Places to visit in Lake Naivasha

When you travel to Lake Naivasha, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Lake Naivasha, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Lake Naivasha to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Lake Naivasha things to do can include exploring Lake Naivasha attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This tower is made from volcanic rock that had managed to clog up the vent of one of the volcanoes that was extinct. This is the larger of the 2 that are situated right next to the entrance of Hell's Gate.

If you are looking for something for something to do one of the best things to do is to take a safari through any of the parks. During these parks the kids would be able to see a huge variety of animals, including zebras, elephants and much more.

This is one of the only churches in the area. Come and enjoy this church along with the services and socialization with the members.

This museum is dedicated to Joy and George Adamson and their life. They were definitely committed to taking care of the wildlife in the area. The museum tells the many different stories about how they had raised a lion, which was orphaned and was then released into the wild.

These gardens are located in one of the lodges near the lake. These gardens you can sit there next to the pond and the flowers and relax.

One of the best things to visit while you are at the lake is to visit the Obsidian caves. Here you will find a huge variety of rocks that were made from lava from multiple eruptions. There are various colours of rock, including dark green and brown.

This park is named after one of the breaks that are located in the cliffs and there are plenty of different trails to hike in this area. Also, you can visit the cultural centre and even book a campsite.

There are so many different cultural aspects around this lake that need to be explored, including how the locals live. There are so many small villages around that would be an easy day trip, which would be educational and even fun. When you visit these villages you can learn about how they survive day to day and even about the culture.

Also, popular here are some of the cultural events like Rift Valley Festival.

Enashipai Resort & Spa

This resort has a full spa facility and there are plenty of different treatments that you can avail here. These treatments include massages, facials, and a huge variety of other pampering treatments.

One of the best ways to enjoy the nature around this area is to explore it and to do that you can hop in a jeep and take a safari. There are so many options that you might be confused, but just take one and sit back and enjoy the ride. You will be able to drive around the many different parks and view the vastness of the land and the different animals.

This area is ripe for adventurous activities, which range from hiking to safaris. One of the best things to do is to take a bike tour around the many different parks or even hike them. You can also bike around the city and even the lake.

You can also take a boat ride and venture out onto the lake and experience the serenity that accompanies while being out on the open water. There are many different places that you can rent a boat from and just drive around aimlessly.

Most of the restaurants found around here are located in the hotels and there are a few local restaurants, but unless you are careful you might want to avoid them so you don't get ill.

The local cuisine in this area is Swahili and they are based mainly on the locally caught fresh seafood, coconut milk, tropical fruits, and many spices. They also eat plenty of rice and other meats, including chicken.

Quite a of the bars in the hotels have some options or the other of playing live music.

There are only clubs and bars in the hotels, so if you aren't staying in one that has a bar or a club go to a neighbouring one that does. The Lake Naivasha Country Club is one good joint that serves great drinks over good music.

There are a few bars and pubs in the area, but most of them are in the hotels and resorts.  Lake Naivasha Panorama Park serves good drinks and snacks.

There aren't any flea markets near the lake, however, there are plenty of small shops that sell many different items. These items can be homemade and include bracelets, necklaces and much more.

There aren't any major department stores in this area, but most of the hotels and lodges have well stocked gift stores, which sell most what their guests need. There are many small local shops that sell goods that are locally made.

There are a huge variety of small shops and curio markets all over the area and this is the best place to buy handicrafts that are made by the Maasai people. You can get the traditional blanket that they wear, which is called shukka along with a huge variety of beadwork, straps for watches, covers for your phones, rings and even sandals.

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