Places to visit in Jakar

When you travel to Jakar, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Jakar, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Jakar to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Jakar things to do can include exploring Jakar attractions and visiting the places of interest.

It is one of the most important and largest Dzongs in Bhutan. You will see amazing architectural qualities in this Dzong. It was rebuilt after the massive earthquake of 1897. It houses the administrative offices of the Bumthung district.

Used as the summer retreat for the first and second king on Bhutan. It lacks the ramparts and the protective walls. Currently it is unoccupied and can be visited.

It’s one of the 108 monasteries which were suddenly constructed by King SongtenGampo in one night. It is located near the JakarDzong.

Also known as the Iron Castle this small palace or temple marks the persona of Siddhu raja who was a well known Indian Monarch. The original palace is said to have been built with iron and it was nine stories high. You will see a huge amount of Indian architecture in this monument with intricate wall carving.

This is a two story high malada recently being given the status of a sacred site in 2008. You will witness a great amount of satisfaction once you wnter this building. It is a short walk away from KujeLhakhang. 

You do not get amusement parks or theme parks in the small town of Jakar in Bhutan. However you will not be disappointed if you go with your kids. The place offers scenic beauty of such high quality that even your kids will feel mesmerised. The wonderful fresh air will do wonders for them. Also, there are small playgrounds in the town where your children can go play at. It is a good idea to get some exercise in the mountains and your kids will enjoy this completely. 

The OgyenCholing Palace Museum is a small yet great museum located on the small town of Jakar in Bhutan. You will have to travel a bit away from the town since it is in the outskirts. You will get to see a lot of life style exhibits of the religious settlers here at this museum. The museum holds a good amount of artefacts which are in good shape and are updated often. It is an offbeat location since many people don’t know that a museum exists near Jakar. However, you will have a grand time going through the place and bring your children with you too.  

There are no great parks or gardens in the small town of Jakar however you will come across great natural beauty just by being there. The small town exhibits untouched nature and fresh air just a stroll through the place is as good as any park. The tress and the pleasant climate will make you feel awesome. Also there are fields your children can play in. All in all a wonderful place in terms of nature, you will not disappoint when you go there. You may come across small gardens belonging to the monasteries through which is accessible and offer a great experience. 

You can have a grand time visiting the different monasteries and other sacred places in the small town of Jakar. You will see a huge amount of wonderful architecture in this town. The carvings and statues present in each of the monasteries is a site to behold. You will never expect these monasteries to be built so long ago. It shows how the human beings were able to create such fine detailing with simple tools. Try the place out today and you will see what it means to visit one of Bhutan’s finest towns.

You will get to see a lot natural beauty in all over this small town. However, there is no exact place you should visit. You will get a splendid view of the mountain ranges which are nearby in the early morning so just go find a point from where it will be visible. It is quite clear if the weather is helping. However sometimes during the winter or monsoon due to the fog it becomes impossible to see. However, you have to be early or you will miss it. The sunlight hitting the peaks is a sight to behold.

The Buddhist culture of the place offers a great amount of festivals all year long in the different monasteries. The KurjeyTshechu held in June every year is a wonderful festival to witness. It offers a great amount of chanting and soothing experiences. You will witness spiritual nirvana in the truest sense when you attend. The JambayLakhangDrup (Tshechu) held in November is another such place. The rich culture of such a small place will leave you speechless and tourists visit this pace during the festivals to witness different Buddhist performances which are wonderful to watch. 

Most of the important landmarks in Jakar are different Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries offer a huge significance to the place and are marvellous to visit. Some of the most important monasteries to visit in the town are. JakarDzong a very famous old monastery which holds great importance to the people here. The Wangdicholing Palace is another important monument in the town’s heritage belonging to the first and second kings of the country. It is now unoccupied and can be visited without any problems. These are two of the most important landmarks present in the town of Jakar. 

You can go on treks along the peaks which surrounds the town. Also you may wish to take the monasteries by foot which will have you climbing the rocky mountain paths which are quite a treat. You can also go on small camping trips provided that the weather is nice. 

Just a small stroll along the town or sitting in a small teashop sipping tea and watching the streets will clear your mind like nothing else. A must try for anyone to get some peace of mind. Also you can visit the many monasteries and just sit there and relax which will help you to settle down and feel at home. 

Jakar is a natural paradise with impeccable view of the surrounding mountain ranges and exquisite weather provided you don’t get very lucky and it rains. The simplicity of the place is what makes it so beautiful. A few days in this place and you will wish you never had to leave this place. 

Some of the most common dishes available in this part of the town are Tibetan dishes such as momo and thukpa. Momo is a dumpling filled with either vegetables or meat. Your trip wil remain unfulfilled without a hot steaming plate of momos. 

You will not find any discos or clubs here. However, if you wish to get a few drinks, that can be managed easily at one of the many popular inns present in the town. You will find that the small tavern like bars maybe a bit cramped but the warmth these places bring are worth it. It is a wonderful experience to go to one in the early evening and having a beer. 

The main bazaars are Chamkhar which was destroyed; however similar shops have been put up again but are less in numbers. But you will find a good amount of things to buy here from woollen garments to great Buddhist ornaments. Try this place when you go there. 

There are a few departmental stores present in the town which offer the basic stuff required every day.  A good pace to stock up on whatever it is you are running low on. Visit Dragon Roots and Bumthang Handicraft Shop for purchasing great gift items. 

There are a few small street markets present in the town however the biggest one remains Chamkhar. You can get a god amount of things to buy here and a lot of handmade jewellery and other things from bamboo. It’s a wonderful experience to shop from here. 

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