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Places to visit in Guangzhou

When you travel to Guangzhou, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Guangzhou, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Guangzhou to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Guangzhou things to do can include exploring Guangzhou attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in guangzhou


Built by the French is this marvellous Roman Catholic cathedral with 2 spires. It was built after the 2nd opium war between 1863 and 1888. It features a neo gothic style of work and is entirely made of granite. The height of the massive tower is 48 metres.


This is a Buddhist temple, which was constructed in the 537AD. The purpose of the temple is to ensure the protection of the relics that were brought over India. The relics were placed in the octagonal decorated Pagoda called the Hua Ta. The poet Su Dongbo was the person who gave the current name of the temple in his poems. The Six Banyan trees can be seen on top of the gate. 


It is an all in one shrine along with the chamber of commerce and the Confucian school for the Chen clan. It was built in the year 1894 by the residents of the village where the Chen family was dominant. There were a total of 19 buildings made and these featured a very special design like carvings, statues, paintings and ornate decoration of scrollwork throughout.


Built over 2000 years ago in the Nanyue kingdom, this is without any doubt the best museum in china. This is the house to the tomb of ZhaoMo, who was the 2nd king of the Nanyue rule. He was set south to establish a sovereign state with the capital as Guangzhou.


On the southern edge of the Dongshan area is the neighbourhood of Xinhepu, where all the streets are lined with trees. This place is a good retreat from the noisy and the hustle and bustle of the city. Groups of Villas and churches have been built here by the missionaries and were renovated during the beginning of the 20th century. These houses here were the private homes of some of the high ranking officials during the republican era.


The park is house to the famous statue of the symbol of Guangzhou- the five rams that carry the 5 immortals who bring into being the city. The hilltop also shows the red walled Zhenhai tower, also called the Zhenhai Lou, which was built in the 1830s to function as a watchtower to look out for pirates. The tower now is the Guangzhou national museum. Towards the east is the Guangzhou art gallery which puts on display the ivory carvings, embroidery and other displays about the city’s history in trading.


A dappled refuge towards the southwest of Guangzhou, is the ShamianIsland. After the 2 opium wars in 1859, this place was picked up as a foreign concession. The main boulevard is called Shamian Daije, which is a stretch of gardens with old houses, galleries and cafes. The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes is on the eastern end and was built by the French in 1892.


Xinhepu Lu, Peizheng Lu and Xuguyuan Lu are the 3 tree lined places that offer the heartiest of welcomes in the historic area of Dongshan. The American missionaries have raised several schools and churches during the 1900s. You can also see the exclusive villas for the bigwigs and commissioners of the Chinese military who are working overseas. The 3 storey Kui garden has been restored beautifully, which was built in 1922. The former headquarter of the Chinese communist party, the SpringGarden was built in 1923.


The Mulian hotel is a very comfortable accommodation which also provides free Wi-Fi. They also have a tour desk and a business centre. The Mulian hotel is a 5 minute drive from the Huacheng square, 9 minutes from the Guangzhou east railways station and 40 minutes from the Baiyun international airport. Rooms provide a flat screen TV with satellite connection and minibar. The rooms feature a shower, private baths with hair dryer and other toiletries. The hotel also has a mini market, concierge service and photocopying provisions.


Guangzhou east railway station being just 2 minute away, they provide self-catered apartment type rooms with a free breakfast. They also have a tour desk and a business centre with free Wi-Fi. Baiyun international airport is 50 minutes on a drive. All the rooms have a TV, kitchen, closet, attached bath and shower facilities. Also furniture provided includes a dining table and sofa. Some rooms give a garden view if they have an attached balcony. Services provided include car rentals, currency exchange, luggage storage and laundry and dry cleaning. The restaurant on-site provides Chinese as a cuisine.

Food in guangzhou


The most representative in terms of a garden-restaurant, this is the finest in Guangzhou. It is set in a grand garden, the courtyards and corridors of the restaurant give the visitors the experience of “every step, a vista”. The ambience is very pleasing and the elderly diners are known to get up and sing a tune or two and the others might dance when the mood is right. This restaurant is popular and thus has a waiting from early in the night.


This is a great, traditional yum cha restaurant which serves and exquisite variety of teas that go very well with dim sums. The tables and diners are spread around an attractive indoor garden in the atrium. Going early will benefit as only then would you get a table with a good view.


Another garden type restaurant which is more known for its roast pigeon is located inside the LiwanLakePark. The highlights of the place are the tables on the boat that you can reserve by booking them. They are inspired by “drinking boats” also known as Zidong Chuan which was used by the Qing dynasty to entertain the banquets, women and opera.


This is a delicate Cantonese restaurant that will surprise you every time you go. The prices here are also right. Shunde cuisine is the speciality here that consists of freshwater fishes prepared in different ways. The bean curd with crab roe & sea bass sashimi are the best dishes on the menu and are outstanding. You should also try the crispy barbeque pork as it is a recommended dish. Unfortunately, they do not have an English menu so you might want to bring along a Chinese friend.


The charming delicacy found in every Guangzhoudish originates from the world famous Cantonese Cuisine. Some of the popular Guangzhou dishes that you can try out are Kao Ru Zhu, a preparation of pig;Long Hu Dou, a preparation of snake and wild cat and Stewed Wild Dog Meat.

Shopping in guangzhou


Liuyun Xiaoqu is a leafy residential area with that is crowded with small and trendy fashion boutiques and cafes and Huale Lu an area behind the Garden Hotel. These are the 2 places that are fashion hotspots and where the prices are not too high.


Tons of electronic goods and gadgets are sold in malls and shops in this supersized variety of the Huaqiang Bei Street in Shenzhen.


if you are keen to explore the local shopping scene, then you should definitely check out the thriving hub of the Tibetan Antique Market. It sells great wares at very cheap rates that are appealing to most visiting tourists. 


As one of the largest shopping malls in China, the Tianhe Teemall at Guangzhou is a hub of all the top-most international brand outlets. You can find all from apparels, footwear, accessories, books and gadgets.


Located at the Zhongshan Third Road, this mall can be a perfect shopping destination when it comes to home décor products, furniture and grocery items. You will also find fashionable clothes, gadgets and footwear in this stylistically designed mall.


This street sells things ranging from Tibetan rugs to ceramic teapots. This is a place worth exploring even if you are not in the mood for making any purchase. Though you might want to be cautions as almost everything here is fake.


Literally meaning “up down nine street”, this is a pedestrian shopping street and is located in one of the oldest parts of the city. It is a good place for the shopping of clothes at a discounted rate. The building here has retained their western and Chinese architecture.


This is one of Guangzhou’s shopping spots favourite to all. It is a 300 metre stretch of Pedestrian Street full of big and small shops that can sell everything imaginable.

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