Places to visit in Jomsom

When you travel to Jomsom, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Jomsom, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Jomsom to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Jomsom things to do can include exploring Jomsom attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Dhulikhel is located at the altitude of about 1,600 meters from the level of sea and about 32km from the city of Kathmandu. The place is famous because of its vantage location, which people could view across Himalayan ranges from Himalchuli in western direction to Cho Oyu across the east. This place is right to view sunset and sunrise. 

Lumbini in Nepal is the birthplace of the founder of Buddhist religion named as Lord Gautam Buddha. Located in Nepal’s Terai plains, it acts as a biggest and a popular pilgrim site for people belonging to Buddhist religion. Other than this, the place has obtained its name in the UNESCO World Heritage Site for Culture and included immense religious as well as archeological significance.

Recognized as the top worldwide heritage site, this park of 1,148 square kilometre lay at the height of 3,000 meter at Everest region. The national park has rugged terrain with glaciers, deep gorges and big-sized rocks. Here, vegetation would change from birch, fir, hemlock, pine, juniper and shrubs to varieties of alpine plants and in turn towards bare snow and rock.

ChitwanNational Park serves as the best conservation region of Asia. Here, wildlife and respective habitats remain highly secured and intact. This park of Nepal comprises of tall elephants, Sal forest areas, hills, grasslands, ox-box lakes and varieties of food plains belonging to Reu, Rapti.

PashupatinathTemple is a renowned Hindu temple located at the capital city of Nepal named Kathmandu and nearby the JomsomCity. The temple highlights the symbol of faith, religion, culture and tradition in between people. Here, you will also find a fascinating and beautiful architecture. Architects have dedicated this famous temple to the Lord Shiva.

This is an oldest temple of the country, where architects have adorned the best collections or specimens of stone, wood and metallic crafts. Changy Narayan temple also depicts the best stone craving art as the Lord Vishnu’s image with his 10 heads and 10 hands. 

Located at the central portion of the PhewaLake, the temple is as an incredible cultural venue of the city. Here, you will find a two-storied pagoda, dedicated to various boar manifestations of Ajima, which represent Shakti, the female force.

Visitors have to avail JomsomCity holiday package to view this famous pagoda of Nepal located at the top portion of a hill, belonging to southern part of the lake. This pagoda incorporates four different images of Lord Buddha facing in four different directions. Here, you will even find a pagoda in the dome shape as an impressive sight, while the hilltop view of it commands an exclusive view. 

This museum is situated inside the cultural zone of the campus named as Lumbini Development Trust. This building has incorporated huge collection of Kushana and Mauryan coins, terra-cotta pieces, religious manuscripts, metallic and stone sculptures of different types.

Situated in Tilaurakot village, the museum is involved in displaying of various potteries and coins, which date back from 7th century of BC to up to 4th century of AD. 

Gandaki River or the Kali Gandaki River is a big river of Nepal, which also acts as the left banking tributary of Ganges for India. The river is known for possessing a deep George from the Himalayan region. Moreover, it has the potential to generate enormous level of hydroelectric power.

This is the seventh biggest mountain of the world, which remains at the height of 26,795 feet or 8,167 meters above the level of sea. The name of the mountain has arrived from a Sanskrit word as dhawala, which means white, dazzling and beautiful, while giri implies the mountain. This mountain also lies at highest point of the nearby river basin named as Gandaki.

Paragliding is the right option for all adventure seekers of the city, as this activity would allow you to view best worldwide sceneries, like eagles, griffin vultures, kites, temples and monasteries, jungles and lakes, along with excellent views of majestic HimalayanMountain.

By trekking towards Everest or any other peaks of Nepal, individuals would be able to collect information and knowledge about lifestyle and daily activities of the local area people. These will include details about traditional methods of cooking, trading, farming, construction as well as varying religious activities. There are several trekking routes you choose depending on their level of difficulty. Experienced trekkers can even hike to the base camp of Everest, which is a dream for many.

Jungle Safari helps people to view varieties of wildlife, like musk deer, swamp deer, blue bull, black buck and the famous Royal Bengal tiger. Moreover, travelers would also get the opportunity to view mugger crocodiles, Gharials and the present breed of the wild buffalo found in Asia. Other than this, the area has rich birdlife with different types of birds, like Koles, babblers, drongos, orioles, peacocks and wildfowl found during winter months.

Majority of people located in Jomsom City and other nearby areas of Nepal prefer to have dal-bhat-tarkari as their main food courses.

Citizens of Jomsom City enjoy special type of breads named as sel roti and parathe during special occasions or festivals.

Food lovers want to enjoy both Tibetan and Indian food items should definitely schedule their visit to the famous Yak Restaurant. Here, you will find varieties of Tibetan food items, Momo and varieties of Indian foods.

Or2k is a bright and a popular vegetarian restaurant operated by people of Israel. The eatery is famous for serving light and fresh dishes found specifically in Middle East regions. Menu of this restaurant will include soups, crepes, coconut tofu, zucchini pie, labane, hummus and pastry fingers containing cheese named as ziva.

This mall is situated at the central position of JomsomCity and comprises of shopping complex containing five different storeys. Kathmandu mall has varieties of clothes, charming collections, fashionable bags, Boston, puma, electronic items and edibles.

Time Square Mall comprises of multiple cuisines food court over its top floor, where you would be able to find Red Lantern, Mumbai Masala, Sweetheart, Prego Pizza, Pastas and Momos, Himalayan Beanz Coffee, Chunk of Berries and Sapphire of the region. In addition, the mall hosts live band performance on Friday nights to grab the attention of customers. 

Initiative of SAATH Flea Market has provided a good platform, where people could persuade towards selling of their unused, piled and cluttered goods from their homes and sell the same at good rates. Best thing about this market is that it lets people to contribute the earned money for treatment and caring of children suffering from HIV AIDS. 

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