Places to visit in Koh Samet

When you travel to Koh Samet, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Koh Samet, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Koh Samet to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Koh Samet things to do can include exploring Koh Samet attractions and visiting the places of interest.

In the memory of thefamous poet of the SunthornPhu's, this monument is situated in the Ban Kram, the mother land of greatSunthornPhu's father. There is a well-maintained memorial park at the house site. Seated position statue of the poet is placed on a hillock overlooking an ornamental pond.

This temple is situated at the market in Klaeng town and was built in 1945. This very nice structure boasts as one of the most beautiful Ubosots in the East. There are replicas of many well-known Buddhist chedis, erected around the compound.

WatKohSamet temple is situated in KohSamet Island, which is a nice temple complex with as highlight a big sitting Buddha statue. At the statue on most days you will find a friendly monk that can explain you something about the WatKohSamet complex.

Somdet Krommaluang Chumphon shrine is located in the Klaeng district near the River Prasair’s mouth and it honours the "Father of the Royal Thai Navy".

In this museum, there is 200 years old Grand Shadow. 

This is one of the most beautiful, picturesque parts of the east coast which is 38 kilometers from town and used to be the most famous destination. Wang Kae has headland,beautifully landscaped with a fine beach and accommodation available in cottages and bungalows.

PhraChediKlang Nam is situated at Paaknam, MuengRayong. Its appearance resembles a small bell; about 10 meters high and it is situated at the River Rayong”s centre. KlangNaam Pagoda is now a symbol of Rayong and is what Rayong people respect.

This Island is surrounded by colourful coral reefs providing opportunities for aquatic sports like swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving. The sought after beaches are-Saikaew Beach, AoPhai and AoVongDuan.

Biking in the sea beach, star bowling, waterfall travelling in Khao Wong National Park, fishing, horse riding, scuba diving etc, is really a great adventurous matter and also great enjoyment for the travellers and local people for recreational activities. Other than that for men and women spa and body massage plays a great relaxation of mind and body. Spa therapy for the whole body and hair and body massage are the main attraction of this island city; such therapeutic indulgence only lead to great relaxationrelaxation. The Samet spa scene is a great holiday experience, and each spa offered some unique feelings and you feel refreshed, calmed, and infinitely happier. The various ranges of massages, treatments and therapies are only available here.

This island offers amazing seafood. As perfectly located, one can expect fresh seafood at very competitive price. Simple BBQ or various Thai foods are just equally excellent. Dining with the view is what the town proudly presents too. Along Saeng Chan, Had Mae Rumpheung and Laem Mae Phim beaches the most popular places to eat are located. Laem Charoen beach, about 5 kilometres south of the island town centre is also a wonderful spot for getting best food. Other than that, a host of noodle shops are located all along, whereas Chinese and western cuisines are scattered all across the town.

KohSamet offers some great Bars and Pubs to sit back and enjoy a nice cool Drink. A Thai Beer, Whiskey and much more than that. Ban Phe Bars and Pubs are plenty and these are scattered in and around island city.

KohSamet, Nightlife

KohSamet is an ideal place to hang out and to enjoy overnight. KohSamet or KohSamet as it's always been called offers you an excellent selection of accommodation, pubs, etc. Bars and Pubs are plentiful and scattered through KohSamet Island. The friendly local people will give you great friendly Thai hospitality that you'll remember forever! KohSametIslands Bars and Pubs offer reasonable prices drinks from Chang Beers to all kinds of Spirits. You can lie down or sit on the beach with a nice cool drink and ponder into the sunset of KohSamet Island. This adventure and holiday in Thailand will be with always.

KohSamet is an ideal place in Thailand where shopping is more of asecondary thought in the overall importance of the whole trip. Goods are transported by boat from the mainland to the island. So they cost more, and hence one has to pay more for every item.

But that is not the only factor here. The choices are limited to bright coloured beachwear, toiletries and bug sprays, air filled beach tubes, snacks and fast food and canned drinks. Imagine a, thatch-covered stall or makeshift, where displayed items are not in particular order.

SaiKaew, AoVongDuen and AoPhai are some beaches where you will find shopping on the go as they are particularly those with a high density of tourists. Hawkers will springup in front of you to you to offer items, from flowery sarongs and hats to snacks like grilled eggs and dried squid. Even if you don’t need anything, they will come repeatedly until you buy a thing or two just to get them out of your face.

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