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Places to visit in Jokulsarlon

When you travel to Jokulsarlon, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Jokulsarlon, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Jokulsarlon to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Jokulsarlon things to do can include exploring Jokulsarlon attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in jokulsarlon


The magnificent farm zoo is where one can find common farm animals endemic Iceland. Animals like horses, sheep, goats, pigs, cats, Icelandic Viking hen doves, pigeons, quail, pheasants. Life in the zoo is in real bloom during the spring time. You could ask for an assisted tour while at the zoo to know more about the species and wildlife there.


The privately owned museum of Vigdís Vigfúsdóttir and Ásbjörn Þórarinsson comprises stone collection which has been the main passion of the owners. Opened to the public with beautifully restored swimming pool, the museum harnesses the main stone types of entire Iceland. You can enjoy freshly brewed coffee all across garden of mineral collection that is inspired by Icelandic stones.


Located in the heart of Hofn is this fantastic museum. Works of Svavar Gudnason have been depicted which depicts his connection with Hofn. Being introduced to the landscape painting earlier, Svavar’s work feature natural surroundings, southern Iceland, spectacular panoramas that cover seas, glaciers, mountains, lakes for he was captivated by exotic sites that spurred him into artistic heights.


Being one of the three Icelandic national parks, it encompasses the entire Vatnajokull glacier and the gorgeous surrounding area. Surrounding areas include national parks which initially existed in the Skaftafell and Jokulsarglijufur. The protected place is simply unique for its cultural and rich natural heritage. The landscape feature of this national park is the outstanding quality that is created by glacial ice, rivers, geothermal activity and volcanic activity.


The isolated island is located in between southern coast of Iceland and the Nirthern Atlantic Ocean. Named after the first settler, Ingolfur Arnarson, it is the headland isolated by black sand, perilous rivers from the mainland. Superb isolation makes the place perfect resident for innumerable sea birds, namely, puffins and the fantastic skua.


The glacier boasts itself of the highest elevation in the entire Icelandic zone. The surrounding area offers tremendous scope for skiing and so it is popular among hikers and walkers.


Being one of the important glacier tongues that flows from South Vatnajokull glacier. Around the glacier one can find several walking trails along with birdlife area rich with birds. The area has to offer great conditions for witnessing ever changing glacier state which plays an important role in the making of landscape.


On grinding down the bedrock which is normally comprised of dark-gray basalt, the material of mechanism gets carried away by the river of the glaciers to the sea where the currents and waves moulds it into most complex scenic formations. Unique beach starting from Hofn has been created right on Hornafjörður shore that stretches far towards west. You can find the black sandy beaches profusely at the place. Black sand which is the impact of glacial grinding is mesmerising to watch.


The cultural centre with exhibits dedicated to the writer Thorberger Thoroarson has now grown up into a farm Hali. Unique exhibitions, heritage centres, beautiful exhibits of culture are special attractions. The ‘new generation museum’ has sprung up on the Iceland since few years and encapsulates the details about the life and work of the writer. The place acts as the interesting and informative alternative to local history, turf farm collections.

Activities in jokulsarlon

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The strolling herds of reindeer are iconic to the region. Staying up on the mountains in the summertime, you can watch them near Ring Road. Migrating towards the lowlands during the winter season, reindeers are the commonest site to those undertaking hiking. By the shore and in Jokulsarlon glacier you can spot curious seals all the time where they find protective sanctuary amid the serenity of icebergs. The area is replete with birdlife especially southwest which acts as the stopping site.

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Glacier World in Hoffell, located in Vatnajokull, which is close to Jokulsarlon  allow the tourists to access geothermal pools where one can experience the great adversity of Iceland. Relax in the hot pools after a tiring ski. The place offers unique experience whereby one can have the view of glacier and enjoy the pool at the same time.

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Glacier Lagoon Amphibious Boat Tours offers the 40 minutes memorable trip in amphibious boat that trundles along the glacial shore just like the bus before getting water. Glacier hikes and ice walks are offered on the Breiðamerkurjökull. Ice Lagoon Zodiac Boat Tours lasts for 1 hour and offers memorable experience. You need to book the Zodiac tour.

Food in jokulsarlon


Seafood Grill-Sjavargrillio is the major seafood restaurant located at a distance from Jokulsarlon. You can find here the deluxe traditional seafood of Iceland and also quality meat. Icelandic Tapas House is renowned for impressive menu where one can get gorgeous dishes of Tapas, fusion appetisers in great variety, snacks.


Seafood dishes are staple to Jokulsarlon.

Shopping in jokulsarlon


Smaralind Shopping centre near to Jokulsarlon is the largest and most modernised shopping centre which is an inviting place amid the metropolitan area. With about 100 shops and food centres, it has relaxed environment and beautiful architecture. Cintamani is again a very crucial clothing store that harbours Cintamani brand clothes that have been tested as per the Icelandic weather.


Kolaportid is the only indoor flea market in Iceland that opens only during the weekend between morning hours 11am to 5pm. It harbours books, bags, toys, antiques, food court, garment and everything that makes it popular among residents of every age. 

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