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Places to visit in Konya

When you travel to Konya, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Konya, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Konya to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Konya things to do can include exploring Konya attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Iplikci Mosque

This mosque is perhaps the oldest in entire Konya. You can find several arches, columns that resembles sunken basilica. It is one of the rare historic sites one must visit.

Meram Vineyard

This is a major recreational area which is popular for vineyards. 

Tile Museum

The old medrese was restored and there was the construction of this impressive museum that showcases tile work of Sejuk enamel. The building is incredibly beautiful and it is included in every sightseeing itinerary of Konya. The internal walls are a testimony to gorgeous Seljuk tiling. You can find ceramic exhibits that were excavated from various archaeological sites. 

Mevlana Cultural Centre

A kilometre away from the museum of Mevlana is MevlanaCutural Centre located along AslanliKisla Street. The place hosts cultural exhibition every now and then which sells national costumes, books. Every December on the occasion of Seb-i-ceremony the exhibition is held. You can find the gallery of paintings, art works here and can also view the conical roof from great distance.


This is the holy and hitite monument located 80km on the west of Konya. You can find a link between heaven and earth here with Gods holding up to the sky.

Aladdin Hill Park

One of Kid’s hotspots in Konya, this park is located on hill top where one can visit the mosque as well. The huge park situated on flights of stairs is a delightful area for kids. The place is full of exotic trees, green meadows, beautiful flowers, and tea houses. It is a popular picnic spot with plenty of chairs, benches, open space, tree shade.

Konya Culture Park

Near to the Aladdin Hill and walks away from InciMinare is the huge Park with fountain, lagoon, benches, gardens, innumerable yellow flowers, ponds, ducks, and a restaurant to offer refreshment. If you are looking for relaxation you can visit it. 

Melvana Tomb

It is a popular pilgrimage place and religious site for Konya people. You can find wonderful exhibits of Korans, ancient prayer carpets, and dervish belongings. 

Tea Garden

Located centrally in Konya is the tea garden. The place is the major relaxation centre which also harbours a fountain. 

Archaeological Museum

You will really love the relic collection here that has a treasure-hunt atmosphere. Comprehensive display of archaeological finds and the intricate collection of Roman sarcophagi will delight you.

Sirçali Medrese

It is named after its tiled exterior of 13th century. You can find the vaulted hall here on the courtyard’s western side. Richly decorated with blue coloured tiles, its arch has finest calligraphic work over it. It is an important landmark.

Fasyllar Monument

It is the biggest rock monument which depicts Gods in mountain temple. 

Alaeddin Mosque

This is the oldest and the largest mosque of Seljuk in Konya. Previously a byzantine basilica, this mosque has been reconstructed. But, it is one of the most amazing structures in the country which are appreciated for their marvellous and stunning architecture. 

Karatay Mederese

Seljuq styled medrese is known for plain structures having elaborate portals that are carved in hand painted tiles and stones. You can find that its portal carved and has ornate geometric patterns. 

Mevlana Museum

It is the very symbol of Konya that has Sufi lodge complex holding the 13th century tomb of religious leader, poet and philosopher, MevlanaCelaleddin Rumi who was the founder of whirling dervish sect. It is the museum of religious exhibits that is set within rose garden. 

The Sardirvan Washing Fountain

On entering the Mevlana complex one can notice the beautiful washing fountain of Sardirvan. Here you can find the Fountain and the Seb-iArus Pool that are made up of sky marble. 

Monument of Martyrdom

The interesting monument is dedicated to military people who gave away their lives to gain independence during war. Located beside beautiful Ucler cemetery, this is the modern structure. You can view the tall octagonal dome of Seljuk style, walls having the name of martyrs, paintings, mosaics and beautiful marble floor. 

Alaeddin Tepe

Constructed on the site of former citadel of Konya, the park is an important place for kids.

Ucler cemetery

The most charming cemetery is the vast cemetery park that extends from Mevlana Museum to Mevlana cultural park. You can find Hilton Garden Inn Hotel here.

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