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Places to Visit in Luxor


Attractions in luxor


This mosque stands on top of the ruined Luxor temple. It embarks the position of Abu Haggag, who was the king of Egypt. Witness the beauty of the Egyptian cultures and traditions here.


This place is a mortuary of tombs and temples and has a scent of the ancient Egypt. It is located on the banks of River Nile.


It is an archaeological temple situated at the foot of the river Thebes. The temple is 150 metres long and has ancient designs carved on it. It is similar to the mortuary of the Ramesses.


This is the famous activity that the kids will love to do. There are adventurous boat rides that you can enjoy with your family. It is safe for children too. The boats are small in size and have comfortable cushions for seating.


The children can enjoy playing soccer games. There are many parks available that will allow the children to have a fulfilled time. There are horse rides available for the children to enjoy on their tour to Luxor.


The Mummification Museum is the best place to unveil the secrets of the Pharaohs. This place is situated in an underground space on the Nile and has all the details of the Egyptian mummies.

Luxor Museum is also known as the lonely planet and allows the travellers to explore. It houses the statue of Amenhotep III and the crocodile God Sobek. It is situated in between the Karnak Temple and the Luxor temple. The place displays an assorted collection of pottery and the jewellery. These were mainly used by the ancient Egyptians. They mark the symbol of beauty. The Valley of the Kings is known for its magnificent landscape view and marks the defeat of the Sea people.


Merenptah was the son of the King Ramesses II and the Queen Isis-Nofret. The place was built after the death of the mighty king. It lies to the right side of the Valley of the King.


This tomb is situated on the banks of the ancient Thebes. Ancient Thebes is now known as Luxor. This tomb is amongst one of the great discoveries that were found in the city of Luxor.


The tomb was built after the death of the Pharaoh King named Ay. This place symbolizes the defeat of Tutankhamun. The Egyptian Pharaoh was laid to rest in this area. Hence, this place is also known as a symbol of victory.

Activities in luxor

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The balloon ride will allow you to feel all the adventure that Luxor city has to offer. You can hop into the balloon and see all the beautiful places from the realm of the beautiful skies. Sightseeing here includes the Nile river, the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens.

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For relaxation you can spend the night at the Luxor Temple. The Ramesseum will provide you all the comfort to sit back and relax. The Deir el Medina is the house for all the Egyptian essence and will relax your mind and body.

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Situated amidst the ancient Egypt, the city of Luxor offers a blend of everything. The modern constructions along with the archaeological temples will help you witness breathless beauty. You will get to see beautifully constructed temples all around. The temperature is cool and pleasant during the month of October.

Food in luxor


The Lantern, is situated in the city. This eatery house offers a lively surrounding to the tourists. The traditional camel stew is served in this restaurant. The Al Sahaby restaurant serves the best traditional Egyptian food with a blend of modern taste. All the traditional food items including the lentil soup and the shawarma are served best in these hotels.


The shurbit firakhis is basically a special soup that is known all over the area. there are other delicacies too that you will love to try, they include Tahina and Shakshouka. Kushari is made with the mix of noodles and lentils, which is popularly consumed within the city. Mahsheer and Fiteer are other popular dishes that are consumed by the people here.

Night Life in luxor


You can visit the JJ's Bar. It organizes live music shows all throughout the night. The nightlife here is completely different and you will surely enjoy the place at its best.


There are many five-star hotels in Luxor that are 20 minutes away from the city. The place has provision to enjoy nightlife with the best wine and drinks in the city. Belly dancing is the most popular art form in the clubs.


The Kings Head Pub and Restaurant: This is amongst the best pubs in the city. It is open all night for those who love to drink and party.

Murphy's Irish Pub: The pub offers best beverages here. There are many night shows held in the pub including a live orchestra which you will surely enjoy.

Shopping in luxor


The Luxor Souk market displays a wide collection of traditional jewellery of Egypt. Other items that are widely available here in the market include spices. All varieties of spices are available here. These spices have been famous from the traditional period and are a must addition in Egyptian cuisines.

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