Places to visit in Hpaan

When you travel to Hpaan, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Hpaan, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Hpaan to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Hpaan things to do can include exploring Hpaan attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Hpa-an city is home to wrinkled chain of various limestone mountains. The tallest one among the entire chain is MountZwegabin which is located at a distance of about 7 miles to the southern direction of the town. Moreover, because of its massive height of about 2,372 feet, it has become the place for people possessing full of spirits as well as saintly souls. In order to reach at the summit of this limestone mountain, you have to undergo a two hour trek. Once you succeed to approach at the top position, you will be able to get honorable rewards as small monastery, staggering views and various stupas along with the holy place dedicated to Lord Buddha.

Kaw KaThawng Cave is located nearby the route to Eindu. Hence, individuals willing to go to this cave have to choose for truck towards Eindu from Zaydan St. stall in Hpa-an. Once you reach Kaw KaThawng, you will come across the first cave which is bit gentrified and consists of slippery tile floors and a large number of  statues of Lord Buddha. While continuing on the same path, you will have to move through the stairway to another concealed cave which usually does not open. After this, across the end of your path, you would be able to reach one of the inviting spring-fed hole to enjoy swimming activities. This place is very much popular for kids of the local area. Lastly, you will find the third cave filled with water which often serves as a perfect swimming hole.

Individuals who plan for their tour to Hpa-an will also able to view a huge and a breathtaking cave named as SaddanCave. In fact, just after entering into the cavern of football stadium-size, you will get the opportunity to view many Buddha statues, two different pagodas and many new carvings made with clay wall.

Buddhist temples as well as pagodas are the major and prominent attractions inMyanmar. People choose to visit Hpa-an and other nearby regions would obviously be able to view countless historical Buddhist temples as well as Pagodas. Gigantic golden monument of Lord Buddha, Shedagon Pagoda and varieties of temples present over Bagan plains are examples of famous religious places in the capital city of Myanmar.

Other than famous Buddhist temples, you would also get the opportunity to view various monasteries, famous temples and several other royal palaces on your tour to Hpa-an. In monasteries, tourists will get to know about traditional lives lead by various nuns and monks of Myanmar. On the other side, the royal palaces will remind you of the colonial era comprised of teak or tropical hardwood.

If you go to search for gardens in Hpa-an, you will be able to find the famous LumbiniGarden. Since, Lumbini is recognised as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha who is the founder of Buddhism, the Lumbini garden comprises of a huge collection of more than 1,150 identical statues of Lord Gautam Buddha which faces towards four different quarters.

Shwe Yin Myaw Pagoda is located in Theinseik village. According to mythology, Lord Buddha went on sojourn for third time towards ThuwunnaBhumiThaton in the MahaSakarit 128. Here, Thaton king and queen anxiously waited for Lord Buddha and all other Sangha. Thus, this place and the pagoda building have become famous shrines encompassing seven different types of treasures. The whole building is of 20 cubits in height and known as the Taung-lay-gon in Myanmar.

Myawaddy is a town located on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. This place remains connected with Mae Sot on another side of the actual border. In addition, this place has its own big market referred to as the Myawaddy market which comprises of varieties of household and consumable goods, fashionable clothes and green vegetables for sale.

If you are fond of art and culture and are looking for the same in Hpa-an, you would come across the famous arts or burgeoning arts scenes of Yangon. In fact, many individuals perceive arts as the cornerstone of Hpa-an culture. Here, you will find countless examples of artwork which includes pottery, lacquer ware and local paintings found in different areas of Myanmar and Burma. Majority of people who are passionate towards culture and artistic work have named the culture of the place as Ten Flowers. These comprises of panbu referred as sculpture, panbe known as blacksmithing, plantain named as silver and gold smith, pantin or casting of bronze, pantaut that refers to creating floral designs with the help of masonry, panyan named as masonry and bricklaying, pantamault or stone sculpture, panchi or painting, panpoot and so on.

Pindaya and Kalaw are two places that provide both hiking as well as trekking opportunities to people. Every individual can get the opportunity to perform treks nearby Shan hills and take excellent views of the village and tribal surroundings and lifestyle. In addition from the place named Hsipaw located in the western part of Chin State, people will be able to climb one of the famous mountains named as Mount Victoria.

People will also get the opportunity to experience cycling and biking activities in Myanmar. Particularly in Bagan and nearby shores of Inle Lakes, you can choose for bicycle or a motorbike to reach the destination. The best thing about this region is that it has major tourists’ spots along with medium and small towns offering bikes and cycles for tourists.

If you want to know about exclusive beauties of the nature, you should definitely go for scuba diving at Ngapali and NgweSaung beaches arranged via various hotels of the local area. In fact, by hiring a boat and suitable scuba equipments, you will be able to explore seawater and sealife across various small and close-by islands in the Bay of Bengal.

The opposite end of Hpa-an or Myanmar allows people to enjoy white water rafting even in a completely different form of wilderness.

If you want to get some relaxation, you should definitely choose to travel by boat. In fact, this is the best way to relax your mind and body by viewing beautiful sceneries present near water. Specifically, you will get a lot of fun by choosing to follow a popular route referred to as the mighty Irrawaddy River.

Teahouses and restaurants also form significant parts of the life of tourists visitingMyanmar. Teahouses specially do not only act as places for eating and drinking, but also as centers where family members, business associates or collaborators and friends can meet, spend time and discuss about future activities. As the name suggest, here the teahouses serve sweet, milky and hot teas along with popular green tea of China. In addition, you will be able to enjoy simple snacks, noodles and fresh samosas in teahouses. Moreover, in famous Chinese restaurants, you will be able to enjoy meat rice and other Chinese delicacies.

Dishes in Myanmar are usually served with varieties of fresh ingredients like vegetables used in combination with different types of tasty and juicy fruits available in tropical regions. Here, people prefer to have Htamin or white rice with different types of meals as the perfect base for accompanying wide range of fruit curries, vegetables, fish curries, meat curries and soups. Special dishes of the place are samosa dote, shan noodles, tofu curry, mixture of various spicy vegetables with the bean curd and much more.

Majority of people located in different parts of Myanmar prefer to have drinks and enjoy company of various foreign visitors. During early evening and daytime, people could easily find good beer stations and pubs serving glass of rum or refreshing beer.

Here, various simple as well as open-air restaurants act as beer stations to serve alcohol, rum and other similar types of beverages. Moreover, these places located in almost every town nearby Hpa-an or in other areas of Myanmar provide clubs and discos for music lovers.

Huge Aung San Market, previously known as the Scott Market, is the famous Flea Market in this region. This market provides exclusive items available in different parts of Myanmar. Furthermore, due of its exclusive attractions, it acts as a popular spot for worldwide tourists.

Similar to any other city, Hpa-an has its own vibrant markets at the center. These markets provide different types of items for shopaholics which include trendy and vintage clothes, fresh produce and different types of handicrafts like puppets and tapestries usually found in Mandalay and lacquerware in Monywa and Bagan.

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