Places to visit in Luang Namtha

When you travel to Luang Namtha, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Luang Namtha, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Luang Namtha to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Luang Namtha things to do can include exploring Luang Namtha attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Several significant historic as well as religious establishments are there in the province of LuangNamtha, Laos. These enchanting monuments tell a lot of things about the local culture and ethnicity. Some of these monuments are old while some of them are newly built or recently refurbished. The important monuments of this place are LuangNamtha Stupa, That Xieng Tung, The That PhoumPouk, etc. All these monuments are considered as important religious establishments of the country, as well as of the province of LuangNamtha.

The rejuvenating natural charm of LuangNamtha does not only attracts the adults but also attracts the kids. Short nature treks through the wild greeneries, jungle trails and local markets will surely engage the kids. People of this province are very friendly towards the tourists and they just love kids. Hence, the trip to LuangNamtha will be a cosy experience for your little ones for sure.

That Xieng Tung is the most important stupa in the province of LuangNamtha is known to everyone. The stupa is a religious destination for the followers of Buddhism, while others visit the place for its ravishing spiritual charm and cultural hues.To the left of the stupa, sacred fountain and sacred stone can be found. It is said that this stupa contains Adam’s apple of Lord Buddha.

A historic as well as an eventful place. This stupa was originally built in the year of 1628, during the regime of Lane Xang kingdom. However, in 1966, the stupa was almost completely destroyed by American missiles. In 2003, the stupa has been refurbished again and now it is open for the tourists. Both religious charm and historic essence has been neatly preserved in this place in a completely refurbished way.

One of the major landmarks of Luang Namtha, the holy shrine of Lord Buddha, this temple is a must-visit place for the travellers. Not a single temple, but a combination of 3-4 temples or wats can be found here. Loacted close to the main airport of the province as well as the city of Luang Namtha, the temple is easily accessible from all places around the city.

This is another major landmark as well as an iconic place for the province of LuangNamtha. This stupa has also been called as the stupa of friendship. Located at the east head of Namtha River, this stupa had undergone major constructions in the year of 2004. The refurnished stupa attracts plenty of travellers for its religious or spiritual essence and historic significance.

This is one of the most famous as well as oldest museums in Laos as well as in the province of LuangNamtha, Laos. The museum features ancient art pieces and antiques that describe this place’s cultural heritage. It remains open for visitors from Monday to Friday.

LuangNamtha province of Laos promotes eco tourism and thus nature parks are the biggest attractions in this province. A number of activities are offered at these eco tourism hubs, including trekking, kayaking, river rafting, etc. Nam Ha or National Protected areas of this province offer the unique blend of blissful nature and mystic wilderness. The forests house different species of mammals and rare species of birds.

LuangNamtha is not a large province and further the province is mostly covered with unexplored virgin lands. Small cities and eco villages are economically booming as tourism centres in this province are significantly growing in last few years. Amongst the urban places, LuangNamtha city is the only urban hub of this particular province. From this city, small eco villages can be accessed via car hiring services or via simply opting for trekking services.

WatMahaphot is an ancient city, located in this province of Laos. This is an abandoned place right now, but it is a major tourist attraction of the LuangNamtha province, especially for those, who are interested in exploring the cultural heritage of the city. Ruins of the city will be visible and local people believe that holy spirits live here and protect the ruins.

This is the most intense and magnificent rafting centre for the tourists. With ecstatic natural surroundings, the riverside offers terrific natural peacefulness.

Namtha River is considered as the lifeline of the province of LuangNamtha, Laos. The river is considered to be sacred by the local people. One can enjoy boating, fishing and river rafting activities on the fresh river water. Riverside is a tourist attraction for picturesque natural charms.

Nam Dee Waterfall: Located in the ethnic village of Bam Nam Dee, this is one of the biggest and most attractive waterfalls of LuangNamtha.

Nam Keo Waterfall: A charming picnic spot and a beautiful place indeed! The place is suitable for kids as they can play around at this place.

