Places to visit in Keningau

When you travel to Keningau, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Keningau, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Keningau to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Keningau things to do can include exploring Keningau attractions and visiting the places of interest.

The monument was erected for commemorating the terms on which the British Crown Colony joined the Federation of Malaya and Sarawak colony. Several inscriptions can   be found here written in Malay language regarding the grant of guarantees officiated. 

Foliaged beautifully by greenery, a Little drive away from the green valley is this mesmerising temple of Keningau. Magnificent views of Keningau valley can be beheld from the visitor-friendly destination.

Situated in Keningaucenter, the place cannot be missed while you stroll around the town area. This place harbours “The Fat Man” symbolising “God of Prosperity”. The statue is aesthetically appealing and children love to appreciate the statue that seems to welcome everyone.

Aquarium forms a part of stunning exhibits of Bandukan. This is a famous picnic spot of Keningau where people enjoy the hangouts. The spot acts like a classical gateway for the people who come here flocking every weekend. Fabulous displays keep both the children and adults engaged. Wonderful facility permits families spend an entire day.

Acquainting you with the rich history of Keningau, you will know about Kenigau’sMurut sportsman who represented his nation Malaysia to the Tokyo Olympics. It’s great fun to know about OKK Sodomon, OKK Gunsanad. Gallery collection of photographs encapsulating the past of Keningau, costume exhibition featuring Dusun’s tribe, namely, Ganna are the attractions.

Yards away from GuangJi Temple is this romantic destination favourite among couples. Owing to the fact that it is pretty far from the town, the place is superbly located with a delightful pond.

With 5 distinct categories of vegetations, this mountain has rich vegetation that acts as a habitat for wild animals, birds. You can spot a number of exotic flora and fauna here along with magical herbs along with pitcher plant. The huge mountain is 2642 metres tall and is the second highest mountain in Sabah region.

The beautiful cattle field covers the space of nearly hundred acres of pure sprawling cattle field. Being the largest in Sabah, it offers exotic, magical view of the valley from the cattle field. It is soothing to watch the baby cows’ nutritional needs being fulfilled.

Preserving the authentic culture of Murut, you can experience nature’s bounty here and the hospitality of MurutHeadhunter Tribe.

Come and experience Mother Nature at her best form and feel the hospitality of Borneo’s MurutHeadhunter tribe. For eco-travellers this place is mandatory to visit and for adventure seekers. OrouSapulot community project assists to preserve authentic Murut culture. While preventing the sacred land from getting ruined or irresponsibly destroyed, you can expect a plethora of activities such as rock climbing, Jungle trekking, caving, rapid shooting, and river cruises, hidden waterfalls, and can entertain yourself with the cultural performances.

Being the major landmark of Keningau, it stretches out all the way from the place ApinApin towards town centre and moves into the village of Kg Bakiau. The longest straight road in Sabah gives scope to behold several animals flocking the region.

This is a popular landmark in Keningau which is named after OKK Sodomon, important personality of Keningau.

OrouSapulotis the popular natural landscape area where you can undertake trekking, caving, rock climbing, shooting, river cruises, and also spot the hidden waterfalls.

Once you visit MountTrusMadi you can enjoy a complete view of Keningau landscape with valley and waterfall around. For adventure seekers, the mountain opens up endless opportunities for trekking, mount climbing. Trekking through 4.9 kilometres will give a view of foliaged virgin forest.

Sento Rooftop Restaurant, Permata Cafe, and BRO’s Burger Stall are the major restaurants of Keningau.

Major restaurants along Keningau serve Bean sprout chicken, chilli crab, fish balls and major noodle items.  There is a great variety in the food, and one can try a variety of cuisines here. If you are a sea-food lover, you’ll find a lot of things of your interest here.

Keningau Recreation Centre is especially meant for those who can afford to pay more. Being the longest night club across Keningau, it is most renowned for it offers scope to play blackjacks, bingo, and other casino games.

Mirage Karaoke is the ultimate destination for music lovers. City Karaoke is another spot where live music performances take place.

You can buy food items, apparels. Tamu market, named after the place ‘Tamu’, is the weekly market, always overcrowded with buyers. 

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