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Places to visit in Kandy

When you travel to Kandy, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Kandy, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Kandy to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Kandy things to do can include exploring Kandy attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in kandy


Sigiriya has become famous because of its palace ruins present at the top portion of huge 200m high rock covered by remains of a wide network, which includes reservoirs, gardens and many other similar structures. Rock is actually the plug of lava left from the long extinct volcano of ancient times. In addition, people consider this as a renowned spot because of its frescoes or ancient times of paintings, which are almost identical to painting and sculptures found at AjantaCaves of India.


By choosing KandyCity tour packages, you could be able to view the CommonwealthCemetery, which has obtained its name by being the beautifully landscaped as well as well-maintained war cemeteries in the world. Here, you will find a commonwealth burial of First World War, while 196 burials of Second World War commemorated within the whole cemetery. Furthermore, here, you will find two burials of non world war, while four national burials from foreign countries.


This garden has a large area of about 150 acres dedicated solely to the Sri Lanka’s flora and spectacular form of arboretum including varieties of endemic tress. In fact, the area comprises more than 110 different types of endemic plants and big collections of bamboo, palms, flowers, cacti and orchids within a highly delightful orchid region. In addition, you could find 200,000 different forms of preserved and dried specimens within Herbarium accumulated during last 180 years of the existence of such gardens. Other than this, you will find a biotechnology laboratory engaged in bulk propagation of rare, ornamental and endemic plants.


Temple of Sacred Tooth Relic or the Sri DaladaMaligawa is a famous Buddhist temple located in KandyCity. People of local area consider this as the complex of a royal palace of the previous KandyKingdom, which houses Buddha tooth relics. Since many years, relic has given its significant contribution in localized politics, as people perceive that the individual holding the relic is also responsible for holding country’s governance.


Lankatilaka Temple of Kandy City highlights the best example of traditional temple architecture found during the Sinhalese ages. Architects have built this temple over the rock, while people have to pass through a big series comprises of rock cut steps to reach at this religious place. An interesting feature of this temple is that it has colossal seated Lord Buddha statue in its inner sanctum.


RoyalPalace located in the KandyCity is the lastly established RoyalPalace of the island. Here, you will find the popular religious venue named Temple of Tooth within the complex. Moreover, the palace today houses the national museum of the city that holds a huge collection of artwork belonging to both Kandy and British rules.


DambullaCaveTemple or the GoldenTemple is a worldwide heritage site of Sri Lanka, located at its central portion. Here, you will find a rock that towers about 160 meters above the nearby plain and 80 different documented caves in its nearby area. Moreover, the major attractions of this temple would spread over five different caves, which contain paintings and statues depicting the life of Lord Buddha.


NationalMuseum of Kandy is situated nearby the Temple of Tooth in the sector of RoyalPalace. Here, you will find primary exhibits inside the building of PalleVahala, which serves as the house to harem of the ancient King. On the other side, you will find the secondary exhibits within the main building of the palace maintained by National Museum Department and the central government. Here, you will find varieties of artefacts, including jewellery, weapons, tools and varieties of other artefacts belonging to British Colonial and Kandian eras.


Tea Board of Sri Lanka is responsible for operating this tea museum. The museum has been established after the conversion of an ancient tea factory in to museum.


KandyLake is located in the central part of the hill city in Sri Lanka. During the recent few years, the lake had reduced in its actual size. Sri Lanka’s authorities have considered this lake as a protected property and strictly banned fishing activities in it. By getting good KandyCity travel packages, you would be able to find many folklore and legends related to the lake. Other than this, you will find an island of small size at the central part of the lake used by helm of the king to bath and remained connected to palace via secret tunnels.


Knuckles mountain ranges lie in the central part of Sri Lanka within Kandy and Matale districts. The entire range has obtained its name via series of peaks and recumbent folds present in the western part of massif. These peaks and folds would resemble knuckles of clenched fists while viewing from specific locations within the district.

Activities in kandy

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UdawattaKele Sanctuary, the historical forest reserve of Sri Lanka has obtained its name for the inclusion of extensive avifauna. The entire reserve comprises of a big variety of plants species, particularly small trees, shrubs and lianas. In addition, the sanctuary of KandyCity is the home for varying medium and small size mammals, along with snakes and reptiles.

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Scuba Diving 

KandyCity and other nearby areas of Sri Lanka allow travellers to get an exclusive experience of scuba diving with their friends.


Trekking and Hiking

Trekking and Hiking are the two best possible ways, by which travellers could get the opportunity to view and get information about beauty secrets of the island. By trekking only, you could find paddy fields, forests, tropical rain forests, beautiful waterfalls, valleys and mountains.

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Kayaking and Canoe

Kayaking and canoe are the two exciting and eco-friendly means to experience the island of Sri Lanka. In fact, sea kayaks help people to watch dolphins and whales of Sri Lanka.

Food in kandy


Cuisines found in different food centres of Sri Lanka centre across steamed and boiled rice served with tasty curries of chicken, fish, pork, beef, goat and mutton. In addition, these people like to enjoy other curries made from fruits, lentils and green vegetables. Other than this, many people prefer pickled vegetables and fruits, sambals and coconut chutneys with varieties of spices.


SRI RAM Restaurant

Food lovers could choose for good packages to visit the SRIRAM Restaurant in Sri Lanka. This is an Indian restaurant, which serves varieties of tasty south Indian food items.


Lyons Restaurant

Food lovers willing to enjoy both eastern and western dishes should definitely reach this famous Lyons restaurant.

Night Life in kandy


THE PUB Venue in Kandy City acts as an ultimate venue for tourists willing to enjoy their nightlife in the city. The entire place comprises of a balcony, bar at the upstairs area and big screen at its downstairs.


Tourists would be able to enjoy different types of Kandy shows hosted in different nightclubs and discos of the city.

Shopping in kandy


This shopping centre has 10-storied shopping and commercial complex, while located in the city of Kandy nearby Temple of Tooth. The complex has ultra modern features and included traditional level of architecture belonged to KandyCity during Medieval period. Here, you will find completely equipped supermarkets and hypermarkets, modernized restaurants, well-designed food courts, entertainment zones, leading book stalls of the country, clothes and apparels stores, flora, perfuming stores and stalls launched by different companies.

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