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Places to visit in Guinea

When you travel to Guinea, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Guinea, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Guinea to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Guinea things to do can include exploring Guinea attractions and visiting the places of interest.

All Attractions


The Republic of Guinea, being a predominantly Islamic country is represented by a population of 85% Muslims and thus is home to one of the most beautiful Mosques in the world, the architecturally-astounding Grande Mosquée.


The city of Conakry is also home to another stunning place of worship, The Cathédrale Sainte-Marie. The foundation stone of the lovely yellow and red architectural marvel was laid by Monseigneur Raymond René Lérouge in 1928 after which it was built in the 1930s.


As unconventional as it is interesting the Musée National or the Guinea National Museum is the national museum of Guinea and comprises the country’s largest and probably most avant-garde collection of masks, statues, fetishes, art, and musical instruments. The wonderfully unique museum is also home to a historically-relevant and deeply-informative display of the ethnography and prehistory of the Republic of Guinea.


Well-known for being the coolest and possibly the most naturally beautiful place in the capital of Guinea, is the wonderful Conakry Botanical Gardens. It may not be the cleanest, but the garden, located in Camayenne part of the city is most famous for its lovely towering kapok trees.


Located at a distance of 25 km from the city of Conakry, the BadiarTransboundary National Park is an impressive 100,000 acre expanse of all that nature has to offer. Comprising breath-taking landscapes, a stunning waterfall, and a host of wild dogs and other such carnivores, a visit to the National Park undoubtedly makes for a unique and interesting experience.


South of the densely-forested Guinea Highlands lies the country’s highest peak, Mount Nimba. Situated a good 913 kms from the main capital, the peak stands at an impressive 5748 feet and is a part of the mountain range that also finds itself in Côte d'Ivoire and Liberia.


The Mount Nimba Nature Reserve is located on the borders of Guinea, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire and is a sight to behold. Designated as a protected area as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the luscious natural space is a nature lover’s dream. A visit to the reserve known to be abundant in flora and fauna may yield a rare spotting or two of an endemic species such as a viviparous toad, Micropotamogale.


The historically-significant and extremely architecturally-relevant structure that is the Palais des Nations is an important landmark of Guinea. Originally constructed as a venue for the Organisation of African Unity conference in 1984, the structure then went onto serve as the president’s office after the death of SekouTouré.

The building was destroyed in the 1996 army rebellion but its ruins and the 50 Moorish-styled villas surrounding it which are now used as residences and offices, still make for a great visit and give an accurate sneak peek into Guinea’s rich past.

All Activities

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Guinea is known around the world for its music – the country is home to some of the best Kora players in the world – a kora is a harp-like instrument built from calabash and cow skin and widely used in Western Africa.  The French-Guinean Cultural Centre is responsible for putting up some great musical shows. Movies, plays, ballets and exhibitions too are part of the country’s cultural side.

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The Foutah Djallon area proves to be the perfect backdrop for adventure seekers and enthusiasts. Awe-inspiring vistas, flowing waterfalls, thick sandstone formations, canyons, valleys, and steep cliffs make The Foutah Djallon an idyllic setting for a whole host of adventurous activities.

All Foods


A chic, comfortable restaurant serving some classic American fare such as sandwiches, steak, pizza, Belvédére is best loved for its atmosphere.


Although typical, traditional Guinean cuisine varies from region to region, rice however, is a household staple, common throughout the country along with delicacies like delicious Cassava. Other ingredients common to West African cuisine include fufu, jollofrice,maafe, and tapalapa bread. The beef quality in Guinea is said to be excellent however, due to religious restrictions pork isn’t served.

All Night Life


Guinea may not have any established, quintessential bars or pubs but the cities are peppered with lovely little local hangouts, perfect for grabbing a quick beer. In Conakry, the best place to have a relaxed, casual drink is the beach bar in Taouyah – a bustling neighbourhood in the city which comprises a large market, some night clubs and restaurants too.


Entertainment in Guinea is like the country itself, interesting and one of a kind. At any given point of the night you can see a group of people gathered on the street singing and dancing and playing traditional musical instruments, some of which have been crafted by locals themselves!

All Shoping


Marché Madina is one of West Africa’s largest markets and a shopper’s dream come true. Charming as it chaotic, there is little you can’t find at the Madina – one of the world’s most unique shopping destinations. While trinkets, masks, wood statues, djembes (drums), electronic goods at stowaway prices, carvings from Kindia, leather rugs and locally-produced records are all available aplenty, it’s the traditional Guinean clothing exclusively available here that you should definitely get your hands on.

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