Place's to visit in Ljubljana

When you travel to Ljubljana, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Ljubljana, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Ljubljana to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Ljubljana things to do can include exploring Ljubljana attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This extremely old and extremely charming castle is among the premier tourist attractions of the city, and it draws numerous travelers annually. The castle is located on top of a high hill just above the city center and hence is hard to miss. Even though the castle may not look exactly like a typical one, yet it provides a great panoramic view of the entire city, which is worth seeing as one can see lush green forests and snow capped peaks from this castle.

This castle was initially built in the tenth century. However, it has been renovated and rebuild over the years for various reasons. The Chapel of St George dates back to the year 1489 and rest parts of the building dates mostly from the sixteenth to the seventeenth century.

OldTown is among the most visited and most loved parts of the city. You must take time out to look at every detailing of the town. You can see a fountain, statues, intricate and delicate metal work on the railings or carvings of faces on the wall. The beauty of this city is in its minute and complex detailing. Even though the old town is small in its area, it, however, embodies peace and sheer beauty. The streets and squares of this town are filled with restaurants and cafes. Hence, when you book Ljubljana holiday packages, do not forget to visit the old town.

There are many amazing bridges in this city and one in the old town is the DragonBridge that has four terrifying look dragons on each of the bridge's corners. The second one is the Butcher's Bridge, which was once a meat selling area and is situated near the market. This bridge like many other bridges is covered with couples and is lined with statues. The third one is the TripleBridge. The fourth one- the Shoemakers bridge- was presumed to be a place where shoes were repaired or made and it is lined with columns.

This city can be easily discovered with a simple walk along this river. There are excursions made available at night and day. This will help you take a better look at the city.

Central Slovenia is a crossing point of the two long distance paths of Europe, and they are the E7 path from the Portuguese-Spanish border to Hungary and E6 path to the Adriatic Sea from Finland. Central Slovenia has off-road mountain bike trails other than the road cycling routes. The mountain bikers are suggested to ride with caution and to keep a way-marked biking trail.

The circular path around Ljubljana is particularly interesting for bikers and hikers. This is also known as the Path of Comradeship and Remembrance. The other famous places are Ljubljana Marshes, the VelikaPlanina high mountain plateau, which is well-known in the old shepherd's village in Europe and also for its unusual land-forms. Thus, the tour would surely offer you enough options to indulge in adventurous acts that you would cherish for the rest of your life.

With this trip you can explore the flavors of Central Slovenia and Ljubljana. All you will have to do is to relax and relish in some mouth watering dishes. The most renowned traditional dishes, restaurants and chefs of this city are gaining more and more popularity as well as acclaim globally. These particular culinary trips and tours consist of tasting food in a variety of restaurants in the countryside as well as the city. You can as well participate or attend a Slovenian traditional cooking workshop. 

Carniolan sausage or Kranjskaklobasa: This is among the special dishes in the Slovenian cuisine. This dish is inspired from the region of Gorenjska that is atypical of Alpine.

Prekmurje layered cake or Prekmurskagibanica: This is a moist cake that contains layers of apple filling, walnut, cottage cheese and poppy seed.

Kras prosciutto or Kraskiprsut: This is primarily a pork leg that is dry-cured. This special dish is eaten with a glass of delicious KrasTeran, and this is known for its amazing healing properties. The protected geographical indication labeled prosciutto is a premium quality product that is produced by drying the meat after traditionally salting it in the cold northeastern winds.

Struklji: This is among the most traditional Slovenian baked or boiled dough which is rolled with a wide array of savory and sweet filling options. This is either served as a side dish or a main course. The best known among these are poppy seed and apple struklji, walnut, cottage cheese and tarragon. Potica: It is the most typical dessert found in Slovenia and is a primarily a yeast dough cake that comes with many options of filling. The best-known ones are poppy seed and crackling poticas, walnut, tarragon.

Zganci: This is among the most traditional peasant dish in Slovenia and is made from flour. This dish is served a side dish or a stand alone dish. Thus, the people visiting the place would get the essence of the native life with all its special things ready to be catered to them.

The Slovenian city of Ljubljana has some amazing options to choose from. This is one of the most well-known and biggest metal and rock club in this city. It performs frequent 90s rock parties and 80s rock concerts and has three floors. There is also an electronic/techno floor. Hence, it suits the music buds of various people. It is merely a gives minutes’ walk to the city center and is known to be the best over about eighteen years. This place has gained immense popularity because of its legendary DJ programs, all night long crazy parties and its concerts from Tuesday to Saturday. It is a great place to relax and chill while playing pool and table football. The club as well has a designated, nice and large smoking area. The place would bring out the enchanted self that lies hidden in you.

This pub is situated in the City Hotel and is merely a few steps away from the main square. While exploring the city, visiting Patrick's Irish Pub can be a smart choice. The pub is in an underground place that makes you feel cozy and comfortable. Its interiors are comfortably designed with wooden tables and chairs, and Irish music and symbols. If you visit on a Thursday the month of September to May, you find a stage in the end. They play live Irish folk which will impress you and will make you yearn for more. Thus, you can enjoy to the utmost degree with all the best places at your service.

This city is famous all across Europe for having the maximum number of shopping centers in comparison to any other city. The place is said to have many more shopping centers scheduled to open in a short time to come. Most of the shopping centers are situated in the outskirts of the city. In the northwest is the Mercator center, south is the Rudnick, in the northeast you will find the City Par and the BTC which is the largest center for shopping.

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