Places to Visit in Maasai Mara


Besides the wildlife attractions there is a famous monument that calls the tourists to Kenya. It is Lord Baden Powell’s grave monument. He was the founder of guiding and scouting movement throughout the world.

Amboseli, LakeElementalia, Sweet Waters and Mt.kenya are some of the best places of attractions. Moreover, the National reserve of Maasai Mara is considered as a paradise for all the lovers of nature. Adults and kids will find it to be a great trip that includes the breathtaking view of wild animals and the beauty of nature..

The MaraRiver is considered to be sacred. It has a lot of spiritual value besides a tourist spot. If you plan a trip in Africa you must not fail to see the cultural values of Egypt. The Goddess of the Sonesta Moon is a cruise that offers many trips to spiritual places. Their services have given them the name of the best ship in the NileRiver.

Warriors are given great importance to in Maasai culture. It is also said that a Maasai is born to become a warrior and the elders make the kids ready for it since childhood. They learn to take up responsibilities to become a man and also to become a warrior. The basic role is to build up homes and to secure their families. The boys are guided by the elders and families. It is not that they are bound with only responsibility. Even they lead a carefree life like game hunting and raising cattle. However, apart from this they also learn customary laws and cultural practices.

There are many landmarks in Kenya that makes it a country full of classic contrasts and dramatic extremes. There are Alpines, deserts, open plains, fresh water lakes, coral reefs and many. If you are a beach lover then Malindi is a good place for you because it is an introduction of the coastal attractions for tourists. The vast expansion of coral reefs and lovely beaches cannot stop you from going there. The highest mountain of the country Mount Kenya is also a remarkable landmark that invites tourists from round the globe. Samburu is another well known National reserve which at the same time said to be a peaceful place. The famous river there is UasoNyiro that attracts many wildlife species to build their homes.

LamuIsland is said to be a part of the Archipelago of Kenya. The best part is that it has remained unspoiled over the years. LakeNakuru is a shallow water body that lies in the central part of Kenya. The specialty of this lake is the abundance of algae. Apart from that the flamingos in the lake invites tourists to a great extent. The Nairobi city also has numerous places that can keep you engaged there. Mombasa is also a lovely spot that will help you in having a glimpse of cultural villages and workshops. 

The national park is a good place for the kids too. They will find it interesting to watch the Mount Kilimanjaro and the different species of birds including the pink birds.  located in Mt.Kilimanjaro and many more. They will get to learn a lot about nature and wildlife.

A place like Maasai Mara is full of such spots that are loved by the tourists and can never fail to become adventurous. Companies that offer Maasi Mara City Tours provide various opportunities for adventure seekers too. There is a wide range of travels at different levels that is made comfortable for all types of tourists. Some of the examples are budget camping, luxury lodge safaris, road safaris, climbing at Mount Kenya, Mount Kilimanjaro, beach holidays and trekking.

The eagle view at Mara Naboisho can be easily described as exciting and relaxing. You can spend your valuable time there watching animals, listening to their sound at night from a very comfortable place. The tent made for the tourists are very pleasing that will also provide you complete security. The professional and friendly staff makes it all the more easy and appealing. The relaxation session becomes further exciting with the combination of tasty food. In short, it is the best way to take your self away from all sorts of hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy the beauty of nature there.

There are numerous restaurants and cafes near Maasai Mara like Hilton Nairobi, Thorn Tree, Tamarind restaurant, Ambassadeur Hotel, Trattoria, Gallito’s, Tamarind restaurant and many others. The Keekorok lodge there provides accommodation facility and also provides numerous traditional African, Western and Asian food. There is a good collection of expensive whiskies in the bars to attract the visitors.

The Maasai cattle help them to meet the needs for food. They feed on meat, milk and even animal blood at times. Lambs, bulls and oxen are slaughtered on ceremonies and special occasions to obtain meat.

There are various places that can make the nightlife life exciting and here are a few examples. Warrior bar is a unique place where the visitors can watch hyenas with a drink. The lounge available at the Mara Soupe and the area at Siana Springs are one of them. You can find Maasai Dancers at Siana Springs. You will enjoy and have a great time sitting around camp fire on the ground and enjoying cocktails. a camp followed by a drive can make your nightlife exciting. If you do not prefer any other location then you can also restrict your nightlife to only a bar.

The flea markets and shops comprise all kind of goods and accessories that can make up your trip. Many products available there are made especially for tourists. One of the most popular objects are wood carvings. They are available in numerous shapes and sizes. Some of the examples are animal shapes. Some of them have ebony carving and many more. Some represent human figures, shapes of men and women as well as wooden carvings. Stone carvings are also widely available in the departmental store and flea markets. They represent the animal figures and household items. Some of the commonly used materials are turquoise,Malachite, Soapstone and Coral. If you opt for MaasaiMaraCity Tour packages you will be able to have a glimpse at all shopping items and make your choice at ease. 

The departmental stores generally have a lot of beadwork that also includes Maasai bracelets, necklaces that are made of coloured beads. The most commonly used metal in beadwork is copper and women in the local market try to sell them out in the best possible way. Tissues and clothes available in the market are very attractive and can be used in various ways. They serve as a purpose to cover their body but apart from that it finds other utility too. Some of the examples are female kangas and male kikois that are widely available there.

The tour guides can help you in getting a vast option for shopping. They can even help you out with the attractive places that are worth shooting and capturing in your cameras. The handicraft shoppers will get good collection of African arts to buy. You will get ample opportunity to bargain and will also get the goods at a comparatively low price. The goods available there can decorate your house and you can also gift it to someone. Sisal baskets and kikoys are also available there and are in great demand. The best thing is that the venue of the shopping market is not static. It keeps on rotating between different locations and shopping centers. The wares of the car park are spread by the traders and their work timing is from morning 8 am to evening 6pm.

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