Place's to visit in Iraq

When you travel to Iraq, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Iraq, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Iraq to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Iraq things to do can include exploring Iraq attractions and visiting the places of interest.

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Most of the ancient monuments in Iraq have been affected by war. Al-Shaheed monument in Baghdad, also known as the Martyr’s memorialwas built in memory of Iraqi soldiers who lost their lives during the Iran-Iraq war. A dome rests inside and houses a museum, cafeteria, gallery and a library.

Locals from the neighbourhood places visit Iraq for religious purposes. Iraqis are devoted disciples of God, and follow all religious events and pilgrims.

Located on the Citadel, the entry to the Museum is free and it is open all days. During the summer, the Museum is closed on Fridays. The gift shop is one of the best spots in town for buying souvenirs.

This superb museum houses a timeline of Mesopotamian history dating back to the Palaeolithic Age from 15,000 BC. The museum has several galleries featuring numerous archaeological artefacts. You will come across a skeleton of an old woman found near Dohuk, a Greek statue of Hercules and innumerable displays of ceramic art.

The Sheik Chooli Minaret stands tall at MinarePark. The broken, leaning minaret is the only remnant of a grand mosque. ShanadarPark is on the opposite side of the road from the MinarePark, and has a lake with dancing fountains, and houses an art gallery as well.

AzadiPark is in Sulaymaniyah and is perfect for jogging and picnics. It is filled with gardens, playgrounds, restaurants, cafes and a small lake. On Fridays this park is completely packed with families coming in to relax and spend quality time.

Erbil offers various restaurant options serving different types of cuisine. Sajalreefand Tarinare worth a try.Fairuz serves excellent Lebanese dishes,andAl Maharhas good seafood. Abu Shahab Restaurant serves high-class Kurdish food, and is always crowded.Deutscher Hof in the Ainkawa district of Erbilserves typical German dishes and is visited by many expats. To taste some Turkish food, head to Dowa 2 Restaurant known for its special Friday lunch.Tajryanis another favourite of the locals and tourists. The Green Zone in Baghdad is the place to get American fast food at Subway, McDonald’s, and Burger King. Marsa Al-Zawariqin Baghdad is known for its kebab grills.Sha’ab Chai KhanaandMachko Chai Khanaare are two famous teashops.

Aubergine and Dolma are staple dishes in most Iraqi kitchens. Kahi is a popular breakfast dish favourite in Iraq. A traditional bean dish called bigilla is popular as well. Masgouf and tepsibaytinijan are found in many places. Pork is forbidden here; therefore you will rarely see bacon, sausage and ham. Coffee and tea are favourite breakfast drinks. Other classic dishes are gipa, nan w mast (bread and yogurt, the classic breakfast food), nisik, shila w brinj (rice and a variety of vegetable stews), shish kebab and many more. On the streets you must try falafel and salad in bread, or ManakishZa’taar– a flat bread with a herb called Za’taar. TimmanJazar offers delicious vegetarian fare.

Surprisingly the nightlife at Erbil is comparable to ones of Dubai and other regions. In the Ainkawa district,there are many cheap bars and lounges. T Bar Sports Lounge and Grill, The German Bar (Deutscher Hof), Noble Hotel’s Skybarand the Marina restaurant are highly recommended. At Baghdad, visiting a bar may require membership. Erbil’s Divan hotel is the most luxurious hotel which offers great Japanese dishes with great view from QI21. The hotel also boasts of the Lotus Nightclub and Lounge.

Around Erbil, many shopping malls have developed in the recent past.The Naza mall on the Kirkuk Erbil Road and Shaqlawa Road’s Hawler Mall are popular shopping destinations in Iraq.The Family Mall is the biggest shopping centre,whereasMajidi Mall is one of the modern shopping malls in the country. The New City supermarket on the 60th Street and the Reihn Mall in Eskan are well known. The chaotic and colourful feel is the real heart of the market, beckoning shoppers into the depths of the bazaar between Malawi and Kawa.No visit toErbil is complete without shopping at QaysariBazaar, one of the oldest bazaars. The Grand Bazar, Sulaymaniyah’s bazaar, is the largest market.

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