors won’t spend a single moment being unoccupied or bored rigid!

The biggest attraction in Grindelwald is the winter sports, organized here every year. These winter sports tend to draw crowds of adventure seekers from around the world, looking for a perfect escapade high up in the mountains and far away from a tiresome routine life. Grindelwald offers slopes for beginners as well as intermediate skiers. Those looking for a bigger challenge should give the amazing Eiger glacier a go. Apart from skiing, yet another major attraction in the area tobogganing. The first person to ski in Grindelwald, an Englishman named Gerald Fox, hit the slopes back in 1881, crafting a tradition that is followed even today!

While many may consider Grindelwald to be a quiet village that’ll attract adults, this spot does have a lot of fun jaunts for kids to indulge in too. During winter, the village turns into a hub for winter sports and the Snowli Kinderclub offers professional guidance, teaching kids the best of the snow sporting world. Apart from this, the Kinderclub Sunshine also offers professional care for children with lots of space to play, learn and interact. In all, Grindelwald is a child-friendly place where little ones will learn all about village life up in the alps. This is also a great place to enable kids to enjoy the very best of nature and of Switzerland. 

The first church in Grindelwald was built many centuries ago, somewhere in the middle of the 12th century. This wooden church stood its ground and was used by the faithful for years on end, until it was finally pulled to the ground to make way for a more permanent stone church, called the St. Mary's Church in 1180. The St. Mary’s Church however didn’t stand the test of time either and was replaced by the present church in 1793. The church building in Grindelwald is one of the most photographed monuments in the area, with snow-topped peaks in its background. Visitors here shouldn’t miss out on a chance to visit the village church in Grindelwald. 

Activities in Grindelwald range from the adrenaline pumping winter sports to relaxing spas and wellness centres. Here, folks looking for exhilarating experiences should either hit the slopes during the winter season or set off on a hike or a long walk down Grindelwald’s scenic trails. Either way, each of these excursions is worth experiencing and is memorable to say the least.

Those looking for a more relaxing time should check into one of the many spas and wellness centres in Grindelwald. Many of the hotels here have in-house spas, including the Aspen Alpin Lifestyle Hotel and the Eiger Selfness Hotel.

In all, there are more than 50 places to dine at in Grindelwald. These range from simple cafes offering grub that you can take with you on-the-go, to sit-down gourmet restaurants. Many of these restaurants can be found in larger hotels. The Cava Cellar in the Hotel Derby offers some of the best raclette. The Blüemlisalp on the other hand offers mouth watering cheese, sausages and more. One of the oldest restaurants in the area is the Steuri Pinte in the Bellevue which swung its doors open in 1843.

Also, there are restaurants in Grindelwald that offer great food accompanied by lots of entertainment! One of these is the Glacier, a spot offering folk music. For gourmet food, visitors shouldn’t miss the La Pendule d'Or in the 5 Star Grand Regina Hotel. Here, a selection of Swiss specialities as well as high calibre French cuisine is on the menu. 

Kashmiri cuisine is very rich and flavoursome and has prominent earthy and tangy flavours. You must try dishes like Roganjosh, Kashur Gaad, Gushtaba, Dum Olu and Tekh, which is a local mutton dish. For your sweet tooth try Shufta, Modur Pulao and Phirun. While in Srinagar, do drink the local beverage,Kahwa, which is a spiced tea with saffron and almonds, and Nun Chai, a pink, salty tea. 

Grindelwald has a good selection of spots to party the night away too. One of the most popular places to go when the sun goes down is the Alpenblick Pub, complete with a billiards table, pinball machines and more. This one’s a typical pub that makes it a great place for spontaneous parties and socializing.

The Plaza Disco on the other hand is a place for those looking to shake a leg and hit the dance-floor. Here, music stays up till the wee hours of the morning.

The Challi-Bar at the Hotel Kreuz & Post is yet another popular location, offering exotic cocktails, great music and even live performances from time to time.

Given the fact that Grindelwald is a winter sports centre, most of the shops in the area cater to sporting needs. Here, visitors can pick from a range of sporting goods, some affordable and some from premium North American and European brands. Apart from this, the shops in Grindelwald also support seasonal local economy, selling everything from trinkets to memorabilia. These shops often last only during tourist seasons and are taken apart during the rest of the year. Those looking to shop for a little more luxury should visit the Casa Grande, Beim Bahnhof, a store with genuine Swiss watches as well as jewellery.

Those looking for groceries should try the main supermarket in Grindelwald. Here, visitors will find everything they need, from day-to-day essentials to packaged food. A bunch of delis also sell fresh regional foods as well as packaged items. One of the most popularly purchased items here is the locally made cheese.

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