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Places to visit in Kilimanjaro

When you travel to Kilimanjaro, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Kilimanjaro, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Kilimanjaro to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Kilimanjaro things to do can include exploring Kilimanjaro attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in kilimanjaro


Situated near the Kilimanjaro region is this fun-filled spot for kids. The zoo acts as a protective shelter for different sorts of wild animals like giraffes, crocodiles, snakes, zebras. Kids can have complete fun at special spot reserved for keeping safe sheep, goats, and ducks. 


Within the Kilimanjaro region is this Cathedral located near White Father’s Mission. The building belonging to the German colonial era has a Gothic aspired exterior. Indoors you can find admirable glass windows that are stained behind the altar. 


The recently renovated attraction near to Kilimanjaro was originally called the KingGeorgeVMuseum. It has the most impressive collection of Tanzanian exhibits, fossils of humans that will acquaint you with rich history of Tanzania.


This museum brings the Tanzania history to life. You can view carving; hand weaving works here along with handicrafts of olden times.


It is a museum of natural history that displays insect exhibits, fossil and various plants. Here, you will be able to find many plants and animals species that have long been extinct.


Being the perfectly shaped volcano that rises purely from the north-eastern plains of Tanzania, Mt.Kilimanjaro is the magnificent sight. The volcano is snow-capped but is not extinct.  The highest peak of the continent of Africa is 19343 feet high. You can trek along the vegetation zones with great ease. 


Located within the Kilimanjaro region is the park which shelters most dangerous snakes from Black Mamba to Egyptian Cobra. You can also find lizards and crocodiles. 


The place close to Kilimanjaro evokes the safari experience. You can see the sweeping savannas here swarming with wild animals like gazelle, wildebeest and lions. It is perhaps the largest wildlife sanctuary across the globe with around 14763 square kilometres area. The name of the park itself suggests “endless plains”. The park is so vast that it extends to Lake Victoria. You can find around 35 species of plain animals including elephant, rhino, buffalo, leopard, and lion. 


The crater is world’s largest unflooded and unbroken volcanic caldera. It is the result of the explosion of giant volcano that exploded on the area near to Kilimanjaro that created 610 metres deep crater and the entire area is amazingly 102 square miles. The place is the home to wild animals. 


Mt.Kilimanjaro offers an exciting and dramatic collection of waterfall such as Mongioni Waterfalls, Makoa Waterfalls, Masare Waterfalls, Manambe Waterfalls, Materuni Waterfalls, Rau Waterfalls andUru Waterfalls. You can undertake the exciting waterfall walks to enjoy the scenic beauty of Kilimanjaro. No other activity of the evening can be as delightful as the visit to Makoa Waterfalls which is 10 metres waterfall. You can enjoy the coffee plantation and the rich farm that surrounds the waterfall. The 50 metre waterfall, Uru Waterfall is really amazing. Materuni Waterfalls is the spectacular waterfall of 100 metres that belongs to the forested slope of KilimanjaroMountain. The valley around Materuni Waterfall is surrounded by bananas, coffee and avocados.


You can enjoy the Rainforests of Kilimanjaro that has flora and fauna in great abundance. The place has acted as the most crucial source of water around. Entire Northern Tanzania gets water supply from the rainforests.


The moorland near KilimanjaroNational Park is amazingly beautiful that offers inspiring views of surrounding region. It protects the exotic plants such as giant groundsel and also giant lobelia. The place acts as a shelter to the rarest plant Impatiens Kilimanjaro that exists nowhere else in the world.


The mount in KilimanjaroNational Park has acquired the legendary position due to its icy summit.


This is the oldest cultural building where Sultan Seyyid Majid entertained the guests to the newly emerging city. Originally called ‘Official House’, the building fell into the state of disrepair.


It is one of the most popular historic buildings located within a distance from Kilimanjaro. Previously it functioned as the seat of White Father’s Mission which is a Catholic society. You can find here sea paintings exhibited.


Botanical Gardens just near to Kilimanjaro houses the magnificent, colourful and rare plants. You can spot jacaranda, bougainvillea, scarlet flame trees and red hibiscus as well. The garden exhibits Dar es Salaam’s Horticulture Society collection.

Activities in kilimanjaro

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If you an enthusiastic hiker then certainly you can reach the peak of highest mountain of Africa, Kilimanjaro. The trip would be a memorable life time experience for you. The 5895 metres height is easily reachable. By undertaking the climb you can experience the 5 climactic conditions. You can take up the Lemosho route to reach the summit that would add great views as added bonus for you. You can really have breathtaking experience if you go hiking or trekking here is Kilimanjaro mount. 

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Camping is permitted over Mount Kilimanjaro which will offer relaxation but yo need to pay the designated fees to the park authority. 

Food in kilimanjaro


Biryani, ugali, chapatti, grilled meat and fish dishes are the important cuisines of the place.

Restaurants- food is an added attraction here; to satiate your gastronomic cravings, visit the Union Café and the Kili Java. 

Night Life in kilimanjaro


Visit the C’aFrica Bar and the Pamoja Bar and Café. 

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