PhaYueng waterfall: Located in Nam Ha region of the province of LuangNamtha, this is another major waterfall within the province.

Sacred Bor Kung: This is a shrimp spring and it is considered as a sacred place. Near to this place another spring can be found, which is known as Stewpot Spring.

Jungle safari and eco-tourism have become significant in LuangNamtha province of Laos. Major part of this province is under the cover of greeneries and that is why eco-tourism is highly promoted at this place.

The cultural hues of Laos, as well as LuangNamtha province are extremely vivid and that is why travellers come here from different places. Due to presence of different ethnic people, a unique cultural blend can be observed at this province of Laos. Some of the major festivals of this province are Lahu New Year (January), Sada New Year (January), Tai Dam Festival (February), Kao Ban Festival (April), Boun Bang Fai (May), BounSuangHeua (Boat race festival, held in the month of October), That LuangNamtha Festival (December), etc.

Some of the famous landmarks of LuangNamtha province are That Xieng Tung, LuangNamtha Temple and Stupa, Phoum Pouk Stupa, etc.

LuangNamtha is a piece of heaven for trekkers. Several trekking destinations are there, especially the northern part of the province possesses wonderful unexplored hills that are worth to be visited.

Explore the natural caves at LuangNamtha – feel the thrill and enjoy the natural splendour.

River rafting and kayaking are highly famous, especially during summer and spring. Contact local operators for rafting on the water of LuangNamtha River.

Cycling: Eco tourism villages are great places to enjoy cycling and bike rides. Local providers are there to serve you cycles on rent.

Meditation: Tourists can join local meditation classes for mind and body rejuvenation.

Camping: Eco tourism and nature camping would be the best things to do in this province of Laos.

This is probably the best place for having foods in LuangNamtha City. The restaurant offers good ambiance, along with European and Lao foods. Some fusion dishes are also worth to be tried.

Best place to hang out with freshly brewed coffee.

Some of the other restaurants are Lai’s Place, Ayesha Indian Restaurant, Rambo Fusion, etc.

Phat Thai and sticky rice are the staple foods of thelocal people. Foods are cheap in the eco villages, yet fresh, hygienic and extremely healthy. Do not expect lavishing foods as local villagers are quite poor and they earn their living in hard ways. However, they will surely amuse you with their hospitality at the local eco villages of LuangNamtha. In LuangNamtha City some interest food options are there. You will get great foods here, like pizza, grilled meat, beer and much more delicious stuff. Local cuisines prepare good foods that will surely satisfy the taste buds.

LuangNamtha is not a party town and thus, you would find no real nightlife fun at this place. It is better to stay at the hotels during night.

There are a few small pubs and bars present. They are cheap though not up to the mark. Probably the best place for enjoy beers and other beverages is Manychan Guesthouse. Forest Retreat Bamboo Lounge is another good place.

Night market, evening market and morning market are the best shopping destinations in LuangNamtha.

The handicraft village Ban PiengNgam: The famous handicraft centre of the province, where exquisite showpieces and different other handcrafted items can be found. These handcrafted items are made by the local villagers and they earn their living from that.

Tai Dam Weaving: A famous place in Laos, where textile industry has been nurtured. Local people earn their living through such activities. They product traditional dresses, hanky, and different other stuffs, with their typical style of articulating clothes.

Lao Whisky: If you love whisky, then try something different at Lao Whiskey. The local made whiskey at this place does not typically taste like whiskey though for a change, there seems to be no harm in trying such different beverage.

Yao Crafts: Another centre for handcrafted materials. You can find cheap yet highly artistic local made stuffs here.

Not just to satisfy your cravings for shopping, but to observe the vivid cultural hues, you can consider visiting Muang Sing market. Mostly local made products are sold by the ethnic people here. Along with that you will also get dried herbs, fresh foodstuffs, spices, etc. at this market.

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